Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UPU oh UPU. :/

as every SPM leavers had known,,
yesterday(4/4/2011) was the last date for all of us to update the UPU application.
[but i've finalized it two days before,,
 to avoid from the website to be stuck due to many visitors of the web.]
it was quite HARD for me to choose the courses,,
i searched on the net about the courses that i never heard of,,
then i sent messages to my teachers asking for their advice,
after that i asked my cousin who is a lecturer in UiTM.
next i asked my brother,my sis-in-law,her younger sis,my sister,my mum,and so on.
i asked as many people as i could to find the best for me.
with the 'not-so-cool' result i got,
[which had made me cried all day longggg on the 23rd of March,]
and updated the application twice,,
this is what i've applied for..>>
but i'm not sure whether i could get the first and second choice or not,,
plus the 7th and the 8th choice.
well,, i'm quite sure it's quite demanding right?
huhuu~ but why not i just try my luck. :)
insyaallah, the most gracious and most merciful god would give the best for me.

btw,have anyone got the offer for the matrix?
i've checked the result through SMS last night,
 but the reply was "maaf anda gagal".
same goes to the most brilliant friend of mine; Hilda, and zara and the otherssss who had try it before.
or maybe the result is not yet released? haha.
what ever it is, Allah knows the best.


  1. bestnya, awak apply diploma teknologi perubatan, kita nak apply tapi result cukup cukup makan je :(

  2. kalau rabiah minat,kenapa tak apply je?
    mana tau insyaallah dapat ke.. :)
    so rabiah apply apa plak?