Saturday, December 10, 2011

Money matters. Price tag.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
money matters? price tag?
hmm,, i'm sure that you'll be wondering what am i going to blog about this time right?
am i going to copy paste the lyrics of the song sang by Jessie J? 

"It’s not about the money, money, money~~~
We don’t need your money, money, money~~
We just wanna make the world change~~~
Forget about the Price Tag~~"

LOL! it kept playing in my mind right now.
but seriously! i used to hate this song because when i first time ever heard this song 6 months ago, something so called 'tragic' happened to me which quite related to the lyrics.HAHAHH~
the situation was like this. . . i was in a outlet store in Chicago back then, i was queuing at the counter, waiting for my turn to pay for 3 pieces of t-shirts which i wanted to buy,,
however, when my turn finally came, and the cashier had already scanned all the three of my things, i found out that i'm short of $1 us dollar!!
at that moment my parents and family were in the other stores.
duhh~ and that was the most embarrassing experience i ever had in my entire life. LOL!
and that's why i hate the song at first,, :P

anyway, this 'price tag' issue is not what i really wanted to blog about this time,,
i'm actually kept on worrying about the cost of living here in UiTM Kuala Pilah recently.
so, this is about MANAGEMENT of MONEY! HAHA.
as i told in my previous entry,, the price for the food here's quite NOT reasonable.
therefore, i always jot down the prices of my meals everyday, and also made a list of prices of the things i NEED to buy/pay.
thus,, the result was, the price of my meals everyday MUST BE the most at RM2.66 only for the rest of these 17 days before Christmass Eve! [before the Mid-Sem break]
*note that it was divided by 17 because it was written on the last 8th Dec.
in order to spend that least, i think i have to puasa / 'fast' everyday! :P
i wrote down a reminder "PUASA" in order to remind myself that i'm fasting on that particular day.
so that i won't 'accidentally' drink or eat something,, like what i had experienced previously. :P
can you spot where did i put the reminder in this picture? :D
*ignore the untidiness of my table. HAHAH!
yeahh! here it is!!
sitting quietly among the drinking bottles! :D
therefore, as the result of fasting all day long and just ate a small portion of meal during breaking fast[in order not to exceed RM2.66],i got hungry at night. :O
luckily i brought along to Kuala Pilah cheap cornflakes from Bake with Yen + OatKrunch + Apollo cakes + Nesvita + Cream Crackers cap Ping Pong,, so that i could ate those when burning the midnight's oil! Wheeeehoo~ :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H new year! :)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
it has been almost a week i lived in Beting 'highland'. hehe~
and i don't know why somehow i could suddenly changed into a 'morning person' there! :D
so, down here is the early morning view from my window.
as you can see,, it's fogging near the hills. and that's a very soothing and chilling scenery for me. ;)
around 9 o'clock and above, there would be a group of Agro-Tech students farming in the farms nearby.
they're just so cool in their own way by wearing that paddy hat. ;)
suddenly something unexpected crossed in my mind,, guess what??
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . .
. . .
hehe, i thought this course must be fun to be learn too right? :P
okay, enough Fatin! don't you try to ruin your study time ever again by changing course or whatever. HAHA.
okay, last Monday night, as everyone had known i guess, there was a football match between Malaysia and Indonesia.
where Malaysian team won the game,,and everyone screamed out loud all night long.
and the cafeteria or a.k.a. Anjung Makan was fully packed with all the Harimau Malaya's die hard fans.
actually i also love to watch football match between the local's and other countries with my family members at home, but seeing this overcrowded condition makes me think twice about watching it over here.
this situation would probably suffocates me i think. heh~
luckily i could also see this through my window! :D
and the best part is, there's a market on Wednesday evening!
i think it would be opened every Wednesday,,hope so!
coz i'm getting bored with the food from Anjung. :P
and know what, the food here's quite expensive compared to KL's price.
from my observation, the food seller here put on the price depending on the quantity of different dishes we picked, not depending on the quantity of the food we took. :O
my lunches and dinners everyday could possibly reach up to RM4.30 without drinks.
[well,,i always bring my own water in my drinking bottle in order to cut cost.]
even if i only ate half of a plate of plain rice with a small cut of omelet and few slices of 'masak lemak pucuk rebung' would cost me RM 2.50. duhh~
HAHA,, i could still remember, there was one day before i went to night class at 7.30 p.m,, i quickly took a little quantity of fried rice since i'm afraid that i'll be late to the class which will be started at 8.10p.m,,
 and i didn't realized that the quantity was super little,, and then i showed the styrofoam container to the food seller,,
after that the food seller frowned and was like. . ."errkk,, why so little???" *sigh*
she reluctantly said "80 cent." HAHA.
and that was the cheapest dinner i ever had there,,
and i kept coming to that stall the next days. :D
coz the aunty recognizes me. and always give discount for my foods. :P 
i realized that i have to pay RM2.60 ONLY at her stall for the same dishes i bought for RM3.50 from the other stall. ;)))
on Friday morning before i go to class, i called my mum telling that all of my housemates will be going back home that day,,
the day before, she told me don't go back home coz she'll be busy teaching private home tuition for those SPM candidates straight from Sat to Monday,,
[well, Biology paper will be held on next Wednesday. as usual,,last minute brush up. -,-"]
while my dad will also be having a class on Monday,,
so that no one could send me back here on Monday after my 3 days holiday ends.
and suddenly she allowed me to come home,,but by myself. :D
yeayy~ so i immediately SMS Mas, telling her that i'll be going back home with her,,
since her house is in Bukit Antarabangsa,, so she'll be on the same track with me on the way back to KL! :P
so we did went to Pekan Kuala Pilah together at 11a.m. by a taxi drove by a 'drift' aunty,,LOL!
at Pekan Pilah we met up Kinah, and took a bus to Seremban,, and then took KTM to KL Central from there,,
we reached at KL Central at 2.20p.m. and had lunch there. :)
Mas Elida Sophia and Sakinah Zainol were busy posting status on FB using their BlackBerry while waiting for the very bad service of Kenny Rogers Roaster at KL Central. ahah~
i ate the Quarter Chicken Set meal with Garden Pasta Salad and the banana muffin! 
*actually i ordered the chocolate muffin,,but it was out of stock,duhh~
while Mas and Kina ate Quarter Chic meal with Mac and Cheese. :D
but Mas said the Mac and Cheese here not taste that good like in other KRR. :O
yeahh,, i think so,, i taste Mas' macaroni and i think it was not really well mixed with the cheese. :]

after having lunch, Kina went to UM to met her friends while Mas and I ride the LRT to Setiawangsa Station and Taman Melati Station respectively. :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

hi, i'm a 'junior' here. please guide me. =,="

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
hokayy, today i've moved into my new room at college.

 at a new block, living with a new roommate, and of course new housemates too.
 i've arrived at Kuala Pilah around half past ten this morning.
and i was the first person who arrived among my housemates.
errr,, last semester i arrived here around 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
uhuh~ the idiom "PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME" indeed very very fit me well. LOL!

the reason why did i managed to get here earlier this time was because my parents and i stayed for a night in Port Dickson yesterday. 
lol. if not because of that, and we went here from home instead, i think either me, my mum, or my dad would be delaying the time by watching tv, surfing the net, or maybe still asleep. xD

so hmm,, all along the way from PD to here, PilahDelphia,, i kept on praying to god that i'll be placed at either the SP3 college or SM5 college,,
coz at SP3, there's my ex-housemate comes bestfriend : Anne!
while SM5 was my previous college when i entered for a week. HAHA.
plus, Sakinah and Izzani are still at SM5,, :')
however,, i was placed in the middle of the two blocks instead, which is SP4 college. ayoyoyoo~
redha sahaja. :')

at least, i still got a proper accomodation here right?
Allah is great,
there must be a reason why i didn't get either Anne, Izzani, or Kina as my housemate,,
maybe because the three of them are taking Science course, and most of my housemates now are taking the same course with me. :)

wheeee~ i went to Anne's room this evening after having dinner with my housemate and their friends.
she immediately hugged me when she saw me. awww~ :') 
we had a chat for almost an hour.
and then i went back to my room coz i'm afraid that my roommate couldn't enter the room, since i was the one who hold the key. ;)

oh anyway, my roommate is from Cheras, she's taking the same course with me, but Part 2 and her name is Farahin. she's from Cheras.
another girl in the room next to mine was Farahin's roommate in last semester.
her name is Shafina. also taking Business Part 2, and from Tmn Melati, Gombak.
and her roommate is a senior called Kak Ana, from Part 4, taking Dip in Science.
wow~ she's quite talkative, she talked a lots with my parents. plus, she's also a comander for Kesatria Negara. :]
and in another room next to the toilet, there's a friendly senior named Kak Shafiqa, she's taking Dip in Textile Tech, she's still in Part 3, actually she should be now in Part 4, but she also extended her studies just like me. :|
oh and she's from Gombak too! ---Sungai Kertas to be specific. :D
and her roommate is also a Business student, a senior from part 6! :O
her name is Kak Farah from Bangsar. ;)

ohhh my,, i gotta pen off now!
tomorrow morning i have to go meet the HEA's officer and re-register myself as a student here. (T_T)
till then, c ya!

here are some pictures i took within this two days :
the view as seen through my window. ;)
my bed + study table.
i had just realized that i got quite a lot of pink/ red colour clothes. LOL!
now i know why did a friend of mine once asked me whether pink is my favourite colour or not. -,-"
actually it's my mum's fav. colour.
and i would always agree with her choice when it comes to pink. haha.
empty bottles. i forgot to fill it up. duhh~
 my own-made refashioned bottle with my name on it. :DDD
my favourite part among all. WOW WHEEE~ a lots of food here! :P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good bye KL!

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
uhuh~ it's few more days left, and i'll be outta here!
i'll be continuing my studies at UiTM Beting, Kuala Pilah.
FINALLY! my semester's extension finally came to an end! thanks god!
but somehow, i also think that the time flies fast though! :O

" FATIN! wake up now! you're not in the 'honeymoon' mode anymore!
just strive for the best and achieve one of the best thing in your life there!
put away those playful activities you had done back in these 5 months dear,,
this is a WARNING message from yourself. sincerely, fatinissocoollike. "

okay, i know this entry sounds kind of 'psycho' right? LOL!
no worry, it was just a reminder for myself.
till then, c ya! :D

a quick 'tour' around Putrajaya!

السّلام عليكمPEACE be upon YOU! ;)
last Sunday, me and my new mates at BC spent our time together for a quick so called 'tour' around Putrajaya area. 
at first, we actually planned to go for a vacation to Penang on last Saturday,,
we had already made a reservation and paid for the accommodation.
but unfortunately Joan's dad didn't allowed her, and then my mother didn't allowed me, and eventually Ada's parents didn't allowed her to go for a vacation in Penang as well.
so we cancelled it, and Joan's mother decided to take the four of us for a quick tour nearby KL, since she got some free time,,and Joan's father was outstation.
thus, we had so much fun there! and Joan's pretty younger sister came along too! ;)
 so we took quite a lot of pictures there,,
but since Joan's sister was having quite a bad back pain at that time,[well she got Scoliosis,,] so we used the self timer instead of asking her lil' sis to snap the pictures for us. :)
and that's the reason why some of the picture i upload here are badly captured,,HAHA.

first,we went to the Putra Mosque or also known as Masjid Putra,,
as you can see in the pictures above, Weeraya, Joan, and her younger sister, Dora had to wear the robe,,
this was because they didn't wear the scarf,,
but Ada and I also have to wear the robe as well, even though we were both wearing a scarf,, maybe because of my shirt was quite short,, heee~ shame on me.

after touring around Putrajaya city,, we went back to Joan's house at 4p.m,,
we had a bowl of Ramen and some Samosa, banana fritters, and Keropok Lekor from a stall nearby her house.

after Asar prayer, Joan illegally drove the three of us to the nearest LRT station,,
the reason why i said 'illegally' was because she didn't have any Malaysia's driving license! HAHA. :P
we went to Masjid Jamek to accompany Weeraya to buy some souvenirs or gifts for her family back in her hometown.

therefore, here are some of the picture we took last Sunday! :D
the four friends!
the siblings. ;)
i just love the quote below the prohibition sign!
"tiada panggilan sepenting panggilan ilahi" which means "there's no call as important as the divine call" :)
the prayer hall.
in front of the mosque.
in front of the prime minister's office.
views nearby the Putrajaya Lake.
random places.
on one of the bridges in Putrajaya. :)
at Joan's house.
at Masjid Jamek,, Joan and me helped out Weeraya to find the perfect scarfs for her mum.
i also helped Weeraya to bargain the price of this dress,, 
but in the end she didn't bought it coz there's no green colour,, huhu~
 on the LRT.
on the way back.
and that was the end. :')

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

British Council KL Part 2. [Oct-Nov 2011]

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
wow wheeeee~ it has been quite some time i didn't visit my blog! :P
well, recently i was busy attending short course at BC, that's why i didn't have much time to online. :)
as i told previously, in January this year, i've already attended the General English class at BC,, back then, i was in the Upper-Intermediate class.
but i don't really think that i deserve to be in the U.I. class. >,<"
but this time,, i wanted to try something new, so i decided to take the IELTS preparation class.
but unfortunately, when i registered for the Upper IELTS class, there's no enough students for that level. so the class was canceled.
therefore, my registration fee would be refunded. or else, i've to go for the Lower IELTS class instead.
but since i don't really think that i deserved to be in the U.I. class, so i accept it! :D

thus, i've started going to the class on the Oct 25th.
my class teacher was absent on the first day, so the class was organized by a substitute teacher,,who i forgot her name.[yeah,, i'm pretty bad at memorizing new names some time.] :P
but amazingly i could remember the name of my substitute teacher on the 4th and the 8th day at BC, who were Mrs. Vaishali and Mr. David. :D
on the first day, i found that my tablemates are not as fun as my previous class.
they didn't talk much,,and even refused to mix around with other students at other tables.
after the class, they directly went back home. so, i spent my time self-studying at the ELLZ [english language learning zone] ALONE! wow wheee~
during my last course, i usually went to the ELLZ with at least a friend or two,,
my previous classmates also oftenly asked me to had lunch together. but this time, no more!!! :( 
thus, i automatically set in my mind that IELTS class is not as fun as the general eng. class.
maybe because everyone are focusing on their up coming exams right? hmmm~
*lone ranger.

however, everything was different on the second day, i changed my position, i sat next to Joan. and Joan sat next to Ada. 
we talked and laugh a lottttt! we also exchanged our emails and contact numbers. and that day became more cheerful than the previous day. thanks god! :)
*a more sincere smile compared to the previous day. :P

day by day, i became more closer to every single students in the class.
there were 18 students in my class,, 10 of them, which is more than 50% of my class were consist of IRANIAN peoples! woww~ :O
*Farhad and Cheng's name were missing. 
in my previous course, there were only 5 Iranians,, and the rest were from Italy, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
 but i still considered the Iranians were the majority back then. :D
Iranian peoples are so rich! they considered the education fees, accommodations and food in Malaysia are so so cheap!
pheewwww~ guys! we should be thankful  to live here in MALAYSIA! ;)

 ~Aigul, Joe Ee, Bahar.
~Weeraya[Thailand],me, Joan[Indonesia],Suhada[Malaysia].
 *we brought our own lunch box for the recess time. :D
 *and practicing on the IELTS speaking test together.
 *errrkk,, did i slept while discussing? LOL!
*had lunch together. and shared the Dumplings. :PPP
*and shared the umbrella. ehem~
* i ♥ pepper lunch!

 *and had lunch together again, again and againnn! :D 
 and most of the time, Weeraya would asked me for a recommendation food. and i'll translate all the menus for her.
but in the end, she'll choose the meal by herself. HAHAHA. :P
 *and spent our time together. ;)

on the second last day, i brought along 3 boxes of chocolate cupcakes that i made for my classmates.
we ate them in the end of the class together with our class teacher, Ms. Donna Duncan.
everyone was so surprised and wonder why did i brought those cupcakes.
Kourosh and Saied kept asking me questions such as, "what are these for?" "what day is today??" "is today's your birthday???" HAHAHA,,
then i simply answered "today is Tuesday!" LOL! 
nothing was special bout that day, but for me, everyday is so special.
btw, is it a MUST to have something on, and then only we would celebrate it? 
heee~ it's just that i'm happy every time i made others happy! :DDD
IELTS  with DONNA. =)
 on the same day, Weeraya also brought a pack of traditional snack from her hometown for us. :D

 and finally on the last day at BC, i took some pictures with all of my classmates and Ms Donna.
Lower IELTS 4.
 at the back from left : Hassan, Joe Ee, Cheng, Kourosh, Saied, Aigul, Nashaar.
in front from left : Bahar, Jan, Princess, Joan, Ms. Donna, Elahe, Weeraya, me, and Ada[down].
we also got an MPH voucher worth RM50 as the reward for taking the Eng. Pilot Test before.
hahaa,, i only got 37 marks for the test. :(
Joan got 50, and Hassan got 60 marks! wowww~
even Ms. Donna said the questions were quite hard.
yeahh,, for me it's a quite tricky and confusing test. not really a real 'language test'! LOL!

p/s: click on the image to view larger image. :)