Friday, July 29, 2011

i've passed the driving test!

 السّلام عليك
 PEACE be upon YOU.
previously in the other entry i've posted my driving test result here at this: link.
at that time i've passed the rest of the tests except for the on-the-road test. GAHAHA.
therefore, i've took the retest last Wednesday, and alhamdulillah~
as stated in the entry's title above, finally i've passed the test!!
but i only managed to get 17 out of 20 marks.HAHA.shame on me. -,-"
anyway,, i met new friends there! one was a 20-y-o Malay girl, and another one was an Indian lady named Matawi.
she's 45-years-old and have got a 14 y-o daughter already but she looks like only 20 something years old!!
she's working as a kindergarten teacher and reminded me to my favourite kindergarten teacher,[Mrs. Nathan] a lots!! heee~
the other day, when i took my first test, i met a 19-y-o Malay girl from USIM named kak Yasmin.
she's studying medic and i was really enjoy talking and sharing my experiences with her! ;)
my 'talkative keyboard' finally had came into my real life as what i always wanted to be! theeee~ :D
that's all for now! till then, c ya! =)
 p/s: did you noticed that there's a mistake on my L license? :D


  1. Congratulations! next is to think what type of car to buy.

  2. thanks @Caca! hahaa,, i'm still a student and couldn't afford to buy a car for myself yet. heee~
    so i guess my mum's car will be disappear from the garage quite frequently after this. :P

  3. congratS! aha. aku pun dlu dpt 17/20 gak.

  4. wah, pasni.. call dia.. tolong amik saya kat hentian putra.. saya bru smpai kl.. hehe.. :) boleh tak cik fatin?

  5. hahahaa,,okay,, amik naik kaki je boleh kan che nab? amik laa jugak tu. :P