Friday, April 23, 2010


salam kengkawan,,
for those yg kenal niezwan bin abdul wahid,
jom lah kita reramai sedekahkan al-fatihah kat arwah ayahnda beliau yg baru pergi hari ni, 23 April 2010.
punca kematian masih belum diketahui,,
suddenly je arwah rebah sebelum nak pergi keje hari ni.
so kpd wan & family salam takziah k.
wan, tabahkan hatimuu.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

smart learning programme at IIUM.

OTW to UIA with yan,syarif,wan,& fik.
it was presented by cikgu osman bin affan. ;)
thanks a bunch for the tips cikgu! ;)
heyy! i gotta new friend, Atiqah frm Ampang!
and tht's the end.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

solar cooker competition 2010.

keep on waitinggg...
the end of the comp. ;) 
me,shikin,and zuraidah's solar cooker.
our's was the smallest cooker among all.LOL!
nana mencapap sajee. ;P

Sunday, April 11, 2010

gotong royong!

here are some pictures captured on that tiring day of the week!
it was the 'gotong-royong' day of my school. it means that everyone in the school have to co-operate to clean up each and every inch of the school. since i 'm a librarian at school, so i've got to help out to clean the library instead of my own classroom. So here are some pictures i took.
can you see me smiling? ;)
hey look! even birds love to live with BOOKS! LOL!
i can't figure out what is this thing actually ehh?
this is wht we call as 'sampah masyarakat'. xD
these books  makes me feel so miserable when there are lots of people wanna borrow them!
photostat machine! this thing would drive me crazy when it's about to be jammed! =,="
chemistry reference book! 
♥ i can't live without you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

family day out with faheem. ;)

 9th Apr 2010.
on the way to damansara.
at first, faheem was excited!
well, dah lame tak outing aite faheem?
but few minutes later...
uhhLALA. bestnye tido!! ;)

hasil tangkapan pada hari tersebut:
  • 2 pairs of baby GAP tights.
  • baby's finger tooth brush.
  • baby's ear cleaner tube.
  • baby's kind of errrr... i dunno wht izit they call tht. xD
  • baby's playing hammer with bell and ultraman printing on it!!
ohhh myy,, it's all about faheem! ;D
ehhh, wait2. i also got a brand new hair clip which cost only RM2! LOL!
faheem's stuffs cost much2 higher! xD
hakimi was jelous on him when we got home.
coz xbeli toy utk dia. ;)
and he said to faheem, "faheem!! pak busu pon nak ultraman! faheem bagi pak busu yeahh??!!"
"ehh! pak busu pon nak pakai stoking girl!!" << ayat perli. LOL!!
kecik2 dah pandai perli yea kimi?? xD
the tights looks kinda girlish sikit.
dah carik yg boyishh punye tapi xjumpe. ;(

Saturday, April 3, 2010

turned off.

 heyya!! i've tried to delete my previous blog entitled 
"MaK NeNek JuaL KeRePek MeRePek-RePek" ROFL!
 but i don't know why it didn't works. duhh~
these funny words was written by a form 1 student named 'Datin Duriani!!' ROFLOL!

and i'm no longger using my friendster account.

and the fotopages too!

& the myspace. =,=

but i'm wondering when izit i am going to get bored with facebook?? 

Friday, April 2, 2010

ubat batuk cap ibu & anak ♥

mama: tin, tin, which one okay utk mama pakai esok?

me: hmm,, yg ni atau yg ni kot.

mama: ma rasa yg hijau ni lagi cantik.

me: a'ahh yg ni lagi detail.

mama: hmm, camtu mama pakai yg ni laa esok.

me: ehh,, cube ma pakai yg ni jap,,

2mins later...

me: haa,, yg ni pon okay gak kalo pki ngan tudung pink. baru kontra. ;)

mama: ohh yeke? camtu ma pakai yg ni laaa..

me: ermm,, tpi yg tuu okay gak.

mama: ehh,, jap. yg ni ke yg ni ehh???

me: entah. tin rase yg ni kot.

mama: tapi yg ni lagi cantik.

me: entahlaa.. tin rasa yg nii..

mama: hmmm, yg ni pon okay gak..

me: ehh tapi yg tu pon okay gak kot

mama: alaaa,, yg mana satu ni???!!

me: okaylah jom kite osom! (joking)

mama: one-two-som? okay! one-two-som!!

me: alaa~~

mama: one-two-som! 

me: yeyy! 

mama: dah brape dah?? eleh mama dah 4.

me : alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

mama: yeyyy! yg hijau tu menang!!

it was 2.00 a.m. and i was still having some 'fight' with my mum about the clothes tht she's gonna wear for the next day. ROFL!

the best part of tht night was the ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS thing!! ;D

i was just joking to end the fight with the ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS' game,, but unexpectedly she agreed. ;)

hahaaa~ dah lama tak manje2 camni. ;P i can't deny tht i used to be my mum's 'INTAN PAYONG' when i was a little girl.

however she was still strict towards me when i'm doing somethng wrong.. ;)

ahhhhh,,, i hope tht i won't forget the pretty momment i had tht night. 

the night where the atmosphere was so 'young'.


Thursday, April 1, 2010



kau aku saya awak kite gua lu ana ente den eseyy ekau hang kamu i you?

sometimes we need to be flexible while comunicating with others.

that doesn't mean tht we're hypocrite right?

(ehemm,boys are excepted! jngn gedik2 nak ber"awak2" dngn aku ye. ;D

mood: seronok & ber-ronok-ronok mendapat kwn ana-ente frm al-amin. ;)