Saturday, December 10, 2011

Money matters. Price tag.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
money matters? price tag?
hmm,, i'm sure that you'll be wondering what am i going to blog about this time right?
am i going to copy paste the lyrics of the song sang by Jessie J? 

"It’s not about the money, money, money~~~
We don’t need your money, money, money~~
We just wanna make the world change~~~
Forget about the Price Tag~~"

LOL! it kept playing in my mind right now.
but seriously! i used to hate this song because when i first time ever heard this song 6 months ago, something so called 'tragic' happened to me which quite related to the lyrics.HAHAHH~
the situation was like this. . . i was in a outlet store in Chicago back then, i was queuing at the counter, waiting for my turn to pay for 3 pieces of t-shirts which i wanted to buy,,
however, when my turn finally came, and the cashier had already scanned all the three of my things, i found out that i'm short of $1 us dollar!!
at that moment my parents and family were in the other stores.
duhh~ and that was the most embarrassing experience i ever had in my entire life. LOL!
and that's why i hate the song at first,, :P

anyway, this 'price tag' issue is not what i really wanted to blog about this time,,
i'm actually kept on worrying about the cost of living here in UiTM Kuala Pilah recently.
so, this is about MANAGEMENT of MONEY! HAHA.
as i told in my previous entry,, the price for the food here's quite NOT reasonable.
therefore, i always jot down the prices of my meals everyday, and also made a list of prices of the things i NEED to buy/pay.
thus,, the result was, the price of my meals everyday MUST BE the most at RM2.66 only for the rest of these 17 days before Christmass Eve! [before the Mid-Sem break]
*note that it was divided by 17 because it was written on the last 8th Dec.
in order to spend that least, i think i have to puasa / 'fast' everyday! :P
i wrote down a reminder "PUASA" in order to remind myself that i'm fasting on that particular day.
so that i won't 'accidentally' drink or eat something,, like what i had experienced previously. :P
can you spot where did i put the reminder in this picture? :D
*ignore the untidiness of my table. HAHAH!
yeahh! here it is!!
sitting quietly among the drinking bottles! :D
therefore, as the result of fasting all day long and just ate a small portion of meal during breaking fast[in order not to exceed RM2.66],i got hungry at night. :O
luckily i brought along to Kuala Pilah cheap cornflakes from Bake with Yen + OatKrunch + Apollo cakes + Nesvita + Cream Crackers cap Ping Pong,, so that i could ate those when burning the midnight's oil! Wheeeehoo~ :D