Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the third farewell video by me + a long lost video finally found! :D

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon you! :)
yikes-a-bee!! in this entry, i would like to post another farewell video which was made by me just like in these previous entries :

here it is! enjoy! >>>

 theehhe~ this video was specially made for my ex-classmates, 3 MURNIans.
okay! everyone had known that by reading the title of the video, fatin! it's obvious. -,-" LOL!

hihi. in the first 55 seconds of this video, i think i've focused much on the changes of physical appearance of my friends. :P
Leman now had gained some weight, Nazrin now is supper skinny! while Fikri and Niezwan now had grown up taller,,much taller than me i guess. :D
OMG, how fast time flies right?
only god knows how much i miss my old days. ;)

LOL! know what,, just now i've done something that i think it's dumb,,yet it turned out to be great!
which is,, i've searched for my own name on the GOOGLE.com! LOL!
yeahh,, to me it's something dumb to do. xD
anyhow, i've found a blog that i never known it existed.
it stated that the owner of the blog is XX,, but i think the writer was XY instead. 
coz XX gotta lots of things that she/he would prefer to do than blogging. :DDD

[p/s: the XX and the XY were both of my parents. refer on the Form 5 Biology books if you have forgotten how to figure out which one is the male and the female. :P]
blahblahblahh~ back to the main topic! HAHA.
what i've found in the blog was a video of my friends and i in 2006!
it was taken during the recess time on the teacher's day celebration at our school.

 awwhh~ i can't stop smiling when i watched the video. ;)
anyway, the video-grapher was Noor Natasha Md Nor a.k.a. Nano.
she's a brilliant happy-go-lucky girl who always made all of us laugh. ♥
 now she's doing foundation to pursue her studies in Australia at UniKL Kuala Nerang.
not to forget, the rest of my friends in the video;
the "budak malu-malu kucing" was Athirah Aziz ---UM.
the "makcik" was Hilda Hamisam ---also doing FiST at UniKL Kuala Nerang.
the one who refused to be on camera was Nurathirah Nasir ---matriculation Pahang.
the one who was pretending to be in bad mood was Fatin Azzahra Lokman --- CFSIIUM.
the 1 SETIAans:
Ayu as Ayudafitri Dahnil ---UniKL college of medicine Perak.
next to Ayu was Nurasyikkin Jaafar---UTHM.
RuqayyahQayyah was Ruqayya Fuad---UPSI.

p/s: i don't know why do i always hate my own voice when i hear it on a video. for me it's so weird! LOL!
i thought it was just me, but my sister told me the same. she said that she hate her own voice when she heard it back on a video. huhu.
anyone else felt the same?  :D

together with the video, i also found some pictures of us during the day. 
 with the videographer :) *my face urghh -,-"
 with my 'makcik'. :)
Nurathirah Nasir :)
 i was doing some crafts.
 the Nasyid group which performed on the day. 
*my classmates, Zainol Arifin and Jailani Moh Fari were both who's on the left corner. :D
okay till then,  toodles~

Friday, August 12, 2011

my second video has been made completely! :D

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon you!
as most readers had known, previously in the entry link: a video made on ramadhan eve. , i've inserted a video which i made for my ex-classmates in form 5.
it was the first video ever i had made. LOL!
and yeahh~ i've done my second video!
this time i made a video for my dearest classmates back in 2006 and 2007 which when my friends and i were 13 & 14 years old. :))
my face doesn't look different much,, but few of my friends now look slightly different compared to the picture of themselves in this video. ;D
especially Niezwan and Hariz,, Niezwan who's used to be so short and cute now had grown up and became taller than me.
while Hariz a.k.a. Ayam's face which used to fully covered with pimples now had almost turned into flawless skin! :P *hiperbola*
check this out! >>>

here i would like to apologize from bottom of my heart to my ex-classmates who's picture were not in this video.
this is because i've lost some of the pictures back in those years since my external hard disc which i store all the old pictures has been broken. :(
only these pictures [in the video] were safe because i've uploaded it into my old Myspace account.

most of my lower former's pictures were uploaded into my Friendster account,,
however, i was a little bit disappointed since the Friendster had changed their concept,,
thus all of the pictures and other contents of our previous account had disappeared. ;(
hmm, i should save all those pictures long time ago!! :(((
sokay~ redha je.

p/s: sorry for those annoying 'edited pictures' which got either the stupid saying, bubbles, huge wordings or marks here and there,,LOL!
well, i was noob at editing pictures back in those years. :P

plus, another sorry for using the song that's not compatible with the pictures. :DDD 
but this time the song is not so touchy like the songs that i was using in my previous video,, 
so no need to prepare a box of tissue okay girls? :P

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tissue rolls craft for kids!! errrk,, i'm still a kiddo! yeahh~ :P

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU!
heyya~ recently i made these cute little owls in the picture above out of some tissue rolls,,
these represents all of my family members,, :P
the blue one represents my dad, the pinkish one of course my mama! HAHA, the purple and the red one my sister and hubby, the lime green, yellow and the two little owls represents my brother's family, and the tall green and the orange one represents me and another brother of mine. :)
 one happy family at home! :D
 these two was my first trial,, the one in lime green was coated with layers of tissues and PVA glues,, ahahh~ but it turned out to have uneven texture,,
and the other one is a cat,, mioww~
this reminds me to my arts school project back in 2006. i made a robot using newspapers, tissues, and PVA gules. ;)
 in the making,,
 so i decided to give the two of them to both of my nephew and niece, Faheem and Aleena,, 
but the cat one is for Aleena for sure! coz Faheem would always afraid of cats! mioww~ :DDD
 now it's time to take them out for a walk! hiarghh~ ;)
 and take a deep breath of the fresh air! :))
 see,, 'Aleena' and 'Faheem' was bullying a little prince frog! :'(
yet, the price frog still manage to smile,, awwwwh~ how charming he was! LOL! psycho!
[p/s: add your own dialogue for the four scenes above and feel free to share it on my comment section. :D]

fyi, my mum always keep all the used tissue rolls in her dresser's drawer instead of throwing it in the recycle bin. HAHA. 
[we do have recycle bin in the house, and my mum is the one who's very obsessed at recycling papers after me except for recycling the tissue rolls.i don't know why,,hehh~]
but  now, i should thanked her for keeping all those tissue rolls,,
if not i couldn't turned it out into crafty things!
theeeehee~ these were inspired by a few blogs which had made the similar crafts as mine.
check these cute little things out made by others :D >>

  other than owls, you could also made other creatures with pointy ears such as the bats, cats, monsters, and hamsters! :)
if you have kids at home, try this out with them!
this would develop their artistic skills and would also be the most favourite activity for the whole week to them. ;)
i still remember when i was 2 or 3, my favourite pastime was painting pictures using my brother's poster colours. :P

to made these, what you'll need are:
  • of course tissue paper rolls, either the toilet paper or kitchen paper rolls.
  • few different colours of poster colours or water colours.
  • wide and fine tips brushes.
  • scrap papers for the beak and the wings. [do you noticed that i didn't paste on the wings yet. ngee~]
  • some glue to stick on the scrap papers.

what you'll need to do is just fold in the upper side of the tissue rolls just like the McDonald's apple pie's packaging. yeahh~ exactly!
then simply paint them into what ever creatures you wanted it to be look like! :)
and voila! now you can save a sum of money for not buying a brand new toys for your kids! :D
next time i wish i would made a few more with the help of my nephew, Faheem!
it must be fun! wheeeeeeeee~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my fasting experience during childhood. ;)

 السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! 
ohh,, on the last entry, i've forgot to wish Happy Ramadhan,, i think it's not too late for me to do so,,
so, Happy Ramadhan everyone! 
for all Muslims, happy fasting! Don't skip fasting yaww! =)
don't you wonder why did i said, "Happy Ramadhan to EVERYONE!"??
yeahh,, you're right! this is because, in Malaysia, no matter as if you're Chinese, Indian, or whatsoever race and religion that you embrace, we would always welcoming this month right?
this is the time where we could simply find delicious food everywhere at the Ramadhan Bazaars. :D
in a blink of the eyes, many roadsides suddently turned out into food heavens.
everyone regardless of race will be going to those bazaars to get the food they crave for.
how fortunate am i for living in this peaceful, multi-racial country. ;))
we could experience and try out a variety of cultures and their respective traditional food.
okay, okay, enough! what a long intro i've got here,, duhh~ -,-"

erm, my mum would always stopped by at the bazaar after returning from school.[she's a teacher]
yet, she often complained that she's having headache for being stuck in the crowd at the bazaar. hehh~
therefore, today i made 'Cucur Ikan Bilis' [anchovies puffs] and 'Agar-agar Buah' [fruit jelly] for the breaking fast deserts. :D
so that, she need not buy the costly 'kuih' at the bazaar.

however, while making the fruit jelly, i suddently remembered my fasting experience during childhood, which when i was 5 years old. ;)
i still remember that at that time, my mum loved to made the red coloured jelly during Ramadhan too,, it looked just like this one i made.
when i was 5, which was in the year 1998, that was the first year i began to fasting,,
well,,still in learning mode,,thus, i couldn't withstand my hunger and desire,,
so, i secretly ate the jelly in the refrigerator that my mum had made. HAHA! :P
and then, when the time for breaking the fast came, my mum found that quarter of the jelly had been eaten by someone!!
yeahh~ there's no other suspect, of course it's my fault!
[because i'm the youngest among my siblings] :P
finally, in the next subsequent years, i didn't skip from fasting anymore.
i've learned from my mistake. theehee~ :DDD
poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo~~~ xD

everyone have their own stories and memories about their naughty behaviors while fasting during childhood.
and this is my story! what about yours? 
do post it on my comment or in an entry, then share it with me. ;)

nway, ensure that you pick the Halal and 'toyyiba' one before you buy! wheee~ :D

till then, c ya!

Monday, August 1, 2011

a video made on Ramadhan eve. :)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU!
as stated in the title above, yeahh~ i've just made a video for my beloved ex-classmates during secondary school, [5 Sejahtera 2010] as requested by Nurmaislatifah Zulkifli! :D
okay, frankly i had never known how to made a video from raw pictures before this,, 
now only i've explored how to made one. 
theeehee~ *ketinggalan zaman betul! -,-"
so, here it is!! my first video ever on Youtube. ;)
the video is about 11 minutes and 26 seconds!!
so, if you're not patient enough, don't watch it! LOL~
for all SEJAHTERArian, ensure that you've prepared a box of tissues in front of your laptop before you watch the clip. :P

 the songs i used in the video was Friends Forever by Vitamin C, Muda by Hujan, and Teman Sejati by Brothers.
a complete set of English song, Malay's Indie song, and Nasheed song. ;)

that's all for now,, toodles~ ;)