Wednesday, February 13, 2013

new baby in the house : Ayesha Thurayya

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
It's been almost a month since i last posted an entry.
Quite a few things have became a part of my 'history' since then.
One of the best part is that i've got a new little niece!!! Yippyyyyyyy~
My elder sister had given birth to this little Miss LJ on the 25th of January after Maghrib prayer, which was 12 days after my birthday. ;)
The name given is Aisha Surayya but spelled as "Ayesha Thurayya" according to the Arabic pronunciation.
HAHA. I kept calling her as Miss LJ a.k.a. Liyana Jasmay (a local artist's name) due to the 'sexy lips' of hers.
The whole family have got no idea where Ayesha got the genetic of this full lips. Hihi~
Alhamdulillah, she's heathy, and everything's fine. Arba'in's family is now getting BIGGER and BIGGER! YEAH!
For the time being, i've already got 3 nieces and a nephew. :D
So down here are some of her pictures from my collection. :)
2 days old.
1 week old.
 2 weeks old.
her cute little hand.
 -pinky promish!-

till then, c ya!
ohh, before that, here's a picture of Liyana Jasmay. in case you didn't recognize her by the name.

Friday, January 25, 2013

feminine in me?

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
okay, earlier this semester, a notice was posted by my campus's Head of Student Representative Council on my faculty's Facebook group informing about the new rules made for us.
He stated that we've got to wear the so called 'corporate image' attires from Monday to Friday. No more t-shirt or whatsoever casual type clothes.
That wasn't a problem for me coz i always wear Baju Kurung almost every day.
but the thing is that he also stated that the ladies have got to wear high heels to class. like WHATTT?? :O
and the worst part was that the rules are only applicable to the business students. T_T
so SAD! i could no longer wear my favourite pairs of sneakers with Baju Kurung to the class like i always did then.
i've been so passionate in wearing sneakers since long long time ago.
if you noticed in my older entries, you may see that i wore sneakers like all the time.

i even matched sneakers with Baju Kebaya back then. HAHA. i could still remember when i was celebrating Hari Raya with my girlfriends in 2006, one of my friends' relative said to me "your dress is kinda beautiful, but somehow the shoes don't suit the dress at all, dear" Pengg~*facepalm.jpg. LOL!

Okay, back to the 'NEW RULES' issue. At first, i was planning to pretend to be other faculty's students instead of following the new rules.
but not long after that, i get used to wear the heels to the class.
going up and down the seminar rooms and lecture rooms in high heels by using the stairs shows how strong we girls actually are. :P 

the feminine in me has finally revealed. >,<
yet, the only thing that other girls do and  i'm still so NOT INTO IT right now is,,,MAKE-UP!
yes. i'm just too lazy to 'draw' on my face. HEH.
i'd rather let my face look hideous than hindering it from breathing freely.
p/s: that's just my current opinion, don't blame me if i changed my mind in the next ten years. THEEHEEE~

with that, i'd like to end this entry here with a picture of Bella who walked with her bare foot after class. ;DDD


2 decades.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
As written as the title of this entry, it's been 2 decades i've been living on this world. Alhamdulillah. thank you Allah for giving me a great life, great family, great friends.
That was the date of my 20th birthday. what a unique date isn't it? :DDD
First of all, I'm so thankful that after living for 20 years as His khalifah, i finally got the chance to be one of the Malaysia's Blood Donor. :)) Wheeeee~

and i've got to know that i've got the same blood type as my close friends Hasanah and Shera. which is blood type B. ;)

Oh ya, not to forget, the very first birthday gift i received was from Norshahira Azahar a.k.a. Shera. She gave me a bottle of Swans shaped Origami, with a birthday wish written on them as seen below. :D

the second one was sent through twitter. how sweet of you two Yeanna and Mira. :D
the cutest one was a Hippo pencil case given by Fatin Nabilah a.k.a Bell. :DDD
while Hasanah gave me a glass and Fiza gave me her hand made clay gift. :D
okay, it's obvious that my friends are just too creative in selecting a gift. ;'D
Last but not least, my mum gave me a mobile phone, the same model she gave me back in 2011 for my 18th birthday, which is Nokia 1280. HAHA. She forgot that she had once presented me the same model back then. How cute of her. ;'D
Even though all these presents are seem not that expensive compared to any other kids might got for their birthday, but i still love them and appreciate their effort in showing me how much they care for me :)

Okayy, this is the 2nd time ever i didn't celebrate my birthday with my family. The first time was during last year. i could still remember how Hasanah and her housemate Nurul Farhana tried to trick me in order to surprise me that night. She SMS me to come over to their house and teach her how to do the Accounting assignments. heh. xD

My birthday this year was on Sunday, the day after the 'Kemahiran Insaniah' programme. I didn't went back home on that weekends, but i went overnight at Bell's house in Port Dickson with Lyeanna, Mira, Intan and Bella instead.
The five of us went to the beach that 'morning' together with Bella's grandma, called as 'Atok'. Her grandma is around 70++ years old, yet she's still so energetic, cute, and funny when making jokes with her Kedah's dialect. OH, the best part was that she treated us the banana boat ride! Wheeeee~ :P 

The girls asked me to teach them on how to bake the Red Velvet cake. thus, Pet(Bella's BF) fetch and brought us to TF supermarket to buy the ingredients on that evening. We then started our baking activities after the Maghrib prayer. :) 

and Tadaaa~ here's the result of our Red-Green Velvet cake. ;)
The next morning, the girls together with Bell's little sisters sang the birthday song for me which actually almost made me burst into tears. LOL.

On that night, after finished baking, we went to Pet's Burger Bakar stall by Wawa's car. Afterwards, we went to PD Waterfront for the so called 'photo-session'. Theeheee~ :D

 Bella was trying to show me the stars that she wished to give me. LOL!

The next day, after having the cake, we  had a stroll in Bella's father's fruits orchard at the back of their house. :)
cool isn't it? who said engineers never know how to plant trees? ;)

Bella's dad sent us to the bus station that afternoon after finished mowing the grass. We took a bus to Seremban, and then Manja fetch us at the Terminal. We went back to Pilah and had dinner at Melang Port before arrived at our campus in Beting.
Right after we arrived at campus, we're back to our scary 'hectic life'. We spent the night study-grouping at Anjung since we've got a Statistics test on the next two days. Woohooo~

And that's the end.
With that, i'd like to end my very first entry of 2013 by thanking all of you for adding colours in my life. :)