Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5sejahtera's gathering + BBQ eddy. ;)

17th May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU!
alhamdulillah,, FINALLY! our plan for the picnic gathering at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa a.k.a. TT which had been postponed since last week was finally held yesterday! :D
it was quite funny cause i asked Yan and the gang to wait me at the bus stop in front of the Gombak police station,, coz i've got no transport that morning other than go there by bus,
well,my dad's working? and my mum was going for tuition class that morning.
but then,,my mum didn't allowed me to take the public transport,,
yelahh, dengan tangan penuh barang, nak bawak cake lagi,, pastu sekarang ni banyak pulak kes 'simbah acid' dekat area sini kan,,lagi laa. HAHA.
so i called Far a.k.a. Farzana Balqis Tarmizi,,but she said that she got something going on,,so maybe she'll be there a lil' bit late.
then i called iela a.k.a Nurul Naqila Shamsuddin,,she said that she's on the way to TT,,and almost arrived there.LOL
then i called Eryn a.k.a. Muzaireen Minhat, Mira and her was also otw,,but Mira and i was the organizer,, so,organizer mesti tolong organizer kan kan? :P hahaa,,so they u-turned back and picked me at my house~ yeeeeeha! thanks for the ride abang Mira! 
right after we reached there,, then then then,, we went straight away to the playground that we used to go back in the year 2008 when we were having farewell picnic after the PMR. :)
the 'double decker' hut were fully packed with a bigggg family,,so we gone into the smaller one even though there's a middle-aged lady sitting there at first..
the three of us whispered to each other,"weh,jom kita menapak dekat pondok mak cik tu,,lepas geng kita dah makin ramai nanti mesti makcik tu bla punyeee. :P" LOL!
how evil the three of us right?HAHAAA~
then one-by-one came to join us,,Wan, Apiz, Waneyy, iela, Anis, Zu, Syila, Rinda, Yan, Sarep, Saqif, and so on,,,and we kept on waitinggggg the others.
the clouds were getting darker,,after that,it started to rain cats and dogs! nice!
after the makcik 'chow' already, the rain stopped,,
and we were getting hungryyyyy,, so that we started to 'cilok gua, gua cilok lu' means 'rompak' merompak makanan masing2,,heehe~
but not my cake. :P
we waited for Nana and Ayu to came,, then only we would start to slice the cake.
well,,aweks vvip ni. :D
thus,,we were playing around first,, 'click click here, click click there' snap snap here and there.
plus, buat 'muka tembok' played the swings at the playground,,ohh man!! i miss playing the swing! ;)
then another 'muka tembok' was made when we get on the 'suspension bridge' which i'm really sure that it was designed specially for KIDS okay! :P
afterwards, after Nana has arrived, wan as the ex-monitor 'lizard' played his role by slicing the cake,,
but satu slice je dia potong! chett~ baik takyah! -,-" huhu.
then after having the cake,,we snap some more picturesss then we seperate our own way and went back home.
but for me,Nana, Wan, Apiz and Ayu,,Eddy had invited us for having BBQ at his new house.
so i SMS my mum saying tht i'll be going to Mak cik Kiah's house.
(Mak Cik Kiah is Eddy's mum)
so we went to perform Asar prayer first, and having some Maggi goreng at mamak stall.
okay then we went to Eddy's new house and perform the Maghrib prayer.
yeahh, immediately after i reached Eddy's house and get into the kitchen, Eddy's mom a.k.a mak cik Kiah,(my mum's friend) said "ehhh Fatinn pon adaa!!! ni mak tau tak datang sini ni?" :D
yeahh yeahh,, i answered, "adaa. :) dah message dah."

okay,,i was kinda awkward,, i wonder why my mum didn't reply anything for my SMS thinggy.
coz normally my mum would say that i must get home before Maghrib. :P
hahaa,,after solat, we started to BBQing the chickens.
at the same time,tahu tahu saja lahhh,,when the PK has met up,,surely we'll be getting so soo talkative.
but i'll be the listener,the observer,and the 'tukang gelak laju laju'.ehh,,correction! 'evil evil'. :P
okayy,,Nana tak habis habis nak match up tuttt dengan tuttt~
tau laa jelous sebab aku bejaya match up Ayu dengan Apiz dulu kan? HAHA.
okay, at 9pm, then only my mum called, at that time the chickens were not ready yettt!
and i said that my friend will send me home, don't worry mum.
and then at 10.30 she called againn.
HAHA. she said "amboi nak jadi cinderella balik pukul 12 malam?"
hehh~ then she wanted to talk to Mak cik Kiah, so i passed the phone to Makcik Kiah.
heeee~ thanks god mak cik ada, kalau tak, tak tahu la macam mana nak kasi mak saya ni percaya~ :)
LOL~ suddently Ayu reminded me bout last year's worst tragedy!
it was mother's day, so Syue, iela, Anis,and the others planned to do something for their mums.
since Yan and i was quite good at baking,, so we did taught the rest including Ayu how to bake at Syue's house.
then we brought home the cake for our mums. ;)
but at those years back i could hardly get out with my friends.
actually only for the hari raya celebration or weddings or any other occation at my friends' house i could attend.
so i didn't told that i was baking at my friends house,,actually i wanted to surprise her,, but then..
she SMS me and said something that showed she's very very very angry at me.
immediately after i read the message, my eyes started to shed tears,,
and i grabbed Ayu's hand and dragged her outside of Syue's house.
and i cried so hard,,the small kids who passed by, stopped and stared at me,,
yeahh, Ayu did coaxed me,, then she sent me home by Fikri's motorcycle.
*act,she didn't have a license at that time,but she did sacrifies for me.
thnksssss  so so much ayu!
okay.then when i get into the house my mum kept on 'membebel' and i just passed the pack contained a bigggg slice of cake.
and she thought that i went to a kenduri kawen instead! because the packaging was too nice.
like the one we usually got from 'kenduri kawen'. duhh~ -,-"
tapi malas lah nak menjawab.
then i kept on locked myself in my room most of the time for the whole week.
okay, that was the first time i 'merajuk' with my mum for more than an hour.
hmm,,and that's the end.

ohh oh, bout the BBQ, we went home at 11.20p.m.
i get into the house,and my mum didn't said anything. :)
chocolate cake by me. :D
onigiri a.k.a. nasi kepal by Yan.

Monday, May 16, 2011

happy teacher's day.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
today i would like to wish HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers in the entire world!
including the greatest teachers of mine,,
my mum and my dad, who have been teaching me the real meaning of life for these 18 years, 3 months, and 3 days. ;)
hmm,, for the past 12 years, i would always waiting for the date 16th May to attend the teacher's day celebration at school,, plus, to show how much i love them! ;)
but UNFORTUNATELY, today i'm no longer a school kid. :(
so,, i could only wish all the best for all of them through this post,,
remember! do appreciate your teachers and don't mess up with them! tau tau tau! :D

erm, talking about teachers reminds me to the favourite teacher of mine when i was 6 years old!
her name is Mrs. Nathan!
she was my English teacher when i was studying at Tadika Sempurna, Gombak.
yeahh,, the kindergarten which was founded by Arwahyarham Omar Fidler.
our kindergarten was devided into few classes which represent one teacher and one subject.
okay,kalau tak faham,buat2 faham je lahh ye. :P
my class was Bunga Chempaka a.m. which represented the Mathematics subject and was taught by a Malay teacher whom i totally forgot her name.ouppssy! :P
during the Malay Language subject, we needed to move into the Bunga Raya class,,
and during the English class we moved into Bunga Kenanga class,, which was taught by Mrs Nathan!! yeayy!
during her class, other than teaching us how to write and read English words, she also told us stories, watched the educational tv programs with us, and even taught us how to cook!!
after her class, she oftenly asked me to stay back, and draw for her pictures.
then she would paste it on the walls after making me felt a bit 'proud' by showing it to the whole class!
besides, she was also love to write the word "good" and draw 5 stars on every single pages of my exercise book! theeehee~
omg! she's my biggest fan on drawing at that time. :) i really miss her,, :)

other than Mrs. Nathan, i also do admire some other teachers..
Cikgu Asmawati -  she's my first class teacher ever at sk Gombak 2,,so i do love her muchhh~ and we're still keep in touch on fb. :)

teacher safina - she's the one who made me fall in love with english so much!!! one fact about her that i still remember until today is, there're a big carved on her gold bracelet saying "SAFINA" :)

Ustaz Khadapi - he loved to ask us for questions and he would always answered it by telling us the 'sirah Rasulullah s.a.w' or 'para sahabat' and i love the way he explained to us. and if he didn't know the answer, he will write the question on a piece of paper, and he would answer the question as soon as the next day! seriously, his baju melayu's pockets were totally full with small notes, papers with questions on it, and a black pilot shaker for jotting down the questions! ;D

Cikgu Shah Noramie - the one who call me "anak cikgu". he's my Kajian Tempatan and music teacher. he was also love to praise my drawings and writing. :P (but now i'm no longer good at drawing,and no longer have a nice handwriting!!)

TEACHER HAFSAH - i think she's the most FAVOURITE TEACHER of mine during PRIMARY school. ;) some people said that she's GARANGGG! but for me she's so SWEET even though she MEMBEBEL quite a lottt. HAHA. i still remember, she's the first person i hugged after my mum when i got straight A's for UPSR. :')

Cikgu Sarena - she taught me Arts,,that's why i love her this much >> ♥ ♥ ♥ :D almost the same like teacher Hafsah, because almost everyone in the school dislike her,,in the other word "hate" her coz she was a discipline teacher,, her voice can be heard miles awayyyyy. and her words were quite cruel. LOL! she would tear out the pagesss of her student's sketch book if the painting did not satisfies her,, luckily she never torn out my sketch book! ;) gahahaa,, but for me she's a very soft-hearted inside. =)

Cikgu Marina Zalwarni - she's the only teacher who called me by my nick name. :P

Cikgu Juliana - she was my maths teacher during form 1. i used to feel so ashamed towards her since i 'kantoi' to her for writing some small notes as a reminder in my pencil case,which was mistakenly took by a friend of mine and passed up to her as the 'maths quiz answer sheet'. and the reminder was the one which made me to embarrassed because she was suspecting that i was a bully who hunting for...lalalaa~ only eddy knows about this story.LOL! xD but i think she has forgot bout this tragedy. hope so! :P

Teacher Zuraida Pakir - she's just so sweet and nice! i still remember she invited us to her new house on hari raya. her kids were so cute and chubby yet naughtyyyy! ;D

Teacher Rooslizal - she's loving and caringgggg and very very supportive! she has helped me a lottttts, by giving me her own opinion on what's the best choice of picking the courses for UPU. :) okay, her kids are so cuteeee with their curly hair! ;) i believe that she's a good cook!! just take a look at her fb pictures,, there's a various kinds of dishes that she cooked. but unfortunately i never had the opportunity to taste her cuisine. :(

Ustazah Nazifah - i just love the way she is. ;)

Cikgu Asiah - i admit that i didn't really like her when she was the one who taught us maths in 2008. but after leaving the year 2008, suddenly i really love her! i love the way she used to ignore the twits by her students and the way she was sulking with her students and PERLI us by saying "tak nak blaja maths takpe, saya tutup je buku ni,, boleh rilax2" HAHA. plus, i like her because many others dislike her. huhu~ i DON'T KNOW WHY DID I ALWAYS LOVE THE PERSON WHO HAVE A LOTSSSS OF ENEMY OR RIVAL or something like that. :D

Teacher Aishah - she's so caring too! she's quite strict at marking our class' examination papers.LOL! she oftenly reminded me "Fatin, your grammar is good, but u often did not have enough time to write a long essay!" haha.

Ustazah Che Esah - i always paid my full attention during her class! ;)) she used to be my sister's favourite ustazah in the year 1998! :D and i inherited her 'fav. ustazah'. :P

Cikgu Norlela - she's my chemistry teacher and she was always said to me "Fatin, buat baik-baik ye,,chemistry sayaa!! alahhh haii~" every time i 'salam' and kiss her hands before i'm leaving the lab. ;)

Cikgu Rosidah - she's my mum's bestfriend. she took over my mum's position after my mum left the schl. :D she was also oftenly gave the words of the spirit by saying "Fatin bolehhh!" every time i 'salam' and kiss her hands before she left the class.

Cikgu Paridah Baharudin - she's the most humble teacher i ever met,,but few of my friends didn't really like her,,because to them,she's borring. i'm very sympathy to her since she got some heath problems. :'(

Teacher Norita and Cikgu Azuraidah - they're the library teachers. since i was a librarian,,so i'm quite close with both of them,, they're like friends to me,,especially cikgu azu. she's so funny! she's a joker. :D while teacher norita is more to be a perfect shoulder to cry. she's so supportive,,and always listen to my problems.

Teacher Aina - she's my addmaths tuition teacher-cum-my classmate's mother. she's so GARANGGGGG to other people,, but for me, i can still stand her 'fierceness'. LOL! ;) amazingly i never cried during her tuition class. actually i could simply shed tears when something touching happened,,but dunno why i could be so 'tabah' for during her classes. :P i still remember there was a student of her, accidentally peeing infront of her after being scolded. :D

here i would like to say thanks a bunch to:
Mrs Nathan - [tadika sempurna]
Cikgu Asmawati, Cikgu Azizah, Ustazah Mahani, Cikgu Amelia. - [1 anggerik]
Cikgu Norazlin, Teacher Habibah? - [2 anggerik]
Cikgu Hanisah, Teacher Safina, Ustaz Khadapi   - [3cemerlang]
Cikgu Amelia, Teacher Safina, Cikgu Asmawati, Cikgu Shah Noramie, Ustaz Khadapi - [4 cemerlang]
Teacher Hafsah, Cikgu Rohana, Cikgu Noriza Hanim, Cikgu Shah Noramie, Ustazah Rozlin - [5 cemerlang]
Teacher Hafsah, Ustaz Khadapi, Cikgu Rohana, Cikgu Noriza Hanim, Cikgu Shah Noramie - [6 cemerlang]
Cikgu Nyonyo Ayot, Cikgu Sarena, Cikgu Marina Zalwarni, Cikgu Mazlinda, Teacher Packiam, Cikgu Juliana, Cikgu Nik Maizan, Cikgu Hunnah. - [1murni]
Cikgu Hasni Shazlina, Teacher Zuraida, Cikgu Azlina, Cikgu Azura sc., Teacher Rooslizal, Cikgu Mahani -george max well :D - [2 murni]
Teacher Rooslizal, Ustazah Nazifah, Cikgu Zarina, Cikgu Asiah, Cikgu Azura kh., Cikgu Khairi, Cikgu Azlina, Cikgu Normawati, Cikgu Wan Zaini, Cikgu Juliana - [3 murni]
Ustazah Nazifah, Cikgu Azerin, Teacher Aishah, Cikgu Norlela, Cikgu Rosidah, Cikgu Paridah, Cikgu Azlina - [4 sejahtera]
Cikgu Latifah, Ustazah Che Esah, Teacher Aishah, Cikgu Norlela, Cikgu Rosidah, Cikgu Paridah b, Cikgu Zuraida, Cikgu Zarina, Cikgu Shauki, Cikgu Hunnah, Cikgu Adnan - [5 sejahtera]
Teacher Norita, Cikgu Azuraidah - [guru pusat sumber sekolah]
Teacher Aina(addmaths), Sir Ong(physics), Sir Max(chemistry) - [tuition]
here is an old proton advertisement about a teacher which touches my heart just now. :')

image source:google.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

kenduri kesyukuran Reen! ;)

geng area PJ. :P
see! my current favourite bracelet!
cheese-emmm-cheese! :D
again! without flash~
then,,wangsa walk here we come!
but,,err? there's a scout training at the back of ww? :O
run baby run~
don't ever look back~ ;)
on the way back,,it was raining,,
alhamdulilah coz there has been no pour for quite some time in kl! :O
 thanks for this cute souvenir Reen! and the loves ones too! :D
14th May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
just wanted to share some pictures taken during Fazreensya's kenduri kesyukuran-cum-spm leavers' party.
sorry for not explaining the details about this party,
coz i'm not in the mood of blogging currently. ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

faheem vs aleena.

Faheem 9 months vs Aleena 5 months. :O :]
Faheem 1year 10 months vs Aleena 7months. :D :|

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
heee~ i'm posting this just to put aside the problems that i'm facing right now.
looking at theese cute faces of my nephew and niece made me feel extreamly happy! :D
hmm,, i wonder if i continue studying after this,,will Faheem and Aleena still could recognize me??
their Aunty Fatin a.k.a Cik Tin a.k.a Chhiiii~ ;)
okay,,up next, it's time for me to do some 'reseach' about UiTM Kuala Pilahhhh. :D

FIKIR lah sendiri. full stop.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
it has been LESS THAN 2 HOURS i've posted an entry about i've decide to choose the Matriculation Programme in Arau, Perlis.
and just now my father called from his office and said that i better choose the Diploma programme in Kuala Pilah instead!
because his office mate, uncle Manas told him that Matrix is like 'school'. 
so, they hardly approve if we apply for 2 weeks leave.
eventually, my dad said to me "fikir lah".
then i passed the phone back to my mum,,
right after my mum ended the conversation, she started to 'membebel' to me,,
she said, i better decide now or else i'll be left in Malaysia,,and my flight's ticket will be 'burnt'.
sobs~sobs~ before this when i asked for everyone's opinion on what to choose, 
everyone was like biased on the Matriculation programme.
and i was excited to go for diploma.
but now,,after i've make up my mind and confirmed to go for matrix,, 
everyone seem to force me to choose uitm kuala pilahhh~
dah tangkap cintan kot dekat Matrix Arau tuu.
ni la padahnya semalaman asyik google pasal matrix je.
hmmm,, is there any chance for me to switch to the diploma of food tech course after i attend one semester??
but business study has nothing to do with food techhhhh~
save my soul~save my soul~save my soul~ T_T
pray for me so that i could choose the right path k. :')

decision of a tenage girl. :O

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
okay,, urmm~ i think i've make up my mind.
and i feel like going to Matrikulasi Arau, Perlis, INDERA KAYANGAN.
yess! far to the north! i don't care about the distance,,
as long as i could take up the food tech course next. :)
the main entrance.
and the hostel,
but i've got few problems now,, first, who could send me there??
my registration day will be on the 23rd of May from 8a.m to 10.30a.m,,
so, most probably i must go to Arau at least on Sunday,, 
but, my ayah will be outstation. 
my mama need to go to school, moreover she's not used to drive for a long distance. 
my bro-in-law couldn't take leave anymore since he has applied for 2 weeks leave for the us trip,,
and most probably, my brother too.
then Kak Ija surely will be lost,, even if she bring along a GPS. ;P
hmm,, if i take a bus, then how i could get there from the bus terminal? taxi? it's too dangerous for taking taxi in a strange place,, anything could happen especially to a woman,,okay i'm still a girl! not woman. :P
erm,, Pedot a.k.a. Firdaus Salim offered me to ride his father's car, but he will be register at UiTM Arau on Sunday,,
so where would i sleep on Sunday night??? on the roadside?? -,-"
i've asked Pikah a.k.a Nur Syafiqah Rozani on her FB wall whether i can 'tumpang' her or not,, but she did not respond yet. okay,, tak malunyeee aku ni! :P
yeahh! she'll be going to Matrix Perlis with me too! :)
 Pedot! this will be your 'paradise'. :)
our place are just 4 minutes away! :DDD
okay,,another problem is i will be going to US on the 28th of May,,
so i need to go home on the 27th,,and that's mean i need to suspend the registration or apply for leave.
but i really wanted to go for the registration day on the 23rd! :(
but just now i was accessing the KMP's website and go to the FAQ section,,then i saw this! >>>

"Bolehkah saya menangguh pendaftaran pada 23 Mei 2011 atau 14 Jun 2011?
Written by Tajul Azhar bin Mohd Tajul Ariffin    Tuesday, 12 April 2011 15:14    PDF Print E-mail
Pelajar tidak boleh menangguh pendaftaran. Jika ada sebab yang kritikal dan munasabah, sila mohon daripada Pengarah Kolej anda ditempatkan sebelum hari pendaftaran. Maksimum penangguhan hanya 3 hari. Jika melebihi 3 hari, rayuan perlu dibuat kepada Pengarah Bahagian Matrikulasi." 

hmm,, is this means that i could not apply for the two weeks leave?? 
or i need to register on the 14th June with the second intake students?
  uhhm,, okay what ever! 

hmm,,i was wondering what would i learn there,, and these are the answer..

Modul I

1. Mathematics 2. Chemistry 3. Physics 4. Biology

Modul II

1. Mathematics 2. Chemistry 3. Physics 4. Computer Science

Modul III

1. Mathematics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology 4. Computer Science
1. English 2. Kemahiran Dinamika? 3. Pendidikan Islam dan Moral 4. Co curriculum
registration fee: RM425
okay, so for more info:
Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis
02600 Arau
Phone num : 04 - 9868613/614/615/616
Fax num : 04 - 9868542
 Pengarah Bahagian Matrikulasi,
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia,
Aras 6-7, Blok E 15, Parcel E,
62604 Putrajaya,
phone number: ??? can someone tell me?

okay, what IF i go to UiTM Kuala Pilah?
which would "Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa",,
hmm,, what would i be learning are...
Year One & Year Two (Semester 1 to Semester 4)

The first two years provide a foundation to various business related disciplines. Students are introduced to several foundation courses, which comprise:

•    3 fundamental business courses:  Management, Marketing and Finance,
•    3 economics courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Malaysian Economics
•    2 accounting courses: Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting
•    2 quantitative courses: Business Mathematics and Introduction to Statistics
•    1 legal course: Business Law

Students are also required to equip themselves with other knowledge and skills to further enhance their quality.  These include taking courses in:

•    Computer & Information Processing
•    Business Communication
•    English and another foreign language
•    Islamic Studies
•    Co-curricular activities

Year Three
(Semester 5 & Semester 6)

In the final year, students will continue to take another three compulsory business related courses: Human Resource Management, Information Technology in Business and Business Development. Other than these, students are also given the flexibility of selecting 7 other business related courses from a range of 12.  Among them are Investment Management, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Principles of Public Relations, Introduction to International Business, Principles and Practice of Selling, Research Methodology, Fundamentals of Insurance and Fundamentals of Transport.  These wide ranges of business courses provide students with a strong basis in facing the various facets of  business challenges.
for more info:
UiTM Negeri Sembilan
Peti Surat 156
72000 Kuala Pilah
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 06-482 1202
(Cik Yusniza Yaacob)
Fax: 06-484 1296
the entrance. okay,,so artistic. O_O
okay,,the room is for only two person,,and it's look WOW~
*jealous* *jealous*
well,,new campus right,,of course still 'bau kedai'. haha~
but other facilities for sure not enough yet.
and it's deserted!! nice. ;)
saya tidak mudah terpedaya dengan rupa paras luaran sahaja. ececehh~
sekian wassalam. ;)

images source: ikhsan incik GOOGLE yang comel.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
the day before yesterday i wanted to go to UiTM Kuala Pilah,,
as expected,, i changed my mind yesterday,,
i wanted to go to Matrix Perlis.
and today,, i'm so confused!
and updated my education info on FB.
i put both of the diploma and the matriculation programme. LOL! :P

mother's day. :)

 7th May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
first of all, i would like to wish all mothers in the world HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! ;)
 erm,, yesterday i went to the curve with Kak Ija and Eben.
*kak ija is my sis-in-law's youngest sis, while eben is my sister's friend since high school.*
actually Eben wanted to go out with Kak Ija alone,, but Kak Ija asked me to accompany her,,
so we set out the outing to be on yesterday,,
due to the traffic jam and some misunderstanding on my FB wall, Eben was late.
by rights, Kak ija wanted Eben to pick up us around 11a.m to 12noon,
she typed "11-12 tnghari..." then i replied "11 minus 12 equals to -1. :D"
i was just kidding,,but Eben thought that that's mean 1 o'clock! :P
because of waiting too long,,it was about more than 1hour,,so Kak ija got angry and wanted to go to curve by her car. (even though she's actually 'buta jalan'! :D)
she said, "tak kira!! Kak ija dah fed up ni!!" HAHA. to me that was funny not scary. :P
after that we took the DUKE highway,, then i called Kak Mawaddah to ask what's next.
she told us,after the tol gate,, we must "keep right, ehh no no! keep left,,no! keep right!"
so we did keep right,, few seconds later Kak Mawaddah called us back and said that we must keep left act,,
HAHAA. since we had gone to the wrong way,, she told us to U turn,,
but the road devide into two then,, and Kak ija took the left one,,
but the left one was the exit to Setiawangsa! LOL! we should took the right one.
the right one is always the RIGHT choice.ROFLOL!
kasihan,, we're on the wrong way,, AGAIN! xD
after we reached Jalan Gombak back, Eben called and asked us to return back to my home and get into his car. hahaa~
so we did,, and Kak ija kept on 'membebel' towards Eben along the way. hahaa~
we bought the Fast 5 movie tickets right after we reached there,,
then we had lunch at Vivo pizza &panini,, i ate the Oriental Baked Rice,,
(kunun nak makan nasi sebab lapaaa~ tapi nasi dia ciput jee.-,-")
okayhh,, the lunch for the three of us cost about RM70++
(duhh~ biar saya masak sendiri saje lah taukehh,,)
after lunch we walked around the Ikano + Ikea,, (actually not we, coz Eben was always not with us,,since Kak ija and i walked too fast and disappeared from his sight most of the time. LOL!)
at 4.30pm we rushed from the Ikea to the cinema, coz the movie will be start at 4.40pm,,
and there were lots of distactions to kak ija,, ohh myyy tudung~dress~accessories~bags~ LOL!
okay fast and furious 5 was great,,packed with action! kak ija was so excited while watching it. haha~
after the movie we went to Pet Safari, the pet shop at ikano to buy Ahmad Patrick's food.
*Amad Patrick is my tortoise's name.heee~*
see,,the price is RM22.00!! (T_T) at Carefour, it cost only RM18.50 okay.
hmm,, i only brought 45 hengget! i was planning to buy a frame at Ikea.
so i need to find a large frame at the price of less than 23hengget okay!
afterwards we went to ikea back,,and yess!! i found  a large frame which cost only RM16.90!
 after kak ija found her stuffs for college,,we went back to Gombak.
on our way,, i told kak ija that i left the shawl i bought the day before, in Kak ija's car.
i bought the shawl for my mum as the mother's day gift,,
but kak ija left the plastic bags at her house,,
so we asked eben to drop us at 'rumah jiran Sosilawati'. LOL!
*kak ija's house is behind Sosilawati's house, the late controversial cosmetic millionaire.
after i get the shawl, my brother sent me home,, :)
right after i reached home, i wrapped the gift and put it on my mum's dressing table. ;) 
this morning my mum thanked me for the shawl,,
she said that at first, she thought that it was the 'cloth sling',,
the one that PBSM use for support an injured arm. :P
biasalahh,,cikgu sekolah kan. xD 
 before that,,meh kita try dulu. :P

Saturday, May 7, 2011

i hate this part. >,<"

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
i believe most of you had known that yesterday the UPU result was released at 12noon!
darn!! i was going out with Kak ija at that time to watch the movie THOR.
at 12.40pm mujil miss called me then SMS to ask about the UPU result,,
at that moment i was at the Subway, so quickly i tried to excess the UPU website by using my ipod touch,,
but the line was like..erghh~ -,-"
afterwards, my dearest cousin, Yah a.k.a Nadzirah Talib called me and she was also asking me the same question.LOL!
"Yah, Tin dekat wangsawalk ni,, so tak check lagi UPU,,yah boleh tolong check kan?"
then i gave my IC number,,
later on, she SMS me this way.. "Fatin dpt UITM Diploma..."
when i saw the letters U.I.T.M i felt very relieved,,
coz yeah,,i really hope that i could get either UM,UIA, or UITM,,
so i thought that at least i could get my third choice, which is Food Tech at UITM,,
but when i scroll down the message i saw..
"Pengajian Perniagaan."
suddenly i felt like someone punched me right in the face. Dush~dush~ T_T
i'm not really sure about this 6th choice of mine. SOS!
thus, i started to feel uncomfortable all the way longggg,
 and was making the annoying sobbing sounds towards Kak ija in every 5 minutes. LOL!
she advised me to go for the matriculation programme in Perlis since i'm interested to pursue my studies in the Food Tech course,,
then at 2.30pm we watch the movie Thor,, i was quite blur at the beginning,,
coz the 'cuak'ness is still in the air,,
but then i start to forgot bout the UPU thinggy,,however the sad ending had remind me to this UPU thinggy back. adeihh~
heeee~ sorry for being so annoying today yeah Kak ija? :P
and thanks for helping me to choose the most gorgeous shawl as my mother's day present. :D
plus, thanks for the cute bracelet and charms. theee~
uhhm, back to the story about UPU..
after came back home,i straight away grabbed the lappy and checked the result by myself,,
and uhmm,
nice. i'm totally depressed till i foolishly and involuntarily cried in front of my family members. dush~ dush~ :'[
lalalaaa~ -,-"
seriously i'm totally confused whether to choose the science matrix or the dip in business study.
at first, when my friends asked me which one i would prefer,i said the matrix.
but then when a friend of mine since primary school, Nur Syafiqah gave me a helpful link which tell us the pros and contras between the matriculation, foundation, and diploma,,
 i think, the diploma programme is much better for me.
but i donno, maybe tomorrow i would change my mind againnn,,
ya allah, berikanlah aku petujuk & hidayahmuuu~ :')
oh, i almost forget to tell ya that i got...
the uitm campus at Kuala Pilah,,
hey,, Kuala Pilah~ that's my late grandma's hometown! :)
ohh wait! wait!
the registration day will be on the 21st of May! while matrix will be on the 23rd of May! and i'll fly to US on the 28th of May. ohhh my,, :/ what a busy week i'll be facing. >,<

p/s: ohh, when Kak ija and i was at the JJ AU2, there's a group of people came to us with the booms,camera,microphones,etc. and said to us..
"kak,kak,, nak interview pasal AF(Akademi Fantasia) sikit boleh tak?"
we were both like.. errk?? AF? duhhh~ =,=
"erm,,sorry la kak,tak tengok laa AF." :P

and that's the end! ;)

visa! :O

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
hurm,, about the visa application,,
fortunately,, my visa application has been approved, Faheem's and Aleena's visas too.
while my sister-in-law don't need to apply the US visa because she was born in the USA,,
therefore, she's considered as the US citizen,,so she only need to update her  US passport.
unfortunately, my brother's visa application has not been approved!
sobs~ dear god, i want to spend the whole school holiday this year with all of my family members!
 i really hope that his appeal will be approve! amin.
US embassy,KL Malaysia.
image source:google.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


3rd May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
bismillahirrahmanirrahim. (in the name of Allah,the most beneficent and the most merciful) << this is the word which i expressed the most in my heart today.
fuhhh~ as stated in the title of this entry,, i don't know why do i feel so happy today! :)
yeahh,,as i told in the previous previous previoussss entry,, i got an interview call at PPUM for the nursing course. hahaa.
luckily my interview is on the same date with Far a.k.a. Farzana Balqis Tarmizi.
yup,she was my schoolmate-cum-classmate-cum-tablemate (she was sitting next to me in the class),,plus she was sitting in front of me in the exam hall when we were taking the SPM papers.
and now we're going for the same interview.HAHAA.
okay, both of my parents, my brother and sister couldn't send me to PPUM,, coz they're working today.
so i have no choice other than buat muka tak tahu malu menumpang kereta kakak si cik Farzana kita nih. :PPP
erm,,first, at 10 a.m. we met up at school,,
i have to get the confirmation of the head teacher on the photocopies of my ID card.
fortunately the other photocopies of certificates had been approved by my dad's officemate.
if not,,we had to wait much longerrrrr,,
whee~ i met Teacher Aishah,teacher jammy,and Ms. Azlinawati. :)
oh farzana was also need some verification for some of her cert.
so around 10.30a.m start our journey to Lembah Pantai~~~
wheee~ awalnya! semangat betul sis ni.heh~
then we stop at a foodcourt somewhere in Lembah Pantai. (i don't have idea where was the place.heee~)
i ate plain rice with Kangkung goreng and Ayam Masak Merah! :D
thanks sis for belanja me! ;)
around 11a.m we already arrived at PPUM,,
since the interview will be start at 2, so we walked to the the foodcourt at the trauma ward to meet Far's aunties who are working there.
ouppsy, on our way to the trauma ward, we bumped into a guy.
the way he speak i think he's an italian guy.
he asked us where's the engineering faculty,,then we were like..."errk? ni PPUM lah derr,, there's no faculty of engineering in here"
i don't know why did i answered "erm,sorry we're not familiar with this place too"
when he heard my reply he straight away went further into PPUM.
OMG!! why don't i told him that this is PPUM not the UM.duhh~
pity him,,bad me! =,='
later around 1.25p.m we went to the prayer room to perform solat Zohor.
right after performing Zohor, Far's aunt brought us to the interview room using the shortcuts. ;)))
nice! out of 70++ candidates,, only 12 attended.
Farzana's name on the list was number 50 and mine was 57.
but i'm the first person interviewed by the interviewers in Room 2,, while Farzana was interviewed in Room 1.
my interviewers were a Chinese and a Malay lady.
so i have to speak both Malay and English language.
while Farzana's interviewers were both Malay,,so she was only interviewed in Bahasa Malaysia.
however, i think i was luck for getting Room 2,, both of them were so nice,,i think. ;)
amazingly i could answer all of their questions fluently,,but still got some "errrm" sounds. :P
hehe~ seriously, i can't avoid that while answering questions.
after the interview we need to take some test,,errkk~ i forgot the name of the test, but it was something like personality test or career interest test at level 4.
and i answered the questions honestly. seriously i don't recheck the questions. LOL!
after finished answering all of the questions, i waited for Farzana outside with her sis and parents of a candidate from Kemaman,Ganu.
the mother was so talkative and asked me so many thingsss. hahaa~
later Far had done with the test, thus Gombak here we come!! :)
thanks Farzana's sister for sending me to my home sweet home! :)

ohhh, i've got another interview tomorrow!
heee~ just relax Fatin,,cool! cool! :DDD
but remember,,don't bring  along or wear any metal things!!
i cannot wear even my fav. colourful bangles,,
coz the alarm would always ringing when i went through the  metal detector while wearing the bangles.
so tomorrow lenggang kangkung saja lah ye. :P

anyway, goodluck to Yanie and Mujil for the next PPUM interview!
good luck to Pedot as well for the SPA interview this Thursday!! ;)
epic PHAIL! -,-"

Monday, May 2, 2011

royal wedding. LOL!

1st May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
hehee~ this entry has nothing to do with the 'Royal Wedding' at all.
so, for those who's looking for that, sorry kbye! :P
erm, yesterday i went to Zara's house.
*Zara a.k.a. fatin azzahra,, i often call her "Zare" instead. heh,,*
since her birthday and 4 other relatives of her is on the month of May,
 so her family had organized a family gathering-cum-'birthday party'-cum-friends gathering. :DDD
but the friends was only Hilda, Khalida,and me.
 so i guess it was not so friends gathering kot. :0
whatever,,so here's some of the pictures.

p/s: sorry for the blurry pictures.
 i was using videocam, so the size of these pictures are only 140 to 150+ KB. -,-"

 the bride. LOL!
 the bride and the bridesmaids. :P
 Kak Farah, two of Zara's cousins,Jijus,and che zare. ;)
Hilda 'Tajima' and Kelly 'Clarkson'. :P
 comels sangats! :)
 Hana kept on saying that she don't want to go back to her boarding school in Transkrian. :/
Kelly malu malu pula. ^^
 with Khalida.
with Hilda.