Sunday, February 28, 2010

faheemisgonnabeabrother! ;D

faheem and mr TIG-GER! ;) [now]
faheem about three months age.

faheem in his ibu's. ;)

kids nowadays.

27th Feb 2010, 5.00pm -
while i was doing my chemistry's homeworks in my room, suddenly my mum called out my name. "Fatin!! come down! fasterr la!!" so i quickly ran down and thought that my mum would like to teach me the new chapter of Biology. instead, she told me that there was a makcik called and she was looking for Fatin Strawberry-tags. HAHA. the makcik and her daughters wanted to come to our house to see all the strawberry-tags stuffs directly in front of her eyes.LOL! she's not satisfy for seeing it on the web. huhu. then the makcik kept on calling us and asked for the direction to our house. hahaa, she had lost too far away into the chinese village near Teratai Mewah area. and then,AGAIN, she lost near a chinese temple at the back of my house. GAHAHAA~ somehow i wonder, is it too hard to find my so called 'hidden palace'?? hehe~ ohh-uhh, then finally the makcik arrived with her mercedes and daughters. the daughters aged 13 and 9 years old. the girls too were checking out those victoria's secret stuffs, bath and body works, perfumes, body splash, body lotion,and so on. the makcik decided to bought a pure seduction body lotion which cost RM50 only. then suddently the daughter demanded for a set of four victoria's secret splash LIMITED EDITION babe! OMG! she's only 13, but she demanded for more than her mother's. the whole set cost RM300 dik oi! :O however, the makcik still bought the set for the daughter. perghh~ when i was chit chatting with the mother, then i find out that her daughter's also schooling at the same school as mine. >,<"

Friday, February 26, 2010

prophet's birthday.

today is the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi'ul-awwal.
as we know,today is our last prophet's birthday ; Muhammad bin Abdullah.
so let's selawat. ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010









cakapdenganstranger! =,="


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FEBRUARY babies. :)

happy birthday to you!
you live in the zoo!
with unta and lembu!
happy birthday to you! ;P

5th February
happy birthday MJ!! 
facts about her:
the nick name "marry" dan "che yam" was given by me. HAHA. she's also known as marry jammy & MJ. she's the best lesbo partner of mine! LOL! kidding! she had become my GF since form one! huhu. can't really remember the moment when i first 'flirt' her.:P we were too close eventhough we were not in the same class since form 1 to form 3. well, she took Arabic language,, so she would be in the same class for three years. hee. she's the shoulder i cried on. but now she's no longer around since she entered MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Jasin. ohh how i miss her. :'(

11th February
happy birthday ejat!
facts about him :
he was a senior of mine. hahaa,, minah ni kecoh skit mulut dia. ouppsssy! kalo pasal mengumpat, number one! LOL! ;P i know him quite some time, since form 1 maybe. but we never get this close before until i entered Form 4, then only we becoming quite close coz he kept buying stuffs from strawberrytags.  now, he do come to my house quite often coz he's one of the resellers who sells strawberrytags' things,, so that he could get some commissions as a side income while waiting for his SPM result. ;)

24th February
happy birthday ju!
facts bout her: 
we're new friends, but we were both knows each others' secrets. ;) 
i'm glad to have her as a friend of mine!
tht's all. ;D

Friday, February 12, 2010

i want nobody nobody but you! ;P

11th feb 2010.
right after the drama competition ended, we spent our time together like crazy. melalak, berjoget, menggedik together gether, hamna hamna hamna~ perghhh we were enjoying our happiest moment. ;P ohh, wait2, not "we" but them. ahahaaa,, dunno why. i'm just too shy to join them to sing along those songs and joget joget kot. HAHA. they tune the speaker up to the max and then memekak tak hingat dunia! heh~ they sang THROUGH MY WINDOW, lucky, and a few other songs. erkk~ it's not "few", but quite a lot actually. then we snap pictures like mad people before a few of them went back home. tinggal lah iela,anas,wan,yan and myself. ;D lepastuu apa lagi! kitorang pon paw lah tuan director suruh belanja! well,, Anas won the title 'best director' right. ;P thanks Anas! after all of them had gone back home, i still waited for my dad to fetch me in front of my school field. tapi tunggu punya tunggu tak jugak sampai sampai. :( at 7.30 p.m, the hawker next to the primary school started to pack all his things.suddenly his daughter came to me and gave a pack of sandwich & fries. LOL! do i really look like a beggar ? just like in the role play. ;P anyhow,thanks pakcik & makcik jual milo sedap! ;) hurmmm,,when the skies are getting darker,i decided to walk to Anas house. well, i've got an addmaths tuition class with his mum. hee~ i immediately solat & tuition as soon as i reached there. finished my tuition class at 10.30p.m. and i'm still wearing tudung skolah.:D ohh such a tiring, yet a happy day for me! ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

smkgs english drama competition 2010!

 11th Feb 2010
5sejahtera was the first runner-up for the drama competition!
wheee~ alhamdulillah.
our director, Anas won the Best Director award.
and our heroin, Iela was the best actress of the day! ;P
thanks god!
it's worth for practicing for the whole two weeks! ;)
but,, when we were presenting the role play, suddently our lappy TERRRRR shut down.
then we couldn't turn it on back coz the charger was missing!
omg! so, we don't have the sound effects as we did during rehearsal. 
we were a little bit disappointed,, but what to do.
redha je. ade hikmah disebaliknya! 
but the funny part is,, i'm the one who made the back up sound effects for Coyotitto crying! ;D
wakakakaaa~ like crazy man! xD
ohh ya!
btw, 1st place goes to 5sejati, and the 3rd place won by 5murni. ;)

list of characters:
Nurul Naqila Shamsuddin /iela : juana
Mohd Hafiz Nordin / hafiz: kino
Niezwan Abd Wahid /wan: doctor
Muhamad Sufian Hashim/yan: servant & kino (ii)
Abdul Muzil Mohd Azman /muzil: pak imam <
Mohd Anas Mohd Hilmi /anas: pearl buyyer & the director
Mohd Aidil Nawawi /aidil: pearl buyyer & coyotitto (ii)
Ayudafitri Dahnil /ayu: kiah [villager]
Nur Syazana Sharif /nana: bedah [villager]
Amirah Diana /mira: joyah [villager]
Nurul Hazwani Naemuddin /waneyy: beggar 1
me: beggar 2 & props
Anis Nadia Abd Aziz / anis: patient.
Mohamed Nazim Khairi Mohd Khir /nazim: juan tomas &  the thief
Dina Amelia Masrul /dina: juana (ii) & props

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

preparations for drama competition.

3rd FEB 2010.
finishing doing the background for few scenes in Kino's house together gether! ;)

4th FEB 2010.
doing the background for the scene at pearl trading office & the doctor's house together.
humm,, today's artworks are quite messy! ;( 
this is because of me being tension maybe.
p/s: pics for backgroud doctor's house takde. ;(

 5th FEB 2010.
finishing the background for scene in town together.
yeahh! today is much more enjoyable day! chatting and laughing while doing our works.
no stress at all. perghh! pretty isn't it? ;)

ade tbun! ;P

6th FEB 2010.
 practicing our intonation together gether.
while others tengah penat lelah ber-roadrun, kitorang lepak at dewan blok G.
hoho! we were chased out by the discipline teachers. LOL!
afterwards, we were scolded by our school's guard. ;'( sobs~
then iela asked for teacher Zuraidah permission to asked the guard to allow her to go out and find teacher Aishah.
then only we could continued practicing seriously after she came. ;)

7th FEB 2010.
practicing at Melati Impian. ;)