Tuesday, February 9, 2010

preparations for drama competition.

3rd FEB 2010.
finishing doing the background for few scenes in Kino's house together gether! ;)

4th FEB 2010.
doing the background for the scene at pearl trading office & the doctor's house together.
humm,, today's artworks are quite messy! ;( 
this is because of me being tension maybe.
p/s: pics for backgroud doctor's house takde. ;(

 5th FEB 2010.
finishing the background for scene in town together.
yeahh! today is much more enjoyable day! chatting and laughing while doing our works.
no stress at all. perghh! pretty isn't it? ;)

ade tbun! ;P

6th FEB 2010.
 practicing our intonation together gether.
while others tengah penat lelah ber-roadrun, kitorang lepak at dewan blok G.
hoho! we were chased out by the discipline teachers. LOL!
afterwards, we were scolded by our school's guard. ;'( sobs~
then iela asked for teacher Zuraidah permission to asked the guard to allow her to go out and find teacher Aishah.
then only we could continued practicing seriously after she came. ;)

7th FEB 2010.
practicing at Melati Impian. ;) 

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