Thursday, February 11, 2010

smkgs english drama competition 2010!

 11th Feb 2010
5sejahtera was the first runner-up for the drama competition!
wheee~ alhamdulillah.
our director, Anas won the Best Director award.
and our heroin, Iela was the best actress of the day! ;P
thanks god!
it's worth for practicing for the whole two weeks! ;)
but,, when we were presenting the role play, suddently our lappy TERRRRR shut down.
then we couldn't turn it on back coz the charger was missing!
omg! so, we don't have the sound effects as we did during rehearsal. 
we were a little bit disappointed,, but what to do.
redha je. ade hikmah disebaliknya! 
but the funny part is,, i'm the one who made the back up sound effects for Coyotitto crying! ;D
wakakakaaa~ like crazy man! xD
ohh ya!
btw, 1st place goes to 5sejati, and the 3rd place won by 5murni. ;)

list of characters:
Nurul Naqila Shamsuddin /iela : juana
Mohd Hafiz Nordin / hafiz: kino
Niezwan Abd Wahid /wan: doctor
Muhamad Sufian Hashim/yan: servant & kino (ii)
Abdul Muzil Mohd Azman /muzil: pak imam <
Mohd Anas Mohd Hilmi /anas: pearl buyyer & the director
Mohd Aidil Nawawi /aidil: pearl buyyer & coyotitto (ii)
Ayudafitri Dahnil /ayu: kiah [villager]
Nur Syazana Sharif /nana: bedah [villager]
Amirah Diana /mira: joyah [villager]
Nurul Hazwani Naemuddin /waneyy: beggar 1
me: beggar 2 & props
Anis Nadia Abd Aziz / anis: patient.
Mohamed Nazim Khairi Mohd Khir /nazim: juan tomas &  the thief
Dina Amelia Masrul /dina: juana (ii) & props


  1. wahhh best nyer ! kelas aq wat novel konserto teaher tuh. klaka giler. kabut er.. XD

  2. huhu~
    skolah kitorang buat the pearl ;)