Friday, February 12, 2010

i want nobody nobody but you! ;P

11th feb 2010.
right after the drama competition ended, we spent our time together like crazy. melalak, berjoget, menggedik together gether, hamna hamna hamna~ perghhh we were enjoying our happiest moment. ;P ohh, wait2, not "we" but them. ahahaaa,, dunno why. i'm just too shy to join them to sing along those songs and joget joget kot. HAHA. they tune the speaker up to the max and then memekak tak hingat dunia! heh~ they sang THROUGH MY WINDOW, lucky, and a few other songs. erkk~ it's not "few", but quite a lot actually. then we snap pictures like mad people before a few of them went back home. tinggal lah iela,anas,wan,yan and myself. ;D lepastuu apa lagi! kitorang pon paw lah tuan director suruh belanja! well,, Anas won the title 'best director' right. ;P thanks Anas! after all of them had gone back home, i still waited for my dad to fetch me in front of my school field. tapi tunggu punya tunggu tak jugak sampai sampai. :( at 7.30 p.m, the hawker next to the primary school started to pack all his things.suddenly his daughter came to me and gave a pack of sandwich & fries. LOL! do i really look like a beggar ? just like in the role play. ;P anyhow,thanks pakcik & makcik jual milo sedap! ;) hurmmm,,when the skies are getting darker,i decided to walk to Anas house. well, i've got an addmaths tuition class with his mum. hee~ i immediately solat & tuition as soon as i reached there. finished my tuition class at 10.30p.m. and i'm still wearing tudung skolah.:D ohh such a tiring, yet a happy day for me! ;)

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