Thursday, November 29, 2012

bugs' life in my campus.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
Talking about 'bug' would always reminds me of my childhood movie, "A Bug's Life". Remember? theehee~
but the movie isn't what i'm going to focus on.
Referring back to the headline, YES! There're a lot of bugs, insects, and some kind of weird creatures in my campus.
Well, i can say that my campus is very very deserted and located so far far away in the centre of a 'jungle'!
That's the reason why i've found unknown species of insects for quite a few times.
While the rest of my housemates ran around the house and shouted like they had just saw a ghost, usually i'd just sit there, ignore the insects, and continue doing what ever i was up to. HAHA. Being the girl who isn't afraid of insects somehow has turned me into someone who have got to 'rescue' the rest of my housemates. LOL!
Oh ya, most of the time, I'd capture pictures of them no matter whether they're beautiful, cute or 'hideous'.
So down here are the pictures!
black ants.

a white butterfly.
a died grasshopper.
a 'teenage' grasshopper. :P
a 'riang-riang'. i'm not sure what is its specific name in English, but if i directly translate from Malay language, "riang-riang" means "happy-happy". HAHA. It came from family Cicadidae [found out from Wikipedia] and ohh, it sounds so noisy!
 a,,, i don't know what is this called.
and this one. so tiny and cute! :P

but this one looks so weird like a combination of butterfly, grasshopper, and bird! :O

Besides these, our campus also once surrounded by a lot of Rhinoceros Beetle a.k.a Kumbang Badak.
i didn't took the picture of it, but down here's the picture i've got from Wikipedia. It's so biggggg you know! :O
 Ohh, not to forget, a friend of mine, Lyeanna's fingger was once stung by a kind of wasps, [or bee, or hornet, or what ever i don't know!] during the previous study week. 
The funny part was that she actually caught the insect by using her bare hand just because she said that she actually wanted to 'try' how hurt it feels being stung by it. LOL!
what a weird reason. xD
tadaaaa~ here is the consequence of her doing! >>>
her finger was swollen for about a week,and she has got to put on some Chamomile cream in order to reduce the itchiness.
See, Bella even doodled on her friend's injured finger. hahaha. pity Lyeanna. :P
That's all for now, will update later as if i found other 'rare creatures' in our campus during this coming semester.
Alhamdulillah, i still got the chance to stay in college in the next semester. :)


  1. fatin ni cengkerik pun x tahu ke..yg gambar keenam tu..riang2 tahu pulak :)

  2. ohh, tu cengkerik rupanya. hihihii~ :P
    riang riang tu kenal pun bila dah masuk sini. ;D