Monday, November 5, 2012

From Zero to HERO!!

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
Okay, it has been quite some time i didn't posted any arts tutorials entry isn't it?
So here's another tutorial of mine, on DIY t-shirt painting + shoe painting!
This t-shirt painting thingy was actually my so called 'project product' for my Marketing subject at univ.
Yes, I presented this product in front of my class and my lecturer, Mdm Kunie.
 and thank God! She loves it! :D
All the time i sacrificed while burning the midnight's oil in completing this project was worth it, indeed!
So, down here is my art piece result!
 Mind to order a customized t-shirt from me? drop me a comment. LOL! kidding!
I actually got the idea of making this t-shirt project thingy from my previous project as seen on my older entry in 2011, which was the 'I ♥ Baking' beaded t-shirt in picture down here.

okay, before i keep on talking about unnecessary things any longer, i'd better begin the tutorial now! yeayy!
First thing first, what would you need are a plain t-shirt, a design, a pencil, fabric paints/acrylic paints, and paint brushes.
Firstly, sketch the design you wanted on the t-shirt using a pencil.
 Secondly, colour the picture/design as desired. You may blend in different colours in order to get different colour tones. And then, draw the outlines using a darker colour.
 Tadaaa~ you've turn out your so unattractive plain t-shirt into something that very eye-catching! 
Other than t-shirt, you might also make-over your old shoes by using the same technique!
This shoe painting thingy was actually my previous semester's project for my Management subject.
I turn out my friend's old school shoes into  this yelow monsters shoe in the picture down here! :D
Thus, these are the reason why i entitled this entry as "From Zero to HERO!!" since i've changed things which look so priceless into something attractive and worth making isn't it?

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