Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Science students become Business students-cum-Art&Design students??

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
"Science students become Business students-cum-Art & Design students??" that's how the title of this entry sounds like. okay,,
i think, some readers must be noted about my previous status as a Science student who eventually decided to take up Business Studies at university right? HAHA. Somehow i feel a little bit funny when i reread my old entries about the so called 'dilemmas of pursuing studies'. Okay, forget about it!
What ever it is, now i'm a Business student, and i'm happy about it. ;)
I can't deny, sometimes i do miss learning Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. but when i looked at my previous housemates who're taking Science courses stressed-out too much to memorize all those Science facts has somehow made me feel relieved.
 The best part is that, i could finally spend some of my time on doing arts! YEAY! :DDD Unlike during those years as a Science student, i left back all the pencil colours, paints, and brushes back then.
i was a liltle bit regret that i didn't took Art subject as additional subject for SPM. heh~

Ironically, even my Micro Economic lecturer, Mdm. Hanani asked the students to made hand-written mind maps as creative as we can for all the chapters. :O
So, down here is the mind map which i made on the topic 'Supply'. Yeah i know the topic has nothing to do with angry bird. HEH. -,-"
Other than that, i also made customized t-shirt and shoes for my marketing project as i told before in my previous entry >> HERE.

Using the remaining Acrylic paint, i decided to decorate the container of the chocolate moist cake that i presented my friend, Norshahirah Azahar on her birthday. :)
Well, since my campus is located so 'far far away' from the town, so i've got nothing to buy for my friend's birthday. So i simply bought the cake from cafeteria and beautify it! :D

At the same time of me doing that, Bella, Eddy, and Lyeanna were there too.
Thus, Bell decided to decorate Eddy's Blackberry Silicon case.
Oh FYI, Bell and Eddy used to be science students too! :D

At first, Bell randomly drew a TV set on the case before they washed it off and finally decided to draw the Union Jack instead. HAHA.
After the three of us worked on it, tadaaaa~ here's the result!
Besides good in academic and doing arts, Bella and Eddy are both talented in modeling too! :P
Thus, that's the end of this entry.
I assume that what i mean by the title up there is crystal clear now. :)

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