Monday, March 14, 2011

nampak tua sangat ke? :O

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU
ni nak habaq mai,,
yesterday my mum, my sis,and i attended a wedding of my mum's former colleague's child, Mrs. Sakdiah.
okayy,,Mrs Sakdiah used to be very close to me when i was 6,,
coz during those days back in 1999, everyday after i came back from kindergarten,
 i stayed in the 'bilik ketua bidang' waiting for my mum until her class ended.
the room was shared with 3 other teachers and one of them was Mrs. Sakdiah.
Mrs. Sakdiah was the one who's very nice to me,,
i still remember she gave me 3 cute pieces of butterfly hair clips. :))

so,, yesterday i was very excited to attend her son's wedding.
we went to the wedding around 1.30p.m.
right after we arrived there, we shook hands with her.
when my turn came, i thought that she would at least said
 "amboiii,, dah besar dah Fatin,, dulu-dulu kecik je pegi tadika." :D
otherwise, she said,,
"amboiii,,berseri-seri bakal pengantin ni,,minggu depan kan kawin nye??"
then i was like,,"?????"
quickly i said,"ehh,,bukan saya lah! ni kakak saya ni haaa!!"
*pointing at my elder sister*
Mrs Sakdiah: oh ye ke? kecik je pengantin nye. maaf lah,tak perasan!
Sis: hihi, adik saya yang ni belum lagii,,tengah tunggu result SPM.
Mrs Sakdiah: ohh,, tak pe lahh,, mana tau ni doa ke,,lepas amik result nanti kot kot kawin.
Me: errrrrkk??????? -,-"
how come she thought that i'm the one who will be getting married soon??
am i look older than my age??? :O
hmm,,think positive. maybe coz i'm taller than my elder sister, so that others may confused by the height.
cehh,,poyo plak! :P

the day before, my dad's aunt from Singapore came to my house,,
and she was also thought the same thing. =,="

few weeks back, almost the same thing happened to me. >,<
i was going out with my sis and my niece, Aleena around Jalan Tar,,
my sis was the one who carried Aleena using the baby carrier while i'm the one who carried tons of plastic bags filled with my sister's stuffs.
afterwards, one lady wearing a large hijab approached me.
she stated that she's raising funds for a association something to do with HIV victims,women and kids.
and she's a 'mualaf' some more.
on that moment my sis was talking on the phone,,
so i just took out my wallet and gave mine.
then she thanked me,,
the lady: terima kasih puan,,semoga puan dirahmati tuhan.
me: yee,,sama-sama. :)
*then she looked at Aleena*
the lady: puan sudah bekerja?
me: ohh,, tak. masih belajar.
the lady: oh,,semoga berjaya dalam pelajaran.
*she looked at my sis from top to bottom*
the lady: puan dan dia apa? sisters?
me:erkk? ya, my sister.
the lady: oh,semoga puan berjaya dalam pelajaran, kerjaya, hidup bahagia.
then she leave.
later on,,my sis asked me whether izit true that she heard the lady called me "puan"??
my sis said,the lady must be thought that i'm married and Aleena is my baby.
plus my sister is my maid instead!LOL!
*my sis was wearing a 'modern kebaya', jeans, and crocs flats.
while i was just wearing a plain old denim shirt, jeans,and a pair of sneakers.
so,, izit possible a maid could wear a much more glamourouss & expensive attire than her boss?? xD
maw lawan tauke kaa? :P
omg!omg!omg! :D

on the contrary,
last year, when i was came back to my sis-in-law's home from school,,
there was a group of  UIAM students in the living room.
they were visiting my sis-in-law & would like to see their lecturer's first granddaughter.
then, one of the students asked me,,
"baru balik sekolah ye dik?"
*coz i was wearing my orange coloured school's librarian uniform*
then i simply answered,
then my sis-in-law's dad told them that i'm his son-in-law's younger sis.
then know what!! they thought  that i was only 12 years old!
standard 6 rather than form 5 mannn!! xD
wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ :P

so the conclusion is??????
am i look old? :(
or i'm just tall? :P


  1. rmai org ckap ko nmpk tua dpd nmpk muda. so ko tua lah . haha. jk

  2. fatin , klu da nenek tu nenek jer laa XD