Thursday, November 17, 2011

a quick 'tour' around Putrajaya!

السّلام عليكمPEACE be upon YOU! ;)
last Sunday, me and my new mates at BC spent our time together for a quick so called 'tour' around Putrajaya area. 
at first, we actually planned to go for a vacation to Penang on last Saturday,,
we had already made a reservation and paid for the accommodation.
but unfortunately Joan's dad didn't allowed her, and then my mother didn't allowed me, and eventually Ada's parents didn't allowed her to go for a vacation in Penang as well.
so we cancelled it, and Joan's mother decided to take the four of us for a quick tour nearby KL, since she got some free time,,and Joan's father was outstation.
thus, we had so much fun there! and Joan's pretty younger sister came along too! ;)
 so we took quite a lot of pictures there,,
but since Joan's sister was having quite a bad back pain at that time,[well she got Scoliosis,,] so we used the self timer instead of asking her lil' sis to snap the pictures for us. :)
and that's the reason why some of the picture i upload here are badly captured,,HAHA.

first,we went to the Putra Mosque or also known as Masjid Putra,,
as you can see in the pictures above, Weeraya, Joan, and her younger sister, Dora had to wear the robe,,
this was because they didn't wear the scarf,,
but Ada and I also have to wear the robe as well, even though we were both wearing a scarf,, maybe because of my shirt was quite short,, heee~ shame on me.

after touring around Putrajaya city,, we went back to Joan's house at 4p.m,,
we had a bowl of Ramen and some Samosa, banana fritters, and Keropok Lekor from a stall nearby her house.

after Asar prayer, Joan illegally drove the three of us to the nearest LRT station,,
the reason why i said 'illegally' was because she didn't have any Malaysia's driving license! HAHA. :P
we went to Masjid Jamek to accompany Weeraya to buy some souvenirs or gifts for her family back in her hometown.

therefore, here are some of the picture we took last Sunday! :D
the four friends!
the siblings. ;)
i just love the quote below the prohibition sign!
"tiada panggilan sepenting panggilan ilahi" which means "there's no call as important as the divine call" :)
the prayer hall.
in front of the mosque.
in front of the prime minister's office.
views nearby the Putrajaya Lake.
random places.
on one of the bridges in Putrajaya. :)
at Joan's house.
at Masjid Jamek,, Joan and me helped out Weeraya to find the perfect scarfs for her mum.
i also helped Weeraya to bargain the price of this dress,, 
but in the end she didn't bought it coz there's no green colour,, huhu~
 on the LRT.
on the way back.
and that was the end. :')

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  1. nama je islam,tapi nk msuk masjid msih terpaksa pakai jubah...nmpak sgt jaga aurat pun bukan main payah