Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ramadhan 1432H. [2011]

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon YOU readers! ;)
  yeah i know. it has been quite some time i didn't update my blog.
so now it's time for me to do a so called 'summary' for what i've been passed through back in the fasting month. :)

okay, throughout the fasting month, i became a 'maid' in my house! LOL!
since my mum is a school teacher for the afternoon session, so she would come back home quite late,nearly to the breaking fast time.

so she said that i must cook at least a bowl of veggie every evening for the iftar meals.
for the rest of the dishes, like fish or chicken, she would bought it from the Bazaar Ramadhan.
so here's some sneak peek of the dishes that i cooked. ececee~ poyo!
 okay, do you notice that all of the five bowls of veggies above just look the same?? LOL!
the only thing that differentiate one to another is just the type of the veggie used. ROFL! 
and the must-have-ingredient in my dishes are surely the 'crab balls'.hahaa,,
 carrot cake that i've cut into two for my family and my aunt's family.
 dadih. :)
 chocolate jelly. [in the making]
 after getting bored of breaking fast at home for weeks, we finally iftar outside.
and the venue was at the Lanai Kijang Restaurant, Bank Negara,,
since my brother has worked at Bank Negara now, he's willing to pay the bill! theeeehee~ :D
the food and drinks at the restaurant is so so cheap compared to other restaurant because it has been subsidized. :)
 towards the end of the fasting month, i went out iftar with my old friends, the friends that i met during primary school!
i never thought that i could gathered back many of my classmates back in the year 2002 until 2005 through Facebook by creating a group, with the help of a class picture of mine as my reference. :D
after planning for few days and creating an event invitation on Facebook,, many of my old classmates gave a positive respond by answering either "attending", "maybe" or "not attending".
and the day finally came and that was the first time in my life i'm going out iftar with friends. theeehee~

but what disappointing me was many of the girls and boys suddently said that they couldn't join us.
out of 10 girls that answered "attending",only one did really came. -,-"
 so we asked Arif to made a prank calls to the girls and masquerade as Suhaimi.[one of our ex-classmate who's currently studying in France] telling that "i've just came back to Malaysia,,why don't you join us gathered? i miss you!" something like that,,so that they might believe and come to join us.HAHAHAA~
 and yeahh! one of the prank call victims came with her lil' sister. :D
 after Iftar, we went to the nearest arcade center and spent about half an hour there playing like little kids. :D
the five of us: Arif, Alif Fadhullah, Thalhah, me,and Fatin Amalina. :)

 the next night, i went out for Iftar with my family at Cheng Ho restaurant,the Chinese-Muslim food restaurant! :D
as many people had known,, the owner of the restaurant is the Malaysian legendary rock singer, Amy Search. "pheewiit~"
during Ramadhan, the restaurant changed into the buffet concept restaurant. eat all you can! :D
 Faheem was making some 'Boboiboy' actions in order to get attention from other people in the restaurant. haha. :P
 my little niece, Aleena! ;)
 my little nephew, Faheem! ;)
 nenek secretly feed Faheem a bowl of ice cream while his parents were away! :O HAHA.
Faheem's aeroplane and the bill. :)
 Faheem always afraid of cats! :P hihi~

i think that's all for now,,
later on insyaallah i'll update about my Syawal experience. :D
till then c ya!

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