Thursday, June 30, 2011

this is not what i intended,,

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! :DDD
hmm,, ya i know,, it has been such a longgggg time i haven't posted any news here through my talkative keyboard right?
okay,, lots of things i've gone through back in these 7 WEEKS!
so i guess,,this entry would be quite longgggg. theeeeehe~ :P

erm, as many people had known,, most of the 2010's SPM leavers had pursued their studies in universities, matriculations, pre-u, private colleges, preparation program for overseas universites, and so on since June.
well, so do i,,

from the two government's higher instituition that i've been offered for, which were the UiTM Beting, Kuala Pilah and the Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis,,
 i've decided to go for the UiTM di hatiku~
therefore, i went to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan on the 21st of May 2011 which was the registration day for all UiTM branches all over Malaysia.
and thus, i've gone through the "Minggu Destini Siswa" program which was the orientation week for the university.
yea frankly, i did enjoy the orientation week so much!
even though it was quite a tiring week,
well,, ya know like we have to wake up early in the dawn at 4 a.m. everyday, then perform the Subuh Prayer together at the 'Pusat Islam' a.k.a. mosque, and then listen to the 'Kuliah Subuh',,after that queue up in front of the 'Anjung Makan' a.k.a. the cafeteria to have breakfast, then walk up to the lecture theater to listen to the briefings and talks by the academic affairs,student affairs,'Pembantu Mahasiswa' a.k.a PMs, and etc. throughout the day.
and know what,,at 12 midnight only then all of us were allowed to go back to our own residential colleges. :O
however, the fully packed schedule that has been planned for us has caused our friendship among the housemates became very very close!
ohh ya,, i've forgot to tell ya bout my housemates,, ;)
okay, it's SEVEN of us,,
the one that i ♥ so much,, Erniee Natasha Zainuddin a.k.a. Anne, Fatin Nabila a.k.a. Bella, Siti Fatimah Mohd Taha a.k.a Fath, Shamimi Azizan a.k.a Mimie, Musliha a.k.a. Iha, and Izzati a.k.a Izz.
basically we were living in a kind of 'apartment' which has 3 bedrooms, one livingroom a.k.a. RT, one bathroom, and 2 toilets. :)))
okayy, our resident was at the college Seri Menanti 5, at level 5 yaww!
 the highest level! pheww~ :P

nevertheless, i have to leave them after the end of the orientation week. (T_T)
this is because, i've got to go to USA for visiting my brother who have graduated recently and at the same time for a vacation.
i couldn't canceled the trip because my flight tickets will be considered 'burned' if i do so,,
the tickets has been bought since last year i guess,,
hmm,, at that time, my family and i thought that the students intake for all universities would be on September,, but it was in the end of May instead! :'(

so i need to send the leave application letter to the academic affair's office a.k.a. the HEA within the MDS.
i've already told my housemates about this dilemma of mine on the third night i stayed in kuala pilah with them,,
and Anne was the one who's very willing to accompany me every time i need to go to the HEA office.
i feel very sorry for her,,
because of me, she has to rush from the lecture theater to HEA then to college and then back to HEA with me most of the time,,
she did secrifies for me a lotsss,, even though we've known each other only for few days.
i felt very guilty when she slept on my shoulder, on my laps, and even on my back which shown that she's super TIRED,,sobs~
ouppsy,, no worries! during the talks, it's common to see most of the students fell asleep. ;)

other than Anne, i also met another good friend during the MDS, named Sakinah. :)
like the way her name means ; 'tenang' ,,she's such a calm person,,
she took dip. in science, and she came from Johore, exactly the same like Anne!
she was also accompanied me to the HEA office once.
one thing that i can't forgot while with her is the evening that we spent together and shared the stories about our life,,
and eventually she told me that she think i'm such a HUMBLE PERSON!
omg! i think she's the one who's more humble than me,,

besides that, i also met a girl named Sajidah.
she's very soft spoken and also took dip. in science as well,,like the other two girls i told before. ;)
but this one is not from Johor, but she's from Kajang if i'm not mistaken.

another girl that i ♥ her personalities so much is Farah,,
i still remember the first time i met her was at the mosque during the Isya' Prayer.
we greet each other, then i asked her what course she will be taking,,
then she told me that she took dip. in food technology.
so excitedly i told her that "omg! food tech is what i wanted so much! but i get business study instead. :("
then she said i should appeal to change the course and pray to Allah,,then insyaallah i'll get what i wanted. :)
what she said is very wise and heartwarming. ;)
she was also presented a tazkirah at Anjung atas during Maghrib prayer few days after that.
she told us story about two person,one is a Muslim who's very poor and another one is a Non-Muslim who's very rich.
subahanallah, she's so beautiful inside and outside.
i personally adored her so much,,and i wish i could be like her one day. amin.
ohh ya,,she said that previously she was studying at MRSM Kepala Batas.
and she know a friend of mine, Farahin who was also studied there. ;D

okayy,, back to the main story about my leave application,,
finally on the Thursday, the HEA department have their result,,
they didn't allowed me to take the 2 weeks leave because of that i'll miss many things within the 2 weeks.
yet, they asked me to apply for the whole ONE SEMESTER leave instead, to ensure that i'll not miss anything! -,-"
when the HEA officer told me that, automatically i felt like crying  in front of her. :/
so i told my mum about the news through the phone that night at 12.30 a.m immediately after we get back to our residential college.
and my mum advised me to take the leave.
she said that it's better to let the UiTM fees 'burnt' rather than the flight tickets 'burnt' right?
then i cried.
okay,so i sent the application form half-heartedly the next day,, and the application was approved the next following day.

urmm,,one of the most touchy part for me was the speech delivered by our honourable Vice Cansellor the night before i left Kuala Pilah.
he told us the story about the challenges he has faced during youth which was very very sad.
i imagined myself to be in his shoes,,and at the same time i can't keep my mind off the fact that i'll left UiTM for one semester the next day..
seriously i can't stop my tears from streaming down to my cheeks at that moment!
sobs~ sobs~

so the last day i'll be leaving Kuala Pilah in May 2011 had finally came...
 it was the 'hari penutup MDS',,
we should wear dark colour tudung(scarf), white baju(dress), with a dark colour kain(skirt).
so i wear my form 4's schl uniform for the baju, and my form 5's uniform for the 'kain' which is brown in colour. because i used to be a librarian in form 5.
(the colour of my schl's librarian's kain is brown)
however,,only me wearing the brown colour tudung and kain,, the others was wearing black colour instead.
OMG! i felt like an ALIEN that day for being so 'stand out'. :0
nway,thanks to Fath for lending me her tudung! :)

Fath, Izz,and me.
me, Anne,and Iha.

before i left Kuala Pilah for Kuala Lumpur,
i XOXO all of my housemates,,
then i waited my dad to pick me up at Anjung Makan with Izzani, Yanie, and Muzil (my former schoolmates),,
and my handphone's strap that i made by myself had broken,,
the beads fallen everywhere on the floor and i couldn't pick it back,,
perhaps it represented how my heart has been broken and left there.
*okay,FATIN,,why so jiwanggg??!! =,="

okay, for the stories about my journeys to US, i think i'll share about it later on, in another entry.
insyaallah, if god wills.