Saturday, January 30, 2010

PMR was the past... what about SPM?

i should not proud for this.....
coz there are lots of my friends who didn't get a flying colours in PMR are getting smarter than me now.
so i must improve myself to go further for a better future!
but how?
  • do pray to god 5times each day at least!
  • do respect parents and teachers.
  • don't sleep in the class! >,<
  • don't delay to do homeworks!! :O
  • rarely online!! ;(
  • rarely spamming. LOL!
  • do revision and read all those books!
mampukah aku?
huhh,, hope so. ;)


  1. jom ted! mri kte buat ape yg perlu dibuat spye kte dpt good result in spm nnti. huhu.
    tp yg rAREly on9 tu tkt xbole thn nafsu nk on9. huhu. bpk aku ckp kalo ari skola leh on9 30min-50 min je. sbtu ahad bru leh on lame2. huhu.

  2. haha..aku lbh menyedihkan..
    bpk aku pantau fb aku kot.
    die ade fb lg tuh..
    bpk la sedih..
    tu yg dah xon slalu tuh..