Thursday, January 28, 2010

happy birthday che nad!

ohh che nad! kau dah tua. ;)
facts about her:
the nick name "nadelay" and "che nad" given by myself. hehe. sometimes she's also called as nad or dila. both of us were close since form 1. in form 2, her seat was next to mine. beliau juge merupakan org kuat komuniti org tue2. "nyet2", "nyewei", "sea-whale","R-Hey-Heshh!" and all the NY, BR, and D languages were created by us. LOL! her mum and bro were both funny & friendly. her dad is so cool and kind of 'sengal' when answering my phone calls. gahaha. when the song entitled UMBRELLA was a hit back then, we both love to sing the song in direct translation to Malay like this >>  "dibawah payong saye,,yongg,,yongg,eyhh,eyhh,," ROFL! ohh ya, and one more thing! we both love Daughtry damn much!! wheee~ i miss her so much! now she's schooling at SBPI Jempol. bertudungg ustazahh siot!! ;P well, skolah integrasi kann? hmm, hopefully our friendship will be last forever! ;)

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