Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a short trip to Pahang. :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
okay, since i've got a 'plenty' of free time right now, i'd love to share some photos captured just recently when i visited Pahang with my family.
oh ya, FYI, during this whole 2nd semester i had only went back home trice! like seriously? :O
The first time i went back home was during the weekends of first Ramadhan, the second time was during Mid-Semester break which was also the one week holiday of Hari Raya, and this previous weekends was my third time. oh Well, since it was Independence Day on Friday, so i've got the chance to go back home earlier on Thursday evening. 
but unfortunately, at 6.40p.m. then only the transit bus from my campus to Pekan Pilah arrived. -,-"
My friend and i had only boarded the second bus from Pilah  to Seremban around 7.15p.m.! Uhh, with the inconvenient atmosphere of the fully packed bus, i break my fast with two packets of OatKrunch. luckily i always bring along the biscuits where ever i go. if not, i guess i'm no longer exist or might not be able to write this entry right now. heh~
After an hour being in that so called 'sardine-in-the-can' condition, we arrived at Seremban KTM Station. As soon as we reached there, we could almost fainted when seeing tons of people queuing to buy the tickets. like WHATTT??? we rode the KTM at quarter past 9, and i fell asleep all the way in the KTM. I only reached at KL Sentral at half past 10 before i took the LRT to Melati Station. Pheww~ i reached home at 11 over o'clock AT NIGHT! :OOO Seriously, i didn't expect it would took me this long to reach home.
oh, Since the next particular day was the Independence Day, so the operation time for all those trains were extended to 12a.m. HAHA~ Know what, when i was still on my way in the KTM, i was  afraid that i'd stuck in KL Sentral if there's no more LRT operating after 10p.m. xD
Wheee~ As soon as i've arrived at home, i had a plate of rice with Ayam Perchik for 'dinner'!! Yummeyyyhh~ ;)
this is one of the reasons i love being at home, full of and FOOD! :D 

The next day on the 31st August, was the day we started our journey to Pahang. :)) 
we stayed  for 2 nights there by using my mum's vacation club's coupons.
Kaching~Kaching~ money saved! ;)
so here are the remaining pictures.
 peace! ;)
 okay, i'd highly recommend this 3 layer tea!! so so tasty! :DDD
 but it's a NO for this one! i ordered this plate of Kuey Tiaw Kung Fu [which didn't look like one at all] somewhere nearby Pantai Teluk Chempedak. it's tasteless! i can't believe that even the cafe in my campus could made a better taste 'Kuey Tiaw Kung Fu' than this one. HAHA.
 that's all for now. here i leave you with a picture of a beautiful Hibiscus, The Malaysia's National Flower which i found nearby the hotel's swimming pool area.
Happy Independence Day. [hope it's not too late for me to say this phrase. Hihii~]

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

henna-ing suka suki [part 3]

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
 oh, it has been quite some time i didn't write something here on my blog isn't it?
so, to warm up a lil' bit i'd like to share some pictures of my late night activity with my housemates last night,,
which was HENNA-ing their hands!! :DDD
credits to my housemate, Zaza for letting me to 'conteng' both of her hands. wheee~ ;)
the results! :D
i think that i've improved a lil' bit on my henna drawing skills. *perasan* :P
coz when i refered back to my previous henna arts as seen on these entries, >>
 henna-ing suka-suki + making cekodok pisang! :D
henna-ing suka-suki [part 2] + making pisang goreng [banana fritters]
i had just realized that my drawings was so dang bad! no wonder Faheem thought it was a cut, then asked me whether it hurts or not. LOL! xD
 after i've done doing the henna drawings on Zaza's hand, another housemate of mine, Kak fatin requested me to do the henna drawing on her hand as well. and this activity going on and on and on till 1 a.m. HAHA.
what a crazy night!
 and here's FATINS JR. ! i made this one on my right thumb. :D and i kept on playing with my own finger all day by imagining this so called 'FATINS JR.' to be alive. LOL! me so lame!
 here's a picture of FATINS JR. when 'she' was reading at Anjung this evening. ;)

OKAY enough! i seem to be ridiculously insane with this 'weird' caption and picture right up here.
before i go beyond this insane-ness i'd better off now!
kcoolbye! << p/s: i learn this line from Charlie McDonnell's girlfriend. oh, she's so cute indeed!