Tuesday, September 4, 2012

henna-ing suka suki [part 3]

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
 oh, it has been quite some time i didn't write something here on my blog isn't it?
so, to warm up a lil' bit i'd like to share some pictures of my late night activity with my housemates last night,,
which was HENNA-ing their hands!! :DDD
credits to my housemate, Zaza for letting me to 'conteng' both of her hands. wheee~ ;)
the results! :D
i think that i've improved a lil' bit on my henna drawing skills. *perasan* :P
coz when i refered back to my previous henna arts as seen on these entries, >>
 henna-ing suka-suki + making cekodok pisang! :D
henna-ing suka-suki [part 2] + making pisang goreng [banana fritters]
i had just realized that my drawings was so dang bad! no wonder Faheem thought it was a cut, then asked me whether it hurts or not. LOL! xD
 after i've done doing the henna drawings on Zaza's hand, another housemate of mine, Kak fatin requested me to do the henna drawing on her hand as well. and this activity going on and on and on till 1 a.m. HAHA.
what a crazy night!
 and here's FATINS JR. ! i made this one on my right thumb. :D and i kept on playing with my own finger all day by imagining this so called 'FATINS JR.' to be alive. LOL! me so lame!
 here's a picture of FATINS JR. when 'she' was reading at Anjung this evening. ;)

OKAY enough! i seem to be ridiculously insane with this 'weird' caption and picture right up here.
before i go beyond this insane-ness i'd better off now!
kcoolbye! << p/s: i learn this line from Charlie McDonnell's girlfriend. oh, she's so cute indeed!

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