Monday, December 24, 2012

Life's Brief Candle. [3rd Sem!]

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
 Life's brief candle? NO NO NO. i'm not going to write about Shakespeare's greatest poem or whatsoever related to him. If you came here for that particular literature purpose, then you're on the wrong track anyway. :'D
What am i going to write is about my current life at uni in this third semester. Ohh, how fast time flies!
Nothing much changed, i'm still staying at SP4 college, the different is just that i've being 'dumped' from level 2, up to level 5! WOW! What ever it is, i'm still thankful that i could still stay in college. save cost + save time. ;)
And yeah, this time i've got the so called 'master bedroom' back, like i used to get in Sem 1. In Sem 2 i got the 'Living Room' instead, which made me envy my housemates' extra large study table. HAHA.
but towards the end of Sem 2, i somehow kinda enjoy staying in living room even though my stuffs are exposed to the rest of the other 7 housemates and i've got lack of privacy to changing clothes and doing anything, but i'm getting used to it. Hmm. :)
And not to forget, my current roommate is Azureen Zainuddin, who's also my current classmate!
this is my current crib!

Other than that, my classmates are mostly still the same faces i've been meeting since Sem 1. Unfortunately, Kak Iz is no longer with us, she decided to quit with her own personal reasons. How sad someone who used to be so supportive towards me and many others have lost from our sight in Beting now. :'(

While the rest are still being the same pretty souls i've known before. I'm just grateful that i've got the chance to get to know each and every one of these people. They've taught me the lessons of life.

Besides, i've got to know better a girl who seems so strange to me back in Sem 1, Nur Azreen Adnan. HAHA. I could still remember i never talked to her back then. Plus, I heard quite a few rumors bout her, but since those rumors doesn't harms me at all, then why not i give it a try to be friends with her right? I gotta stop being judgemental! So, one fine afternoon, I somehow had lunch with her together with Amira Shakila. We had quite a long chat, and we get to know each other little by little each days since then. The ironic part was that she asked me to accompany her to go back to KL last weekend. And i accept the offer even though i've known that i was just her 'second choice'. [sedih tak ayat? LOL!]. On our way back home that night, we discovered that both of us have got a few interest in common within that 2 hours journey. Not just a few, but i can say there's pretty much common between us. ecehceh~ :P Unfortunately, we involved in an accident on our way back to college the next 2 days. :O Yet fortunately, we're both safe. Just the car seems terribly broke down. HAHA. Her parents sent us back to college that evening. Both of the parents treated me very well, and she kept on saying Sorry all the way. I was kinda touched by that. kikiki~
 Azreen dealing with the tow truck guy.

About the lecturers, they're all seem so nice so far. Especially my BMD101 lecturer, Miss Dai Jinghui. She's just too cute! and the way she interact with us, the way she play with the marker pen, the way her chinese accent sounds like, everything about her would always remind me of my Physic teacher back in Form 4, Sir Ong. ;D While the other lecturers, Mdm Zuraida, Mdm Azizah, Sir Nawir, Ustazah Wan Kamariah, and Sir Iskandar, i strongly believe that they're are all experienced lecturers. ;)

The passions of mine are still goes on this semester. I still hunt for unique plants and insects or what ever weird creatures to be captured, doing arts by drawing on my friends' handphone covers, eat, eat, eat, and eat at late night. As seen on my previous entries, i often post pictures of unknown species, here's another unknown plant species which the 'fruits' look like a combination of baby tomatoes and pumpkins. NICE! Last time, we decorated Eddy's phone cover with the Union Jack design, but this time Lyeanna requested me to draw on the tribal designs on her phone cover. YES, it doesn't really look like tribal design much. Put the blame on me! coz i didn't googled for the images first. heh. Last but not least, i had just discovered that "Biskut Jari" [finger biscuits], is a very good accompany of Campbell's soup. Mmmm~ Mmmm~ I actually never tasted the biscuit before, it's the first time i tried it and i kinda like it. :)

The most interesting part is that, i registered for Mandarin class this semester! YEAY! After 19 years living in the chinese neighbourhood, now only i discovered the real way to pronounce my name in Mandarin, which is "Fating Suliyani Apayin". When i was little, my neighbours often mistakenly called me as "Datin". LOL!

Oh ya, recently i borrowed a book from library entitled "Happy for No Reason : 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out". It's obviously a self-help book written by Marci Shimoff, the co-writer of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Whooohoo! I'm still in progress of completing reading the book, but somehow it has already changed my attitude and way of thinking little by little. :') Previously i had once bumped into some random people's quotes which are "the more people you deal with, the more shit you'd get" and "the person who always cares for everyone and tries to keep them happy is always the loneliest person in the world", but Marci Shimoff has proven it's all wrong.
I highly suggest the book for everyone. Indeed, it's a pretty effective book. I've decided to use this book as the main reference for my term paper assignment project for BEL311. Me and my project partner, Bella had shown the book to our lecturer, Sir Nawir and he gave us the green light to proceed on the topic. yeay! :) Hope we both can produce a very good outcomes towards the end of the project. Amin.
Oh btw, i'd love to quote my lecturers phrase, "You are nobody, but you" (Ahmad Nawir Abu Amrin, 2012). It's such a meaningful phrase indeed! but it would always made us burst into laughter every time he said it to the class. Coz we're pretty sure that this saying is actually inspired from the KePop song "I want nobody nobody but you~". One word, Brilliant!

Among the quotes in the book which i like most so far are : 
"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou.

“We are disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens.” — Epictetus.

The sad truth is that as long as you say, ‘It’s my mother’s fault, my husband’s fault, the government’s fault, my sixth-grade piano teacher’s fault…’ you won’t be happy.”

“You become the average of the five people you associate with the most.” — Jim Rohn. 

Thus, that's all for now, till then, c ya! :D.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Arts Tutorial: Handmade Felt Frame. :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
Getting tired of your boring daily routine? Let's take a break and do something crafty!
Here's another arts tutorial of mine. theeheee~
Long ago i had once suggested to made frame using old calendars as seen on the entry here>> Don't toss your old table calendars
Now, i'm suggesting another way of displaying your favourite photographs. :)
 Let's make a picture frame using felt fabric!
First thing first, things you gotta have are felt fabrics,scissors, needle, thread, and a little magnet.
and then, all you have to do is cut out your fabric into shapes that you want and arrange it nicely.
 Then, sew up the shapes on the front side of your frame.
 The other option, you may simply stick the decorations using a hot glue gun, or fabric glue.
 For the back side of the frame, sew a tiny pocket at the back before you insert the little magnet and sew up the whole sides of the pocket.
 Next, combine both front side and back side of the frame by using the 'blanket stitch' technique.
And voila! your frame is ready to be stick on your fridge or white board or simply anything which made of metal. :DDD

Thursday, November 29, 2012

bugs' life in my campus.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
Talking about 'bug' would always reminds me of my childhood movie, "A Bug's Life". Remember? theehee~
but the movie isn't what i'm going to focus on.
Referring back to the headline, YES! There're a lot of bugs, insects, and some kind of weird creatures in my campus.
Well, i can say that my campus is very very deserted and located so far far away in the centre of a 'jungle'!
That's the reason why i've found unknown species of insects for quite a few times.
While the rest of my housemates ran around the house and shouted like they had just saw a ghost, usually i'd just sit there, ignore the insects, and continue doing what ever i was up to. HAHA. Being the girl who isn't afraid of insects somehow has turned me into someone who have got to 'rescue' the rest of my housemates. LOL!
Oh ya, most of the time, I'd capture pictures of them no matter whether they're beautiful, cute or 'hideous'.
So down here are the pictures!
black ants.

a white butterfly.
a died grasshopper.
a 'teenage' grasshopper. :P
a 'riang-riang'. i'm not sure what is its specific name in English, but if i directly translate from Malay language, "riang-riang" means "happy-happy". HAHA. It came from family Cicadidae [found out from Wikipedia] and ohh, it sounds so noisy!
 a,,, i don't know what is this called.
and this one. so tiny and cute! :P

but this one looks so weird like a combination of butterfly, grasshopper, and bird! :O

Besides these, our campus also once surrounded by a lot of Rhinoceros Beetle a.k.a Kumbang Badak.
i didn't took the picture of it, but down here's the picture i've got from Wikipedia. It's so biggggg you know! :O
 Ohh, not to forget, a friend of mine, Lyeanna's fingger was once stung by a kind of wasps, [or bee, or hornet, or what ever i don't know!] during the previous study week. 
The funny part was that she actually caught the insect by using her bare hand just because she said that she actually wanted to 'try' how hurt it feels being stung by it. LOL!
what a weird reason. xD
tadaaaa~ here is the consequence of her doing! >>>
her finger was swollen for about a week,and she has got to put on some Chamomile cream in order to reduce the itchiness.
See, Bella even doodled on her friend's injured finger. hahaha. pity Lyeanna. :P
That's all for now, will update later as if i found other 'rare creatures' in our campus during this coming semester.
Alhamdulillah, i still got the chance to stay in college in the next semester. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Science students become Business students-cum-Art&Design students??

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
"Science students become Business students-cum-Art & Design students??" that's how the title of this entry sounds like. okay,,
i think, some readers must be noted about my previous status as a Science student who eventually decided to take up Business Studies at university right? HAHA. Somehow i feel a little bit funny when i reread my old entries about the so called 'dilemmas of pursuing studies'. Okay, forget about it!
What ever it is, now i'm a Business student, and i'm happy about it. ;)
I can't deny, sometimes i do miss learning Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. but when i looked at my previous housemates who're taking Science courses stressed-out too much to memorize all those Science facts has somehow made me feel relieved.
 The best part is that, i could finally spend some of my time on doing arts! YEAY! :DDD Unlike during those years as a Science student, i left back all the pencil colours, paints, and brushes back then.
i was a liltle bit regret that i didn't took Art subject as additional subject for SPM. heh~

Ironically, even my Micro Economic lecturer, Mdm. Hanani asked the students to made hand-written mind maps as creative as we can for all the chapters. :O
So, down here is the mind map which i made on the topic 'Supply'. Yeah i know the topic has nothing to do with angry bird. HEH. -,-"
Other than that, i also made customized t-shirt and shoes for my marketing project as i told before in my previous entry >> HERE.

Using the remaining Acrylic paint, i decided to decorate the container of the chocolate moist cake that i presented my friend, Norshahirah Azahar on her birthday. :)
Well, since my campus is located so 'far far away' from the town, so i've got nothing to buy for my friend's birthday. So i simply bought the cake from cafeteria and beautify it! :D

At the same time of me doing that, Bella, Eddy, and Lyeanna were there too.
Thus, Bell decided to decorate Eddy's Blackberry Silicon case.
Oh FYI, Bell and Eddy used to be science students too! :D

At first, Bell randomly drew a TV set on the case before they washed it off and finally decided to draw the Union Jack instead. HAHA.
After the three of us worked on it, tadaaaa~ here's the result!
Besides good in academic and doing arts, Bella and Eddy are both talented in modeling too! :P
Thus, that's the end of this entry.
I assume that what i mean by the title up there is crystal clear now. :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Murnians' Gathering 2012

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
In a blink of the eyes, it's been a week after i had a class reunion with a part of my classmates during lower form. Here's a little info: The name of my former class during form 1 until form 3 was 'Murni'. That's why i entitled this entry as the "Murnians' Gathering". :D For me, lower forms [13-15 y o] was the sweetest moment i had in my entire life so far. i think many others might have the same opinion with me right? At that time, most of us were still naive and didn't have much things to worry about. Life was just about family, friends, and school. We also learnt new thing in life at that time, likeeeee... social networking? HAHA. I could still remember the first time i got my own e-mail address "" when i was in form 1[2006]. Then all of sudden i've got my own accounts of Yahoo Messenger, Friendster, and Friendster Blog. Aww~ during these days i could hardly found anyone who's still using the YM. :') even FS is no longer exist as it before. It comes with a new tagline "Living the Game". :( Thus, i've already deactivated the FS account. Okay okay, back to the main story!!
After discussed for quite a few weeks on the Facebook group with the other members, we finally made a decision that we'd be meeting at the Seoul Garden Restaurant in KL Festival City on the 17th Nov. This restaurant is actually my mum's favourite. :) Years ago, the restaurants were only got in 1Utama and Plaza Pantai in Kerinchi. But since a new outlet has opened in my place, so why not i introduce it to my friends! At first when i suggested the venue, Niezwan said "No, i don't want Korean food!" HAHA. Yes, the name kinda sounds like a Korean restaurant, but it's actually a BBQ and steamboat buffet restaurant. :D The keyword "buffet" means "all-u-can-eat" and that attracted him to agree with my suggestion since he loves foods, a lot! ;D The plan went very well even though the whether wasn't really good. It was raining like cats and dogs in the morning, causing a flash flooding in front of my house. It even ruined my sneakers, sobs~ so Hariz a.k.a. Ayam [who fetched me that noon] asked me to change my shoes immediately! *ceh, garang kunun! HAHA.

We started to cook, and talk, and eat, and talk, and cook as soon as we arrived there at 12.30pm. After about an hour of non stop eating and talking, we went to surau group by group for a Zohor prayer. After performed the prayer, each and every one of us continued eating and talking and eating like a boss until 4 o'clock in the evening! WOW! :O We got a lot of things to chat about. Well, i haven't met some of these people for quite some time. Most of them  left our school in form 4 for SBP, MRSM and private schools. Only me and a few others weren't going anywhere back then. SAD.
but today, i'm glad to have doctors, engineers, accountants and lawyers soon-to-be. congrats to all of you! :)
 fikri jalil, muzil azman,,
Up here is my self-made ABC. :D When i was busy decorating my bowl of ABC, one of my friends trolled me by asking whether i'm actually taking business studies or art and design? LOL!
 izzani awal, syue hussin, anis aziz
athirah nasir, fazlin noorman,, NAKAMAS!
 the girls :D
The picture down here was taken before Syue's going back. She actually wanted to shot a picture with the FATINs; Fatin Azzahra, Fatin Amalina, and me, Fatin Suriani. but the others kept distracting us. See, there's shadow of Ayen in front of me. He's trying so hard to spoil the picture. LOL! i just can't stop laughing when being around them.
 After that, we had a so called  "ice cream race"!

 Tya, Anis, and Hariz Pena as one team. 
Ruzaidi Rahim, Niezwan Wahid, and mujil as one team.
Zara Lokman, izzani and i as another ice-cream team. :P
Fazreen Fathil? Hafiz Nordin? Fikri Jalil? Fazlin Noorman? makan sorang sorang.
everyone were so full after four hours of non-stop eating. :D
 after done with the 'lunch', we take a stroll around the KLFC. Like always, me and these not-so-little Murnians KIDS went to the Arcade centre. *tak matang kan? xD
here's Ayen, Wan, and Eddy 's gay-ish pose.
 ohh, not to forget, Ayen showed pictures of his so called 'awek' on his iPad to prove that he's not gay, maybe? xD
 Next stop, we went to Econsave since Izzani  and Tya wanted to grab some food. While the others just walked around and had some more chat in the baby section? heh~
 And that's the end of our  gathering for this year. :) Zara sent me back home at 6p.m. Ohh ya, We planned to set another gathering early next year before some of the Murnians fly to overseas. YEAY! :'D
ohh, here's a picture i grabbed from Ayen. It somehow reminds me to a picture back in 2007 down here >>
Spot the differences! HAHA.
*btw, jari tuu menunjukkan cita-cita dia untuk menjadi PM ke-8.
this is my favourite picture. image source: Syuhada's :)
feel free to view SYUE's blog with a lot more pictures >> HERE.