Wednesday, February 13, 2013

new baby in the house : Ayesha Thurayya

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
It's been almost a month since i last posted an entry.
Quite a few things have became a part of my 'history' since then.
One of the best part is that i've got a new little niece!!! Yippyyyyyyy~
My elder sister had given birth to this little Miss LJ on the 25th of January after Maghrib prayer, which was 12 days after my birthday. ;)
The name given is Aisha Surayya but spelled as "Ayesha Thurayya" according to the Arabic pronunciation.
HAHA. I kept calling her as Miss LJ a.k.a. Liyana Jasmay (a local artist's name) due to the 'sexy lips' of hers.
The whole family have got no idea where Ayesha got the genetic of this full lips. Hihi~
Alhamdulillah, she's heathy, and everything's fine. Arba'in's family is now getting BIGGER and BIGGER! YEAH!
For the time being, i've already got 3 nieces and a nephew. :D
So down here are some of her pictures from my collection. :)
2 days old.
1 week old.
 2 weeks old.
her cute little hand.
 -pinky promish!-

till then, c ya!
ohh, before that, here's a picture of Liyana Jasmay. in case you didn't recognize her by the name.