Sunday, July 29, 2012

where are you true friend?

"somehow sometimes i feel like i've got no friend. :'| thank you for everything friendSSS."

that's how my facebook's status sounds like, about an hour ago. i didn't intended to gain any attention from anyone, but i was just too emotional at that moment. we call that as reflex action in Biology. yeah.
and not long after that, i've posted another status

 "dear Allah, i beg for you to give me at least one true friend who can go through thick and thin with me. :'(  "

and it has raised the curiousity among the concerned former schoolmates of mine.
thanks Ayudafitri for inspiring me with your calming words.

"there's a lot of friends we'll meet in IPT, Tin. 
we always share everything with them. 
remind them every single thing. 
make their life easier with us.
but then, why are we doing all that? because we want to have the same right? 
we are hoping they'll treat us like we do, right? thats why we don't get it Tin.
coz we're not sincere.
we expect for something good from them.
so,after this, try to being Ikhlas. Redha with all the things we do for them. our helps.
and by that time, He will give us a friend to make our life easier like we do to others.
cheer up. FRIENDS are not the one who can control our life, isn't it?
live your life lahh "

whoops, sorry i've cut her saying on some sensitive issue. heh~
yes, i admit that sometimes i think that i've sacrificed so much things for them, i'm not IKHLAS.
that's the root of all this things to happen.
 i'm not good enough for them, and i'm not strong enough to face all these, but i'll try to be one someday.
alhamdulillah, i still got a shoulder to cry on, even though we're so far apart.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

another two weeks passed by.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
huh,it has been over one month i didn't go back home. :O
so here it is, the continuation of my previous entry "within three weeks".
hmm,since my mum didn't allow me to go back oftenly , so i've got to fill in the so called 'empty-ness' of my weekends by joining such activities like these >>>
participating the Telematch.
my team mates during the Telematch. whoops, i've already forgot their names. hihi. :3
 watching the movie "My Way".
watching this had costs me a gallon of tears. :')
i was touched by the kindness of Kim Jun-Shik towards his rival, Tatsuo and the other friends. seriously, i wanna be a good friend for everyone around me like he did. :')
and listening to an enjoyable Islamic forum by Dr. Ridhuan Tee. :D
and not to forget to EAT! :D

besides that, datelines for assignments, quizzes, hafazan, and presentations have helped me to lowered my so called 'home-sick-ness'. HAHA.
i'm actually not having any home-sick symptoms, but i just misses my nephew and nieces so much when i saw their pictures uploaded on facebook by my in-laws. :|

so here are some pictures taken during our 'pop-presentations' on the topic, the invention for the deaf, mute, or blind.
me and my group mates have decided to create a gadget to help the deaf.
 and the others kept on asking us funny questions about the gadget. LOL!
 Wawa's group decided to 'invent' a magic stick for the blind which can alarmed the user "beware! beware!" HAHA :D
 Nana and her group was presenting their gadget for the mute.
 me and my team; Kak Iz, Senah, Mira tomei tangat, Mira kecik, and Shikin.
here's the K-pop team presenting on their 'bat-shoes'. lol!
 and another boys group presenting their 'Ray-Blind' product. B)
 and another shoe product by the girls. :)
me wearing new scarf bought from my housemate, Kak Sya during the MKT presentation. theeheee~ :D
yeah! finally Bell is back in the class after one week she was absent due to the injuries on her thigh. :)
 oh ya, our class is participating in the Choral Speaking Competition for the language week.
so we're currently keep on practicing every night at the back of my college block.
ohh, indeed it reminds me to the sweet memories back in 2009 when i participated the Choral Speaking Comp for the state. :D

 Yesterday my friends and i attended Intan's sister wedding in Putrajaya.
okay okay, i'm running out of pictures for the moment.
so, c ya! :D