Saturday, July 30, 2011

Participating Yana Craft's Give Away!! ;)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
okay, recently i've came across a blog which organizes their second GA which is
hee~ before this i never interested to participate in this kind of contests.
but this time i'm determined to participate because i wanted so much to get the prizes offered!! :P
the participants could choose either to get the ready made products by Yana Craft [such as headband, hair clips, pouch, pillow, pencil case and keychain] + e-book , a set of craft supply + e-book, or 10 pcs of different colours felt + E-book.
for me, i would prefer to get the 10 pcs felt with e-book!
yeahh~ since i was a kid, i love doing craft so much,,
i've tried many different kinds of crafts and arts.
but i never had the chance to try out the felt craft yet because i don't know where to buy and get the felt supply.
however, after i've been browsing through a lots of felt craft blogs in these few days back, in order to compare the prices between those blogs,,
i finally found this opportunity to get those felt fabric for FREE!!!
the entry requirements were also very simple for me compared to any other GA or contest organized by other blogs that i've seen before. :)
so i hope that i could be the one who will be receiving the third prizes! wheeeee~
if god's will, amin~

oh ya, recently i've made a handphone strap for myself by using the beading technique on the remaining of my baju kurung's fabric.
check this out >>
 in progress. ;)

p/s: i would like to show my appreciation to the owner of link: Me and Crafty blog who keep on giving me advice and support to do the felt craft! thanks a bunch sis!

Friday, July 29, 2011

i've passed the driving test!

 السّلام عليك
 PEACE be upon YOU.
previously in the other entry i've posted my driving test result here at this: link.
at that time i've passed the rest of the tests except for the on-the-road test. GAHAHA.
therefore, i've took the retest last Wednesday, and alhamdulillah~
as stated in the entry's title above, finally i've passed the test!!
but i only managed to get 17 out of 20 marks.HAHA.shame on me. -,-"
anyway,, i met new friends there! one was a 20-y-o Malay girl, and another one was an Indian lady named Matawi.
she's 45-years-old and have got a 14 y-o daughter already but she looks like only 20 something years old!!
she's working as a kindergarten teacher and reminded me to my favourite kindergarten teacher,[Mrs. Nathan] a lots!! heee~
the other day, when i took my first test, i met a 19-y-o Malay girl from USIM named kak Yasmin.
she's studying medic and i was really enjoy talking and sharing my experiences with her! ;)
my 'talkative keyboard' finally had came into my real life as what i always wanted to be! theeee~ :D
that's all for now! till then, c ya! =)
 p/s: did you noticed that there's a mistake on my L license? :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

epic fail Cream Puffs vs epic win Carrot Cake! :P

السّلام عليكم
 PEACE be upon YOU.
last week i went shopping at Baking with Yen shop with my mum to made cakes and 'kuih raya'.
for those who never heard of this shop, fyi,, it's actually the shop where the 'tauke' of  'Kedai Roti Mutu Sami', 'Kuih Raya Bilal', 'Kaoru's Cake House' and many other cake makers all over Malaysia buy the ingredients for their cakes, kuih raya, kuih bulan,etc. LOL! :DDD
the prices are very cheap compared to other places. that's why most of the customers buy loads of things at one time. :O
and so do i! >,<" wooo~ 

i bought 2 large packs of cornflakes, a can of peach, a pack of cocoa powder, a pack of custard powder, 2 packs of all-purpose flour, 2 buttercups, a pack of icing sugar, a pack of raisins, a pack if choco chips, a pack of almond slices, *ahhhhhh~ semput! wait,wait, i need to take a deep breath first,,* 3 packs of paper cups, a bottle of France made vanilla essence, a bottle of baking powder, and a 500gm of cream cheese! walao~
can you guess how much all of these things in the picture above would cost? ;)
as i said before, it doesn't cost that much! :DDD
 wheee~ so, here's the place where i stuffs in my baking things. warning! no one could put their stuffs in here ehh! otherwise, you'll found your stuffs in the dustbin! GAHAHAA~ LOL! kidding! i'm not that cruel! ;D

therefore, the next day i decided to made some cream puffs! weeehoo~
recently i found a cream puffs recipe shared on kak Anis Razali's Fb [my cousin], so i copied the recipe and decided to follow that recipe.
but the instruction was quite short, and i misunderstood the instruction.
and then the batter turned out to be so watery like this >>>
EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!
then only i checked some other cream puffs recipes on the net and found out my mistakes.
HAHAA~ the mistake was i didn't mix in the flour when the pot is still on fire.
that's why the batter was quite watery. so i put it back on fire in order to thicken the batter back but it turned out to be too cloggy. 
thus, i add in another one egg before i bake them.
so these were the result >>>
these doesn't look like cream puffs at all!
however, they did have the taste of cream puffs,,[a lil' bit.LOL!] but the smell of the eggs was quite strong because i didn't put in the vanilla essence. duhh~ -,-" so many mistakes.
as the result, no one dared to try it. GAHAHAAA~
so, i'm the only who ate them. [but not all,i still have few on the dining table right now.LOL!]
since i didn't made the custard fillings for the puffs, [because i've failed to made the puffs],so i tried to eat them with peanut butter,,
and chocolate syrup.
but it still tastes like...errrr~

so, moral of the story is, next time always compare few different recipes from different individu first before you start to made anything! :D 

on the next day, i did not give up and enthusiastic to bake a carrot cake!
i never made a carrot cake and was very keen to made one before.
i've asked kak ija a.k.a Rahmah Hafizah [my sis-in-law's younger sister] who's very good at making carrot cake to teach me how to made one before this,,
but she's quite busy,,well she's now in the final year as a dentistry student.

however, by chance i found a Mother-in-law's Best Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting recipe recently on one of my favourite blog link:i Like Paper Cutting.
so i was inspired to made one by myself. ;)

 the grated carrots. :)
 the lemon rind. :)
 the carrot cake. :)
 the frosting!! yummy~ :P
 the result. :D

just like the owner of this recipe said, i was also received compliments from my mum and  family. :P
here's the recipe that i copied from the blog >>>
Ingredients for the Carrot Cake:
240 gm self-raising flour
180 gm caster sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp nutmeg powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
3 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
240 gm carrots (grated)
120 gm pineapples (tinned, drained and chopped)
60 gm raisins (lightly chopped)
60 gm walnuts (chopped coarsely)
180 ml cooking oil

Ingredients for Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting:
60 gm butter, softened
230 gm cream cheese, softened
[i used 250 gm of cream cheese. hehe~]
200 gm icing sugar, sifted
Lemon rind from 1 lemon
Lemon juice from 1/2 lemon

1. sift flour, caster sugar, and soda and baking powder in a bowl.
2. in a separate bowl, whisk eggs until frothy, add in vanilla essence.
3. mix dry and wet ingredients together.
4. add in carrots, walnuts, raisins, pineapples and cooking oil, stir well and bake.
5. allow cake to cool before applying frosting.
6. frosting: beat all ingredients in low speed until smooth and creamy.
 then, voila! your carrot cake is ready to be eaten! :PPP
for me, it would taste better if refrigerated. ;)

p/s: oh ya, yesterday was Faheem and Aleena's father's birthday. happy birthday big bro! :D

Friday, July 22, 2011

watching Harry Potter 7 leads to a failure. LOL!

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
gheeehee~ to Harry Potter lovers, do ignore this entry's title up there. it was just a gimmick. :P
last Tuesday, i went out with Izzani a.k.a Nurizzani Mohd Awal and Yan a.k.a Mohd Sufian Hashim,,as usual, to the Wangsa Walk Mall. -,-"
dah tak dak tempat lain,,tu je lah paling dekat,,

We watched the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.
okay, basically i never keep track of these film series,,
i still remember that i had only watched the first film, and that when i was still in primary school.

and now, after 7 series had been published,,now i watch  the last episode.
know what, through out the movies i kept on asking,,, "psssst~ who's she eh??" "huh? what is that??" "errr,, what's the relation between the two of them?"
hahaha~ so many questions popped-up in my mind that made me wanted to  keep on asking Izani questions,,
but then, the answer would always be "shhhhh~ later on i'll tell you!"

padan muka fatin! :D
till the end, i still didn't get the answers from her. haha.
 anyhow, Harry Potter's character during infancy in the movie was so cute!!! ;))
yet, the ending was quite yawnful,,
just like the ending of  my favourite TV series 'Juvana' that was shown on last Monday night.
both got the typical old-fashioned ending. huhu~
anyway, the make-ups and special effects was super cool!
psssssst,, don't tell anyone! i've dreamed of someone with the nose of Lord Voldemort the day after i watched the movie. LOL!

later on, we munched some food at the WW's  new food court on the new wing.
oupppsss~ not 'we',,but them!
hahaa,, i didn't eat anything in order to cut cost,, theee~
besides, i've already had my lunch at home before going to the mall. :]
ye, saya tahu tudung saya skema. :D
 and that's the end,,
oh yaa,, before going back home, i went to the 'Each a Cup' and ordered a cup of chocolate oreo ice blended,,
afterwards the worker who took my order asked me whether i would like to add any toppings or not.
then i said tht i would like to add in some Aloe Vera into it,,and she was extremely shocked! LOL!
 there's no other people would like to mix up the chocolaty flavoured drinks with aloe vera. :P
 normally people would add in the pearl jelly right,,haha. weird me.
however, it tastes good! :D
don't forget to try next time yaa? ;) 

we took LRT to Taman Melati station from the Sri Rampai station, then we went on our separated way to our home,,
like always, i walked home from the LRT station in order to cut cost again! even though it tooks about half an hour to reach my house by walking from the LRT. :D
i was super exhausted once i reached home, yet i'm still happy!

but then i remembered that the next day on Wednesday, i've got a driving test!!
"o'ohh~ we in trouble!" haha.
yeahhh~ i've passed all the three test in part 2 which consist of the 'hill-climbing test', the 'car parking test' and the 'round three-corner test'.
gheeehe~ at first, i thought i've failed the hill-climbing test,, but alhamdullah, i didn't. ;)
nevertheless, i've failed the on the road test. :'(
i'm not used to drive the Viva car.
all these while i only drove the Kancil coz my driving school is so 'kuno'. they don't have the Viva car like the other driving schools do have.

unlucky me, every time i made a turn, the tire of the car tht i drove get on the white line of the road.
after three times i made the same mistake, the JPJ inspector immediately asked me to stop on the roadside. hahaa.
and tadaaaaaa~ here's the result!
i only managed to get 5 marks out of 20! xD
and that's the end. Hampeh! -,-"
errr,, i'll be repeating the test on the next Wednesday.
on the same route which is at Cheras,, nearby the Cheras IMKEDA.
hopefully i will pass the re-test! amin!

erm, some of you, readers may have read my old entry link:alhamdulillah. which i told that i've passed the computer test for getting the L license,,
and it was wrote back in December 24!
you must be wondering why after 7months,then only i took my first driving test right?
HAHAA. many of my friends who took the computer test late on March or even April have got their own P license now.
and i'm the only one who's left behind,, :P
lots of things had happened,,malas lahh nak cerita. 
so,,till then, c ya!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

henna-ing suka suki [part 2] + making pisang goreng [banana fritters]

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
okay, today i would like to take a break from posting stories bout my US trip,,
so check out what i've done yesterday! 
 again,, i've 'conteng' my hand using the Henna,,
LOL! last night, when my 2 years old nephew, Faheem was playing around with me, he saw my hand and he asked me, "ket ke?" and then he frown. :(
thee~ actually he would like to asked "sakit ke?" which means "is it hurt?"
hehee,, he thought it was a wounds or something hurting. :P
alololooo~ you're so concern Faheem,, ;)

okay, next!
i made some pisang goreng!
hey look! what a coincident!
if you still remember, previously i used to post an entry telling that i've henna-ing my hand and made the 'cokodok pisang'.
when there's a henna,there's a banana. LOL!
 but anyway,,my banana fritters doesn't look that perfect like the one you can found at food stalls,,
but the taste was okay,, :P
well i was using the Adabi instant flour,,so nothing to be praised. lalalaa~ ^^
just add some water with the ratio 3:4,, mix it up.
then immersed the banana into the mixture,after that fry them.
and voila! it's ready to eat! :PPP

Saturday, July 16, 2011

party in the USA!! [part 2]

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
LOL~ it took me more than a week to post the second part of my entry about my trip in the USA!
sorry lah, busy menternak perut di rumah. duhh~ -,-"
okay, i won't repeat any part of the previous entry,,so do check out first before you read the [part 2]. :)
okayyh,, after snapping those unique pictures, we left the mosque and drove away back to the Home Stead by the cars with the help of a GPS and a map.
since my brother, Faruq will be joining us on that afternoon, plus, the due date for the cars to be returned to the 'rent-a-car' was on that afternoon too,,
so quickly they dropped the four of us[me,my parents,and my aunt] at HomeStead before they rushed to the 'rent-a-car'  to return the cars and fetch my bro from the LAX airport which was just few steps away from the 'rent-a-car'.
therefore, my aunty,my mum,and i decided to go to the Ralph's AGAINNN to shop some groceries AGAIN. hahaa~
hoyeahh! i honestly really love shopping groceries yaww. :D
uhhm,while my dad stayed at the hotel room. tido lagi best! :P
errr,,at the Ralph's, i've snapped some pictures of extraordinary vegetables and fruits which could hardly found in any market in Malaysia,,
i bet you couldn't found these at any Kedai BUNcit, Pasar Tani, Pasar Malam, Chow Kit Road, Centre Mart, Ong Tai Kim, Giant, Jaya Jusco,or Cold Storage wooaa~! :O
ehemm,, but as if you could find one, don't mad ahh! :P
ngengg~ :P so check these out>>
 1) PINKISH potatoes. [we only have brownish potato]
2) BRIGHT RED mangoes. [we only have yellowish-orange mangoes]
3) BROWN banana. [we only have yellow banana]
4)rough-skinned honey dew. [we only have the smooth-skinned one.]
5) asparagus ni tak pelik,, cuma terliur jee bila tengok. :PPP
6) Kiwano Melons? [i thought it was Soursop a.k.a. Durian Belanda.]
7) Tomatillos? [we only have tomatoes here.]
8) Pasilla Chiles??
9) Brussel Sprouts??? [nway, it looks yummy!]
 10)Artichokes! [recently i've seen a chef was cooking using this on TLC channel!]
11)Habanero Chiles?
12)Red Radishes! [now only i know how the red radish look like. LOL! all these while,makan asam dia jee tau. :P]
 13) this is the first time i found veggies in tubes! :O

and these are the faces of the shoppers :) >>
Malaysian can't live without RICE! seriously! :P
it was the US Memorial Day,, so you can found cakes in RED-BLUE-WHITE colour!
 plus, we could get special discount on few items! ;)

after we spent about an hour there, we walked back to our hotel and start to cook immediately! :D
after finish cooking, my brother and the three others came back,,then we ate togethergetherrr. ;))
after Zohor prayer, at 3 o'clock in the evening,we walked out towards the nearest Metro railway station which is at Mariposa Ave.
but it's not that near,,
the distance approximately same with the distance of my former school from my house. :)
after 20minutes of walking, we reached there and took the train to the HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD!

but we have to rerouting the railway tracks twice, so after about one and a half hour,then only we reached at the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame'.
 around 5.30p.m. we bought the tickets for entering the Medame Tussauds.
in the Medame Tussauds, my family and i took a lots of pictures with those famous stars wax statues.
my parents; Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. :P
my sis.
my aunty & cousin.
me & the Chipmunks. ;D
dude, i love Theodore so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

around 7p.m. we get out of the Medame Tussauds and walked around the Hollywood Boulevard. 
my mum bought some postcards, key chains,and a bangle at the local souvenir shops,,
while my sister and her hubby bought sweater and t-shirt for themselves at the Hard Rock.
around 8.30pm we went back to the railway station to get back to Mariposa and next to our hotel.

 the Spiderman had just saved someone! lol~
and the day ended. ;)

-31st of May 2011-
on the next morning, as usual we had breakfast first,then we start our journey to the Hollywood Boulevard just like the day before,,
but this time we went there to get to the 'Starline Tours' terminal,,
then we had the longggg sightseeing tour to the Downtown LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the Santa Monica Beach by the 'Hop-on-Hop-off Double Decker bus.
some of the places was quite boring,,thus, my dad and my mum had fallen asleep during the tour at certain places. LOL!
unfortunately we did not have enough time to complete the whole tour by going to the Universal Studios,, because we arrived at the Santa Monica beach quite late,,
some more, all of us have been to Universal Studios in other place,,so it wasn't too disappointing for us.
for lunch, all of us ate Filet o fish on the tour bus,,
after walking around the Santa Monica beach, we decided not to hop-on the tour bus again,, 
we took the normal bus instead which would helped us to save time,
because we won't have to took the train from the hollywood boulevard anymore which would took one and half hour on the train,and another half hour of walking.
but before we went to the bus stop to take the bus, we went to the Santa Monica Mall first.
i went to the Hot Topic and almost gone mad!!
coz all these while i only could buy Hot Topic stuffs through the website,,
there was so many cool stuffs!! OMG!
three things that attracted me so much was a pair of flat shoes with colourful printed monster on it, second, a bag pack with 3D panda head, third, the Angry Bird nerd t-shirt.
but then,, i have no much time to shop there coz it almost dusk and we have to go back as soon as possible. :[
 guess what sign is this? i found it at the Mall.
it's family restroom? i've never heard one. lol.
okayy,, i think i better pen off now!
to be continued...