Saturday, July 16, 2011

party in the USA!! [part 2]

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
LOL~ it took me more than a week to post the second part of my entry about my trip in the USA!
sorry lah, busy menternak perut di rumah. duhh~ -,-"
okay, i won't repeat any part of the previous entry,,so do check out first before you read the [part 2]. :)
okayyh,, after snapping those unique pictures, we left the mosque and drove away back to the Home Stead by the cars with the help of a GPS and a map.
since my brother, Faruq will be joining us on that afternoon, plus, the due date for the cars to be returned to the 'rent-a-car' was on that afternoon too,,
so quickly they dropped the four of us[me,my parents,and my aunt] at HomeStead before they rushed to the 'rent-a-car'  to return the cars and fetch my bro from the LAX airport which was just few steps away from the 'rent-a-car'.
therefore, my aunty,my mum,and i decided to go to the Ralph's AGAINNN to shop some groceries AGAIN. hahaa~
hoyeahh! i honestly really love shopping groceries yaww. :D
uhhm,while my dad stayed at the hotel room. tido lagi best! :P
errr,,at the Ralph's, i've snapped some pictures of extraordinary vegetables and fruits which could hardly found in any market in Malaysia,,
i bet you couldn't found these at any Kedai BUNcit, Pasar Tani, Pasar Malam, Chow Kit Road, Centre Mart, Ong Tai Kim, Giant, Jaya Jusco,or Cold Storage wooaa~! :O
ehemm,, but as if you could find one, don't mad ahh! :P
ngengg~ :P so check these out>>
 1) PINKISH potatoes. [we only have brownish potato]
2) BRIGHT RED mangoes. [we only have yellowish-orange mangoes]
3) BROWN banana. [we only have yellow banana]
4)rough-skinned honey dew. [we only have the smooth-skinned one.]
5) asparagus ni tak pelik,, cuma terliur jee bila tengok. :PPP
6) Kiwano Melons? [i thought it was Soursop a.k.a. Durian Belanda.]
7) Tomatillos? [we only have tomatoes here.]
8) Pasilla Chiles??
9) Brussel Sprouts??? [nway, it looks yummy!]
 10)Artichokes! [recently i've seen a chef was cooking using this on TLC channel!]
11)Habanero Chiles?
12)Red Radishes! [now only i know how the red radish look like. LOL! all these while,makan asam dia jee tau. :P]
 13) this is the first time i found veggies in tubes! :O

and these are the faces of the shoppers :) >>
Malaysian can't live without RICE! seriously! :P
it was the US Memorial Day,, so you can found cakes in RED-BLUE-WHITE colour!
 plus, we could get special discount on few items! ;)

after we spent about an hour there, we walked back to our hotel and start to cook immediately! :D
after finish cooking, my brother and the three others came back,,then we ate togethergetherrr. ;))
after Zohor prayer, at 3 o'clock in the evening,we walked out towards the nearest Metro railway station which is at Mariposa Ave.
but it's not that near,,
the distance approximately same with the distance of my former school from my house. :)
after 20minutes of walking, we reached there and took the train to the HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD!

but we have to rerouting the railway tracks twice, so after about one and a half hour,then only we reached at the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame'.
 around 5.30p.m. we bought the tickets for entering the Medame Tussauds.
in the Medame Tussauds, my family and i took a lots of pictures with those famous stars wax statues.
my parents; Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. :P
my sis.
my aunty & cousin.
me & the Chipmunks. ;D
dude, i love Theodore so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

around 7p.m. we get out of the Medame Tussauds and walked around the Hollywood Boulevard. 
my mum bought some postcards, key chains,and a bangle at the local souvenir shops,,
while my sister and her hubby bought sweater and t-shirt for themselves at the Hard Rock.
around 8.30pm we went back to the railway station to get back to Mariposa and next to our hotel.

 the Spiderman had just saved someone! lol~
and the day ended. ;)

-31st of May 2011-
on the next morning, as usual we had breakfast first,then we start our journey to the Hollywood Boulevard just like the day before,,
but this time we went there to get to the 'Starline Tours' terminal,,
then we had the longggg sightseeing tour to the Downtown LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the Santa Monica Beach by the 'Hop-on-Hop-off Double Decker bus.
some of the places was quite boring,,thus, my dad and my mum had fallen asleep during the tour at certain places. LOL!
unfortunately we did not have enough time to complete the whole tour by going to the Universal Studios,, because we arrived at the Santa Monica beach quite late,,
some more, all of us have been to Universal Studios in other place,,so it wasn't too disappointing for us.
for lunch, all of us ate Filet o fish on the tour bus,,
after walking around the Santa Monica beach, we decided not to hop-on the tour bus again,, 
we took the normal bus instead which would helped us to save time,
because we won't have to took the train from the hollywood boulevard anymore which would took one and half hour on the train,and another half hour of walking.
but before we went to the bus stop to take the bus, we went to the Santa Monica Mall first.
i went to the Hot Topic and almost gone mad!!
coz all these while i only could buy Hot Topic stuffs through the website,,
there was so many cool stuffs!! OMG!
three things that attracted me so much was a pair of flat shoes with colourful printed monster on it, second, a bag pack with 3D panda head, third, the Angry Bird nerd t-shirt.
but then,, i have no much time to shop there coz it almost dusk and we have to go back as soon as possible. :[
 guess what sign is this? i found it at the Mall.
it's family restroom? i've never heard one. lol.
okayy,, i think i better pen off now!
to be continued...

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