Sunday, July 17, 2011

henna-ing suka suki [part 2] + making pisang goreng [banana fritters]

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
okay, today i would like to take a break from posting stories bout my US trip,,
so check out what i've done yesterday! 
 again,, i've 'conteng' my hand using the Henna,,
LOL! last night, when my 2 years old nephew, Faheem was playing around with me, he saw my hand and he asked me, "ket ke?" and then he frown. :(
thee~ actually he would like to asked "sakit ke?" which means "is it hurt?"
hehee,, he thought it was a wounds or something hurting. :P
alololooo~ you're so concern Faheem,, ;)

okay, next!
i made some pisang goreng!
hey look! what a coincident!
if you still remember, previously i used to post an entry telling that i've henna-ing my hand and made the 'cokodok pisang'.
when there's a henna,there's a banana. LOL!
 but anyway,,my banana fritters doesn't look that perfect like the one you can found at food stalls,,
but the taste was okay,, :P
well i was using the Adabi instant flour,,so nothing to be praised. lalalaa~ ^^
just add some water with the ratio 3:4,, mix it up.
then immersed the banana into the mixture,after that fry them.
and voila! it's ready to eat! :PPP

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