Thursday, April 7, 2011

OTK + 'accident' + baking!

assalamualaikum salam sejahteraa. :D
 5th april 2011
it was the first day Aleena was sent to a nursery at TM.
since then, i'm no longer a 'full-time housewife',,
no need to babysitting Aleena,no need to change her diapers,no need to shower her every morning. huhuu~
so i've got much more free time for myself.

3.00a.m - 5.15a.m ~
IM with tya,, then tya ajak buat trifle.
i was like,,,okay je! kau buat trifle, aku buat chocolate cake yea?
without a doubt, we decided to do it the next morning!
*time tu kami tak tido lagi dari semalam nye*
"weh, kita tak payah tido sampai esok la ek? kau terus call diorang skarang, alang2 kejut solat subuh skali lahh, dapat pahala..aku nak pegi office mak aku dlu pagi ni,,then pukul 9 aku singgah OTK jap beli barang k? kita start kul 10 tau! ",tya said,,
not exactly, but something like tht,, ;)

so the next morning at 7,,eddy was online,,
so i told him bout our plan, and asked him to tell niezwan,,
next i called hariz(ayam),apiz,lin,yan,and syue to join us.
but only yan answered my call.LOL!
i bet you! the others surely still 'berdengkur' at that time. :D
yan said that he's not sure yet whether he could come or not coz he'll be going to schl at 11 a.m with qutbi and rashad to settle down something over there,,
so i simply said he may come at any time,,but 10a.m. would be nice!
plus, i also asked him to tag the two others. :)
then around 9.45, i tried to contact eddy,ayam,lin,and syue back then asked them to come at 10.
then i called tya's house, her aunt answered the phone and said,,
"athirah dia tido lahh,,telefon nanti2 lahh!"
ahahaa~ tido plak macik ni,,kata tamau tido. :P
sokayy,,then i called all of them back to inform them to come a bit late.
i called tya back and she posponed it to 1 p.m.
so quickly i took a shower then take a nap for a while. 
i woke up at 1.08p.m. and call tya back.
she asked me to wait for a while coz she wanted to take a shower,,
then around 1.45pm i reached tya's home,,
few mins later ayam arrived with his mum's honda city and niezwan inside.haha.
while eddy was riding a motorcycle without the P license. :D
then all five of us went to OTK to buy the ingredients since tya was not going to office+OTK that morning. :P
then  we run in to my house to get my mixer coz tya was not sure whether her mixer could still functioning properly or vise versa. LOL!
yan kept on calling me asking when would we came backk??!!
they have been waiting for us outside of tya's house like yearsss!! HAHA.
finally aroud 2.30pm maybe,,we arrived SAFELY at tya's home sweet home. :)
suddently it started raining,,
tya,eddy,and wan jump out of the car bcause ayam wanted to park the car,,
but i don't know why i didn't,,maybe because it started to raining cats and dogs.
then,, suddently we heard a short sharp sound,,kinda like a rubber sound,,
ayam was wondering and asked me "bunyi apa tu ted?"
"bunyi tayar jee tu kot."i answered confidently.LOL
without a doubt,,he reversed the car,,and.. "powwww~!!!"
ayam quickly get out of the car and shouted but still manage to smile at the same time! xD
i was like.. "dia ni gelak ke apa?"
when i get out of the car,, ohh mann!! teruk gilaa~ how could the bumper stucked at the small bouganvilla tree?!!
hahaa~ everyone was shocked then laugh out loud when seeing the 'tragic accident' infront of tya's house.huhuu~
*rasyue was visiting us for a while before they gone to pavi i guess.*
ayam was afraid to call his mum,,so he called his dad instead,,
his dad was so cool!! according to ayam, his ayah simply said "ohh,,tercabut je? okay takpe,,nanti mechanic sampai"
haha,,then after we 'settled down all the car stuffs',,here we go~ let's baking!!
tya and eddy was incharge in making the trifle, wan and i was incharge ourselves in baking the choc cake,,while yan and qutbi was making the kiwi cupcakes using the kiwi flavor instant cake flour. :)
while ayam had gone insane for a while. LOL!
he was wearing 'kain batik' since his attire were totally wet!
we waited for the cake to be done like yearsss! maybe something was wrong about my techniques the other day,,
hmm~ a lot to be improve!
 at 6.30pm,, yan and qutbi decided to go back home,,they can't wait any longer,,
around 7.00pm,,then only the cake was well done.perghh,,
eventually all of us were going back home with packs of choc cake and trifle! :)
except for yan and qutbi,, they only brought along a pack of trifle. pity them. ish2~
while ayam was waiting his sister to pick him up,, he was trying to flirt dina, tya's 6 years old cousin!
but he failed to seduce her,,
know what, after ayam was away,, tya asked the girl,,"dina suka ke abang tadi tu?" then she simply answered "takkk." :0
and tht's the end! ;D


  1. hahaa~
    tau xpe. kesian gila do ayam. xD
    dah la bumper tercabut,handphone rosak,,pastu cinta ditolak. LOL! :P

  2. pehh.ganas betul bwk kete smpai bumper tercabuttt.

  3. LOL! tau xpe,,
    ^_^ klakaa gila do,,

  4. seteruk2 aku bawak kete.
    alhamdulillah tkde lg accident setruk nih.

  5. haha,,
    tapi ni tak teruk sngt pun kot,,(kot)
    bumper tak pecah,,just tercabut je. :D

  6. mane dee gy pavi! balek umah ler, HAHAHA

  7. ahahaa~
    diorang ckp korg gi pavi. :P