Wednesday, April 13, 2011

showdown 2011 is back! :D

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
hihi~ okay,, normally i'm not keen to see the street dancers who are often seen around Bukit Bintang area.
plus, i'm also not particularly fond of reality shows especially the reality shows that involves singing and 'seeking for popularity',,which in my opinion, they look so poyo okay!
nak nyanyi, nyanyi je laa,, tak payah nak drama2 nangis2 dpn camera bagai.
ahahaha~ *ayat aku ni pun macam poyo je. aisshh~*
but imam muda is excepted okayy! i do watch it. ahaha~ :P
yet, i can't deny that there's few ustaz who went for the audition sometimes think tht they are better than the judges.
err~ ada hati nak argue ngan judges. chettt!
hmm~ okay okay! back to my main storyy,,thee~
HOWEVER,, i don't know why did i was stunned when i accidentally switch to 8tv just now when SHOWDOWN 2011 was on air! :D
even that was only the audition episode,but it's kinda awesome. :))
seriously,, i was fascinated seeing them TERKINJA-KINJA infront of the judges. LOL!
emm,,i totally forgot that i was on YM with pedot didot at that momment. ngeee~
he kept asking me about the iPhone 5 and asked me to buy one for him from US when i'm going there this May. duhhhh~
hahaa~ ye lahh! ye lah! insyaallah i'll get one for ya okay? but i can't promise yeah?
then suddenly my internet connection was disconnected. HAHA.
kesian gila kau do pedot,, dah laa kau tanya jee, aku lambat reply,then suddenly offline plak tu. sorry weh! :P
nway, congrats to Mohd Firdaus Salim coz he got an offer to pursue his studies at UPNM!
wheeeee~ good luck for the scholarship's interview bestie! :)

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