Monday, April 25, 2011

no stress!!! no stress! *dilemma mood*

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
ohh my god,,
today i woke up early at 4 a.m,,then start my daily routine like the other normal days.
after bathing and subuh, i ate my home made pizza that i made yesterday. [insyaallah i'll made another entry about the pizza stuffs later on. :)]
then i logged in my FB account,, and IMing with one of my bestfriend, *Spongebob*[not his real name]
he's facing quite a 'big problem' for the second time in his life and was very depressed,, :O
so i tried my best to cheer him up,, ;)
but then,he's the one who was trying to soothe me instead.
HAHA,,Fatin~ Fatin~ *geleng* *geleng*
that was after i suddenly remembered that today is 25th April!!
OMG! the PPUM interview calls are released today!
actually it should be released on last 18thApril as i told ya in my previous entry link: PPUM oh PPUM ,
but then the date was postponed to today.
so immediately i go to the PPUM website to check my result,,
i entered my IC number, then...tadaaa~
ohh man! i didn't get my first option which is the Medical Laboratory Technologist course!
but i got nursing instead??? :(
againn,, i'm overwhelmingly confused!
should i go for the interview or not?
i'm totally not interested to be a nurse.
but my mum advised me to try my luck there,, who knows maybe i could switch to the other course. :/
subsequently i asked my friends for advise,, some of them said i should go for it and some was vise versa.
they said that there's no point i took the course if i'm not into it.
hmm,, i can't deny that it's a fairly good reason.
however, insyaallah i would follow my mum's advise,,
cause mums know best! :)
but haiyaaa~ my interview will be held on the 3rd of May!!
then,, the next day on the 4th of May will be the interview for getting my visa!! -,-"
i'll be having buterflies in my stomach for two consecutive days! >,<
and tht's all for now. :O
oh,nway,congrats to Yanie, far and Mujil for getting the offer too. :)


  1. congrats dapat tawaran temuduga at ko tk dpt lak first choice kau..dah la nursing ni bkn ke yg ko tk suke ke?

  2. memang pun bkn first choice. :(
    kalau boleh taknak ada dlm pilihan pun.
    tapi nak buat cmne,, dah ada 3 je pilihan.

  3. sory nk komen leh?rse macam cam awk mse interview pn dpt interview nursing ppum,n dh dpt pn twran...awk cmne?

  4. ohh yeke?
    saya pun dapat gak,,tapi tak pergi,,
    awak pergi ke?
    kalau awak prasan,saya datang dengan sorang lagi kawan saya,,dia pun dapat gak.
    n dia terima tawaran tu. :)