Sunday, April 10, 2011

PPUM oh PPUM. :0

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
hahaa~ title sama je macam entry link: UPU oh UPU. :/  kan?
okayy,, as many had known,,
today is the last date for everyone to send their application for taking Dip. at Pusat Perubatan Univ. Malaya.
auuuuu~~ have u sent your application? what are you waiting for??
send it now link:HERE before 12 mid night today! :D
let's just try our luck ! huhuu~
okay,, at first, i was in dilemma whether to send the application or not.
 "errr,, nak send ke tak? nak send ke tak?"
coz the duration of the programme is 6 semesters,which means it tooks 3 years!
then,,after successfully graduated from the programme, i need to work with PPUM for 5 years!
walaoo~ quite a longg time. hmm~
but i've already bought the ID number for the application,,
so, why don't i just send the application right?? theeeeee~
i've choosen the Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technologist as my first choice,,
which means i'll be learn:
Year 1 (Sem 1 & 2)
· Human Anatomy
· Human Physiology
· Biochemistry
· Cell Biology & Genetics
· Basic Histology Techniques
· Laboratory Techniques
· Laboratory Mathematics
· Basic computer Skills
· Basic Microbiology
· Bacterial Pathogens
Year 2 (Sem 3 & 4)
· Cellular Pathology
· Analytical Chemistry
· Clinical Chemistry
· Immunology
· Basic Clinical Microbiology
· Hematology 1
· Blood Transfusion 1
· Histopathology 1
· Parasitology 1
· Islamic /Moral Studies
· Biostatistics
Year 3 (Sem 5 & 6)
· Clinical Chemistry
· Histopathology and Cytology
· Hematology & Blood transfusion
· Microbiology & Parasitology
· Principles of Laboratory Practice
Full time laboratory posting is mandatory during special semesters.

[itu pun kalau dapat laa kann,, huhu~]
okay,frankly i totally DO NOT want the second and the third choice,,which is radiography and nursing. :D
tapi dah tu je yang ada,,terpaksalah buat2 pilih. xD
err,,okay,, after this they'll 'short list' the names of all the qualified students to be interview,,
after that, i have to check the interview call from 18th to 30th of April through PPUM website.
then,, the Interview results will be announced starting 6th June till 7th June..
huhu~ LOL! check out my application form!>>
gahahahaa~ i need to censored all of those words to keep it as my privacy,,
[duhh~ actually i was a little reluctant with my phrases. it's awful! LOL! ]
gheee~ can you fill in the blanks?
i'm sure some of you will be wondering what was i talking about when you saw the word 'BANGKU' right? xD
*bangku means chair.*
hihi,, i was using my visa's photo coz i don't have any other pasport sized photo in digital format currently,,
and i was lazy to scan my pasport sized picture at that momment,, HAHA.
plus, i wanted to settle down this stuffs quickly!
nway, thanks a bunch to Abdul Muzil Azman for telling me about this programme last Wednesday!
and thanks to Haryani a.k.a.Yanie Laa too for telling Mujil. wheee~ :P
so, i hope the best for all of us!
all of the SPM candidates year 2010.


  1. aku tau bnd aku tk layak sbb tk de BIO.kesiannya aku sbb drop BIO.kalo tk dah ok da kan.sobs~

  2. aku pun pilih tkno mkml prbtn 1st. tgk list subjeek dia cm susah je weh. adui.

  3. pedot: errkk,,kau kan masuk skolah teknik,, mmg la takde bio. huhuu~
    except teknik sepang je ada bio kan?

  4. mujil: huhuu~ tah la,,adeihh2~ :P