Friday, April 1, 2011

my sister's wedding.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
do u noticed that i haven't update my blog for quite sometime?
i'm sure u do. -,-"
sorry,, i've been busy doing the preparation for my sis wedd (20/3),,
(okay,dah slalu sangat guna alasan busy,so takleh update blog. maybe i should change the name of this blog into "blogger with loads of commitments!" LOL!)
u know,,malay wedding ni macam2 kena buat,
and FYI, i was in charge in doing the 'dulang hantaran' with my aunt, Moksu.
it took only four days! alhamdulillah~
[previously my aunty took weeks to finish up decorating the 'hantaran' for my brother's wedding.]
plusss,, making the desert called 'dadih' for the reception ceremony with my bro!
[we started making the dadih at 1.00a.m. right after came back home from the solemnization ceremony and we only managed to finish making it at 5a.m.!!]
just imagine,, the next day was the wedding reception! fuhh~
"this is madness!" HAHA.

okay,,so here i've got some pictures from my own personal camera to share with u guys.
p/s: we still didn't received the pictures captured by the photographers.
so,here u go..
 solemnization ceremony.
ehem~ we got another groom and bride over here! wan-nana.
and here too! ayu-apiz
but not here okayy! he's just a good friend of mine k.
the dudes. :D
thanks for coming guys!
me with the HfPC and their 'hubby'. again! another brides and grooms over here!
best friends. :)
going down. *sempat lagi*
comello! this is our favourite photograph! ;))

not to forget! the real groom and bride! :D
with my sis-in-law, Kak Sakeenah and my niece, Aleena!
*see, we got same baju mehh! :D*

insyaAllah i'll update the photographer's pictures soon. :D

from the photographer's lense.
 my beloved family. ;)
 with Moksu's family.
the Groom's family.
my friends. :D
on the solemnization night.
before we went to the Groom side's ceremony.
on the groom side's ceremony.

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