Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2011.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;) my goodness,, yesterday was a very tiring day! and lotsa dramas had happened.haha. i walked on my own feet for about 3 hours! ahahaaa~ *apsal cam klaka je ayat aku ni* first i walked from my house to the bus stop infront of gombak police station to meet eddy over there,, and the 'invisible' izzani too. :P ohh,,pity izzani,, her bank card was missing, and worst, most of her money in her bank account had been stolen. :O now the police are in the process of watching the bank's CCTV recording to identify suspects. ohh back to the main story,, i left home at 2.15pm and reached there at 2.40pm. it took about 25 minutes. yeahh~  it's just fine for me,,cause that was the route where i always gone through during my school years as if i was thinking not to take a bus. :D okay then,, we took rapid kl bus,, on the bus, i was SMSing yan to ask where we could meet up. but shockingly yan answered that they had gone home already! duhh~ so i SMS ayam to join us,, at first, his reply seems like he's interested to come over and join me. but right after i mentioned that his 'GoodFriend' was with me too he said that he's having stomachache.LOL!  okay, afterwards we alight at the busstop near the general hospital. then we walked to the PWTC from there! just imagine how far that was! HAHA. actually i never went to PWTC by public transport,,so i never knew where to stop. LOL! we walk for more than half an hour i guess. huhuu~ at the book fair i met my friends Nur Amira Amran and Ruhi Najjua Shahira Ramli! both of them are my friends when i was studying at at-taqwa back in 2001 till 2004. heee~ know what,,i haven't seen them like years! ohh,, really miss them! especially ruhi,,coz every year when the ramadhan came i would always met Mira during the tarawih prayer. :DDD uhh, when we were busy chatting at the Karangkraf hall, at that time the emcee was calling out the lucky persons which they picked randomly to gave some goody. suddenly we heard that the emcee was explaining "gadis bertudung biru, berseuar putih, berbaju putih berbunga bunga, berspec putih,memegang plastic bag di tangan kirinya,,,and blaah blahh blahh" we started to laugh out so damn loud,,coz  it was Mira! huhu~ errk okay,, seems like most of my time there was spent with mira and ruhi right? oh mann,,i feel a bit guity for leaving eddy and 'the invisible izzani' alone at the book fair. :( after about just an hour there, we decided to go back home. LOL! we were so like 'no goal' at all! in previous years,, usually i spent hours at the book fair. xD ohyeahh, somemore my mum had instruct me to not to come back home after the maghrib,, so yeah we did! :) before we were away from there,, i bought cornetto to relieve thirst since i couldn't find any drinks sold there. *rabun* *rabun* then we started our 'journey' to our home sweet home. we were walking towards the GH busstop by using other route where we passed by the Perkeliling bus terminal. and that had made eddy felt more depressed and poignant due to something beeeeeeep. :[ so i tried to walk even faster over there. heeeh~ around 5pm we reached at the GH busstop,,luckily we didn't have to wait for the bus coz it was already there on the right time. :) there has been some dramatic conversation between eddy and 'someone' on the phone when we were on the bus. after his phone line had kinda broken, we passed by the Thai market site,, i tried to distract him on his problem, by telling that he could find and buyat the market the 'maher zain style cap' which he used to have one but he lose it few weeks ago. heee~ then he teach me some thai words that he learnt when he was travelling to thai. [pity me,, i didn't learnt even  a single word when i was on vacation at Phucket. :(] and izani still kept silent all the way. xD ohmyyy~ abruptly we realized that we were on the wrong bus!! so quickly we get off the bus near the kenny rogers roster genting kelang. and walked home from there. epic FAIL! we walked for almost one hour! and i felt a deep pain on both of my knees. GAHAHAA. right after i reached home at 6.10pm,,the refrigerator was my first target! SOS! water! water! i need water! LOL~ i fell asleep so early at 9.30pm. and that's the end! ^^

oh okay,, i just realized that my story is tooooooooo long. -,-"
so i've to use smaller font. does it made sense?? >,<
 okay, i totally don't expert at setting the camera.
 yeahh,, much better. :D
meet Mira, Ruhi, and Ruhi's friend. ;)
i was using the 'incandescent' mode. :D
meet Eddy.


  1. fat-in can u write using bigger font ? i nearly cant see it la .. rabun sudah .. =)

  2. hahaa~ the story is too long. so to made it looks shorter i use the smaller font instead. :P