Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kenduri Kesyukuran Hilda. :D

  16th April 2011. 

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
hee~ Hilda's mum has held a 'kenduri kesyukuran' at their house yesterday.
*kenduri kesyukuran = thanksgiving feast.
so this is my opportunity to meet my friends that i haven't seen for quite some time!
plus,, chit chat with them and talked about our sweet memories back in lower form. :D
but only few of our friends came yesterday,, :(
coz the others couldn't attend since they were busy with their own affairs.
Zara were going to Penang to meet her sis, Nano had gone back to her campus, Mujil have to babysit his niece, while Tya, Sharina, Ayu, Ayen and Niezwan were MIA! huhu~
okayy,, so, only me,Madihah,Athirahzz, Khalida[no picture], Nadilah,and two others[who i forgot their names]  came. :(
nwayy,,we do had fun! :))
Madiha. :)
Athirahzz, Hilda Tajima, anddd.. theeeee~ Hilda's friend. :D
meet Nadilah! a.k.a Neknek Nadelayy~
this is my bestfriend back in lower form. ;)
we're known as the 'old folks' in our gang back then.HAHA.
*PIMPLES? who cares. :P
wheeee~ i was also haven't met her funny mum and bro so longgg~
i still remember our sweet memories back in 2007 when we were celebrating Hari Raya together,,
her mum was the one who had drove us to their home in Batu Caves.
her mother is so sweet~ ;))
as well as Hilda's, Natasha's,and Zara's mother. :DDD
the funniest part is all of their mothers always forgot my real name,, so that they call me 'Ted' instead,,
just like the way their respective daughters call me. xD

Hilda was angrily talked about the 'double A battery' LOL!
fail. ^^

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