Friday, August 12, 2011

my second video has been made completely! :D

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon you!
as most readers had known, previously in the entry link: a video made on ramadhan eve. , i've inserted a video which i made for my ex-classmates in form 5.
it was the first video ever i had made. LOL!
and yeahh~ i've done my second video!
this time i made a video for my dearest classmates back in 2006 and 2007 which when my friends and i were 13 & 14 years old. :))
my face doesn't look different much,, but few of my friends now look slightly different compared to the picture of themselves in this video. ;D
especially Niezwan and Hariz,, Niezwan who's used to be so short and cute now had grown up and became taller than me.
while Hariz a.k.a. Ayam's face which used to fully covered with pimples now had almost turned into flawless skin! :P *hiperbola*
check this out! >>>

here i would like to apologize from bottom of my heart to my ex-classmates who's picture were not in this video.
this is because i've lost some of the pictures back in those years since my external hard disc which i store all the old pictures has been broken. :(
only these pictures [in the video] were safe because i've uploaded it into my old Myspace account.

most of my lower former's pictures were uploaded into my Friendster account,,
however, i was a little bit disappointed since the Friendster had changed their concept,,
thus all of the pictures and other contents of our previous account had disappeared. ;(
hmm, i should save all those pictures long time ago!! :(((
sokay~ redha je.

p/s: sorry for those annoying 'edited pictures' which got either the stupid saying, bubbles, huge wordings or marks here and there,,LOL!
well, i was noob at editing pictures back in those years. :P

plus, another sorry for using the song that's not compatible with the pictures. :DDD 
but this time the song is not so touchy like the songs that i was using in my previous video,, 
so no need to prepare a box of tissue okay girls? :P