Monday, August 1, 2011

a video made on Ramadhan eve. :)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU!
as stated in the title above, yeahh~ i've just made a video for my beloved ex-classmates during secondary school, [5 Sejahtera 2010] as requested by Nurmaislatifah Zulkifli! :D
okay, frankly i had never known how to made a video from raw pictures before this,, 
now only i've explored how to made one. 
theeehee~ *ketinggalan zaman betul! -,-"
so, here it is!! my first video ever on Youtube. ;)
the video is about 11 minutes and 26 seconds!!
so, if you're not patient enough, don't watch it! LOL~
for all SEJAHTERArian, ensure that you've prepared a box of tissues in front of your laptop before you watch the clip. :P

 the songs i used in the video was Friends Forever by Vitamin C, Muda by Hujan, and Teman Sejati by Brothers.
a complete set of English song, Malay's Indie song, and Nasheed song. ;)

that's all for now,, toodles~ ;)

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