Thursday, August 4, 2011

my fasting experience during childhood. ;)

 السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! 
ohh,, on the last entry, i've forgot to wish Happy Ramadhan,, i think it's not too late for me to do so,,
so, Happy Ramadhan everyone! 
for all Muslims, happy fasting! Don't skip fasting yaww! =)
don't you wonder why did i said, "Happy Ramadhan to EVERYONE!"??
yeahh,, you're right! this is because, in Malaysia, no matter as if you're Chinese, Indian, or whatsoever race and religion that you embrace, we would always welcoming this month right?
this is the time where we could simply find delicious food everywhere at the Ramadhan Bazaars. :D
in a blink of the eyes, many roadsides suddently turned out into food heavens.
everyone regardless of race will be going to those bazaars to get the food they crave for.
how fortunate am i for living in this peaceful, multi-racial country. ;))
we could experience and try out a variety of cultures and their respective traditional food.
okay, okay, enough! what a long intro i've got here,, duhh~ -,-"

erm, my mum would always stopped by at the bazaar after returning from school.[she's a teacher]
yet, she often complained that she's having headache for being stuck in the crowd at the bazaar. hehh~
therefore, today i made 'Cucur Ikan Bilis' [anchovies puffs] and 'Agar-agar Buah' [fruit jelly] for the breaking fast deserts. :D
so that, she need not buy the costly 'kuih' at the bazaar.

however, while making the fruit jelly, i suddently remembered my fasting experience during childhood, which when i was 5 years old. ;)
i still remember that at that time, my mum loved to made the red coloured jelly during Ramadhan too,, it looked just like this one i made.
when i was 5, which was in the year 1998, that was the first year i began to fasting,,
well,,still in learning mode,,thus, i couldn't withstand my hunger and desire,,
so, i secretly ate the jelly in the refrigerator that my mum had made. HAHA! :P
and then, when the time for breaking the fast came, my mum found that quarter of the jelly had been eaten by someone!!
yeahh~ there's no other suspect, of course it's my fault!
[because i'm the youngest among my siblings] :P
finally, in the next subsequent years, i didn't skip from fasting anymore.
i've learned from my mistake. theehee~ :DDD
poyopoyopoyopoyopoyopoyo~~~ xD

everyone have their own stories and memories about their naughty behaviors while fasting during childhood.
and this is my story! what about yours? 
do post it on my comment or in an entry, then share it with me. ;)

nway, ensure that you pick the Halal and 'toyyiba' one before you buy! wheee~ :D

till then, c ya!

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