Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Syawal 1432H [2011]

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon YOU! ;)
 as i promised in the previous entry, here's the entry about my Hari Raya Aidilfitri a.k.a. Eid celebration this year![with family] :)
this year, my family and i celebrated the Eid here at our house. just like the year before.
hmm,, last year we couldn't went back to my father's hometown to celebrate the Eid because of me.
the Eid last year was so near to my trial SPM exams. :(
so i have to do loads of exercises that my teachers gave us before the holidays,, so that we'll be prepared for the big examinations.

while this year, the holidays was quite short.
my 2nd brother got only 3 days leave,, while my brother-in-law doesn't get any leave even for the first day of Syawal! :O
some more, my 1st brother together with his wife and children went back to his father-in-law's hometown in Pahang.

so here's the picture of me, my Mama, Moksu[aunt], my cousin,and my elder sister during the 1st of Syawal at my home. :) 
*me and cousin
i still remember the atmosphere of the last year's Eid,, last year we celebrated the 1st of Syawal at my house too,,
but at that time,, Faheem was the only baby in the family,, while Aleena was still in her mum's tummy. :D
not long after that, on the 5th of Syawal 1431H,, finally Aleena was born! YEAHH~ :)
here's the last year's Eid pictures >>

however,, i miss celebrating Hari Raya at my father's hometown in Batu Pahat, Senggarang, Johor. :')
the atmosphere of 'Raya' at village is so so much different compared to Raya in KL.
in Johor, during the night of 1st Syawal, [means the night before Muslims perform 'Solat Hari Raya'] we would celebrate the night by visiting one house to another in a big group[usually with all of the extended family members], this activity is called as 'Marhaban'! :D
i'm not so sure whether there's other state in Malaysia do have this 'Marhaban' culture or not,, but i think it's only available in the state of Johor. :D
the pictures below was taken at my kampung's backyard during the Eid in 2009.
that was the last time i celebrate the Eid in Parit Saidi, Batu Pahat. :')
OMG! how i miss these moments. ;)
ohh,, one more thing, in KL we only have the option to use the electric LED lamp [atau nama glamour nya lampu lip lap] like in the picture below,,
unlike the 'lampu minyak tanah'[oil lamp] that we usually lighten up at kampung during Hari Raya. :(

okay okay,, back to the year 2011! haha~
during the night on the 1st of Syawal, my brother finally came back from Pahang with his wife and kids.
ohh Faheem and Aleena! i miss them already,,
unfortunately Faheem had fell asleep,,BUT! Aleena was awake. :D
and she tried so hard to wake her brother up!! yet she failed to. HAHAHAA~ naughty Aleena! ;P
and AGAIN! she tried, but still,, her brother kept on sleeping soundly. ;)

on the 3rd of Syawal, my family and i went to Mutiara Damansara,, our main target was the IKEA. 
my 2nd brother would like to buy wall shelves, a chair,and a new wardrobe for his room.
however, i am the one who got a brand new clothes rack for my room instead. LOL!
and my brother didn't bought the wardrobe yet because he forgot to measure the area where he would like to put the wardrobe. ^^
while my father suddently met his old schoolmate in Sekolah Alam Shah at Ikea when the rest of my family were busy looking around.
and in a blink of the eye,, pufff~ my father suddently had gone from my eye sight. haha.
my dad told us then that his friend now had became a deputy vice-canselor at a private college.
and what amaze us was that he could still remember my father's full name. :D

afterwards we went to the Curve, we had dinner there at the Chomey Kelantanese Restaurant. :)
i ordered Laksam! my favourite Kelantanese dish. ;)
 while my dad ordered 'Nasi Tumpang'. we never heard of this nasi,, so this it is[picture above]. :)
and the rest of my family members ordered 'Nasi Dagang' like always. :)
but for me, there's no other Nasi Dagang could challenge the deliciousness of my aunt's. ;)
night walking.

on the 6th of Syawal, we had KFC for lunch, and for dinner we had nasi dagang at my aunt's house. :PPP
there's no more Ketupat Nasi, Rendang, and Kuah Kacang that my father made. :(
 and finally on the 7th of Syawal, i made Alfredo Portobello for lunch.
HAHAA~ suddently we became the "Italian celup" after a week of Eid. :P
and that's how i celebrate the Syawal this year with my family,,
that's all for now.
till then, tata~

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