Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a film for everyone, Aku Tak Bodoh 2010. :')

  السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU. :)
just now, while  i was browsing Youtube, suddently i came across with this video, the movie Aku Tak Bodoh! [i'm not stupid]
i've seen the trailer last year and find it quite interesting but i didn't have the opportunity to watch it.
so now after a year, i finally watch it! :D

i discovered that this film is an adaptation from the other film entitled "I Not Stupid Too".
i never seen that one yet,, i think i should! :P
the movie is packed with funny scenes and funny dialogues,,and even the sad one.
know what,, i accidentally cried while watching this. :')

the moment where i first shed a tear on my cheek was when the little boy in the film named Jefri said to his father "Jeff tak beli robot. Jeff cuma nak beli satu jam masa ayah, untuk datang konsert Jefri."and then he cried.

the second part i cried when the father of Sudin fell down the stairs while preventing his son from being beaten.
not long after that, even the tears on my cheeks wasn't dried yet,,there came another funny dialogue spoken by an old retarded lady "Saya hanya nak tengok kecekapan polis. Wah cepat sampai, bagus bagus! HiHiHiHi~"

and the last touchy part was when Sudin's father was dying and talked to Sudin's School Principal "Buang pelajar tak akan menyelesaikan masalah, tapi hanya akan menambahkan lagi masalah masalah sosial. Tak ada anak yang tak boleh diajar."

this is a must watch movie for parents, children, principals, teachers [especially discipline teachers], and the whole community.

just remember one thing, "Kalau selalu dipuji, bagi galakan, pasti berjaya!"

 that's all for now, till then, happy watching! ;)

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