Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the third farewell video by me + a long lost video finally found! :D

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon you! :)
yikes-a-bee!! in this entry, i would like to post another farewell video which was made by me just like in these previous entries :

here it is! enjoy! >>>

 theehhe~ this video was specially made for my ex-classmates, 3 MURNIans.
okay! everyone had known that by reading the title of the video, fatin! it's obvious. -,-" LOL!

hihi. in the first 55 seconds of this video, i think i've focused much on the changes of physical appearance of my friends. :P
Leman now had gained some weight, Nazrin now is supper skinny! while Fikri and Niezwan now had grown up taller,,much taller than me i guess. :D
OMG, how fast time flies right?
only god knows how much i miss my old days. ;)

LOL! know what,, just now i've done something that i think it's dumb,,yet it turned out to be great!
which is,, i've searched for my own name on the GOOGLE.com! LOL!
yeahh,, to me it's something dumb to do. xD
anyhow, i've found a blog that i never known it existed.
it stated that the owner of the blog is XX,, but i think the writer was XY instead. 
coz XX gotta lots of things that she/he would prefer to do than blogging. :DDD

[p/s: the XX and the XY were both of my parents. refer on the Form 5 Biology books if you have forgotten how to figure out which one is the male and the female. :P]
blahblahblahh~ back to the main topic! HAHA.
what i've found in the blog was a video of my friends and i in 2006!
it was taken during the recess time on the teacher's day celebration at our school.

 awwhh~ i can't stop smiling when i watched the video. ;)
anyway, the video-grapher was Noor Natasha Md Nor a.k.a. Nano.
she's a brilliant happy-go-lucky girl who always made all of us laugh. ♥
 now she's doing foundation to pursue her studies in Australia at UniKL Kuala Nerang.
not to forget, the rest of my friends in the video;
the "budak malu-malu kucing" was Athirah Aziz ---UM.
the "makcik" was Hilda Hamisam ---also doing FiST at UniKL Kuala Nerang.
the one who refused to be on camera was Nurathirah Nasir ---matriculation Pahang.
the one who was pretending to be in bad mood was Fatin Azzahra Lokman --- CFSIIUM.
the 1 SETIAans:
Ayu as Ayudafitri Dahnil ---UniKL college of medicine Perak.
next to Ayu was Nurasyikkin Jaafar---UTHM.
RuqayyahQayyah was Ruqayya Fuad---UPSI.

p/s: i don't know why do i always hate my own voice when i hear it on a video. for me it's so weird! LOL!
i thought it was just me, but my sister told me the same. she said that she hate her own voice when she heard it back on a video. huhu.
anyone else felt the same?  :D

together with the video, i also found some pictures of us during the day. 
 with the videographer :) *my face urghh -,-"
 with my 'makcik'. :)
Nurathirah Nasir :)
 i was doing some crafts.
 the Nasyid group which performed on the day. 
*my classmates, Zainol Arifin and Jailani Moh Fari were both who's on the left corner. :D
okay till then,  toodles~

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