Monday, January 4, 2010

first day of school!

as usual, my father sent me to school as early as 6.30 a.m. haha,, i am used to being the 1st person at school xD but this year,my class is located so far away in block G. haishh! i have to pass by so many other classes which is still dark in early in the morning. last year, when i was in 4sejahtera, our class was located just at level 1. so there's nothing to be 'scared' of. ;P oh,,waney a.k.a. Nurul Hazwani Naemuddin was the 2nd person who arrived at my class. she was running all the way to our class along the balcony coz she was too scared. hehe~ yeahh it was quite scare, i admit it. ;D and omg! the weirdest part was, Anas was the third person who arrived??!! wahahaaa,, izit your new year resolution? what did you dreamed last night? i was shocked because usually he's the one who'd be punished in front of the school gate for being late to school. hehe. :D ohh yaa, my 'tablemate' for this year is farzana balqis binti tarmizi. ahaaa,, act, at the 1st place zuraidah was the one who wanted to sit next to me. but since i want to be in the front rows, so she decided not to sit next to me coz she wanted to be in the back rows. heh~ so she sat next to shikin. okay, in front of my seat is iela's, next to her seat is Anis'. waney's is on my right. and the best part is,,niezwan sat exactly behind my seat !! senang ahh nak buli nnt. wahahahaha!! *evil laugh* ;P eh!eh! he's our new class monitor since muzil wished to resigned as the class monitor. ahahaha! i voted for him. LOL! saje jeh kenakan Niez dow. ;P okay,, next to Niez was Yan, behind yan was Anas& Piz. woahh! asal line aku ramai laki??!! =,=" but it's okay, they're all my gang! heehe. ohhohh! there's a new student.He's name is Syed Naquib something. he's teacher jamiah's son from SMA Rawang. ohh, i had once been there! during choral speaking competition last year. :) this year seems to be kind of weird. first because of the all form six students are wearing grey coloured uniform. pelik gila! and 2nd, because all boys student MUST wear their tie EVERY DAY! ahahaha! it's kinda funny when seeing some 'gangsters' dudes wearing ties. huhuu. and the weirdest part is i'm wearing orange coloured uniform! coz i'm officially a librarian this year! :D everyone kept on calling me "hoii oren,,hoii oren,," haishhh! =,=" uh, most of our teachers still remain the same as last year's. except for Bm, Physics, History, Pi, and Maths. hee. that's all for at school. right after i arrived at home, i was straight away gone to BED! ohh heaven! haha. i only slept for 2 hours last night coz i could hardly fell asleep.jet lagged maybe. gahaha.;P

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