Sunday, January 17, 2010

pameran Jom masuk U!

17th Jan 2010.
unofficially today is the 17th day all of us being a 17 years-old kids.
hohhhoo~ bak kata far,,
"baruuu je bape hari masuk 17thn dah sibuk2 pegi pameran jom masuk U? spm pon tak lepas lagi.. ;P"
so true! seems like all of us didn't have any idea what to do at the fair.
they're busy collecting all those flyers. huhuu.
there's one uncle at a scholarship-somethingsomething (i forgot), asked us to fill in some forms,,
and some more, asked to snap a picture with him. xD
hahahaaaaa, layan kan je lah.
so here he is.:D
ahh,, today is kinda tiring!!
we're too tired to fill in those forms. haihh,,
almost every booth asked us to do so.
after finished walking around the Stadium Melawati,
we should be assembled outside of the Stadium at 4.30pm.
but as early as 4.15pm, all the others were already gone.
Far,Shikin, and me rushed to go out,,
but then suddenly there's another one uncle invited us to come to his booth.
there's no one at his booth, so maybe he was kind of bored.
then he asked,, what are we studying,,what are our ambitions,,and all. bla3,,
then he made some suggestion for us,,bla3..
but his suggestions is so not related to his booth, which is UTMM.
hahaa,, we're all science stream students,, so he couldn't talked about technical courses,,
however he helped me to think out of the box,,
what should i do next.
then he even asked us to add him at Facebook. hahaa. and we were like,, what??!!
nak kena spam dengan aku ke? ;P
ohh yaaa,,it was so havoc when we were on the way back in the bus,, hahaa. 
then suddently wan shouted,
"teddd!!! ohh ted! dimane engkau??  ni boyfriend kau carik!"
then he pointed to Yan.
then Yan said "hai ted!"
HAHAHAHAAA!! then satu bas tuu bersorak mcm org gila.
tak psl2 kne gossip. gahahahaa. klakaaa2,, takleh blaa. ;P
ianya adalah suatu ketidak sengajaan.LOL!
same goes to ayu-sarep, mira-fik, and nana-aidil, LOL!
semua jadi bahan doehh hari nih!HAHA. =,=
far and me having kebab on the bus! ;P
nyummyyy! ;D

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