Saturday, November 17, 2012

South-east Asian girls day out :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
YEAY!  i finally met up both of my south-east asian besties last Tuesday! :D
They are Weeraya, from Thailand and Joanita Srikandi a.k.a. Joan, from Indonesia. Both of them are taking Master Degree here in Malaysia. Wee's currently studying in Monash University Sunway Campus, while Joan is now studying in Univ. of Malaya. They're both Muslims, still single and available!! :P [if i'm not mistaken, hihi]. i actually got to know these friendly girls while taking an IELTS preparatory course at British Council last year. Stayed back and study grouping together, had lunch together, and window shopping together throughout the course back then had cause us to be this close until today. With the existence of the Facebook, we're abled to keep in touch even when both of these girls went back to their country before this. Okay,, this time i should thank Mark Zuckerberg for creating this thing called Facebook. HAHA. Ohh, not to forget, there're actually 4 of us, but the other local girl named Ada as seen on>> THIS entry wasn't free to gathered with us last Tuesday. :(
Uhm, The last time the four of us met was long time ago in November 2011. Don't you remember the entry "a quick tour around Putrajaya" as seen >> HERE.

Yes, it's been a year since our last meeting. How fast time flies isn't it? :') It feels like i just got to know them in class and discussing on how to beat the other groups while playing the language games in Miss Donna's fun class. ;) Even though their mother-tongue isn't the same as mine [both of them can't understand Malay language], and they're actually much older than me, but that never counts when it comes to friendship. :D
i never 'assume' them like 'elder sisters' to me. It doesn't mean that i don't respect them, but i can feel that they're actually the same age with me inside. ;)

So, the plan was that we'd be meeting each other in front of Zara Shop, KLCC at 11.30a.m.
BUT, i only get out of my house to go to LRT station at 11.20A.M. due to my current procrastinating habit. HAHAHA. My bad~ At that time, i felt so guilty and was like "OH MY GOD, they must be waiting for me right now!!". So i was waiting in the train so impatiently and quickly rushed out of the LRT as soon as i reached at KLCC Station. Unfortunately, none of them were there in front of Zara Shop. Thus, i sat on the bench there and SMS Wee. As my watch strikes 12 noon, i've got bored and started to cross-legged on the bench. [to be specific, in Malay we called it as 'duduk bersila']. Not long after that, a guard came to me and gave a sign using his fingger showing that i should put down my feet. Duhhh~ What's the problem?? The man sitting on my left told me "Wahhh~ i never know here got such rules". me: "yeahh, me too!-,-" Then the Singaporean woman sitting on my right asked me "What the guard told chu?". I replied, "He asked me to put down my feet". "Why? izit something to do with religious belief or what?". "No, maybe he afraid that my shoes are dirty and it might leave stains on the bench,MAYBE.:/ ". "Wahhh~ so strict ahh??", she said surprisingly. HEH, what a drama suddenly happened. >,<" So i had a short chat with the Singaporean aunty before Wee came. 

Wee arrived there around 12.20 p.m. and we had quite a longgggggggg chat before Joan arrived at 1.30 p.m. ;) Wee told me that she isn't really happy studying in Monash due to a few things. First, the costs of living there are way too expensive compared to other places. Just imagine, she have got to spend at least RM6 to RM13 for a plate of meal, which i can usually bought it at RM2 to 4 Ringgit in my campus. Second, she have got no close friend there. She told me that surprisingly, the majority of the students there are Indonesian, it's like 60% of them! WHAT??? and the rest are Local Chinese, and a few mix of Korean, European, and all. She's the only Thai people there! Most of her classmates would always communicate in their mother-tongue's language outside the English class. Well, since she couldn't understand the Malay language and any other languages like Chinese and Indonesian, so she felt a bit alienated by the other students. :(

Right after Joan arrived, we had our lunch at the food court. Wee and i had our plates of Pepper Lunch, while Joan had rice with sardines in the lunch box she brought as always! ;D
After finished our meals, we continued chatting a lil bit before went to Surau to perform Zohor prayer. ;) After that, we walked down the underground KLCC tunnel and then walked straight away to the KLCC-Bukit Bintang Pedestrian Walkway. Yeahh, that one with the air conditioner! ohh, everyone could walk there without their eyes opened and worrying about all the motorcyclist, snatcher, or what so ever. :D

We went to Pavillion and then walked down to the newly opened H&M in Lot 10 that evening. Uhhh, looking at the condition of the H&M which was like it's just being robbed, makes me wonder why people here in Malaysia are too obsessed buying all these WINTER clothes in this TROPICAL CLIMATE country? I could still remember how deserted the H&M outlets in the USA when i once visited there last year. Wee bought two pairs of pants for both of her little sisters. So kind of her! ;) i only bought a basic top for myself. Gotta save my money starting from now for my future. YEAHH! :D

We went our separate ways after that. and that's the end! :)))
Wee & Joan


  1. yang si joan tu.. orang indonesia tp xpaham bahase melayu? pelik. die xreti cakap bahase indonesia ke?

  2. ohh, taktau. dia cakap dia tak paham sangat kalau lecturer dia cakap campur campur bm.