Thursday, November 1, 2012

#picturesoflove : Re-creat-action Camping.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
Here is another entry of my #picturesoflove series. 
Throughout this semester, i've been joining the Recreation Club at my campus.
So, these are the pictures taken during my co-curricular outing to the 'TRULY DESERTED' forest at . . .err,, frankly i'm not so sure whether it's name is Talang Janggut or Jeram Janggut. HAHA. 
i consider the place as still virgin since it's still hasn't been discovered by many people.
By riding a four wheel drive is the only way to reach to that place. Plus, there's no bathroom, not even a toilet bowl built in that area. Thus, anyone who wanted to defecate, i guess they have to dig the ground  somewhere further from their camp site area. Luckily each and every one of us could survive with such inconvenient condition. Well, we only stayed there for 2 days 1 night. ;)

After about an hour of journey from our campus, everyone of us have to get off the vehicles and 'hike' the hilly area together with our backpacks and things. it tooks about another hour of walking. 

As soon as we reached at the area, we built our tents and started cooking for lunch and dinner since the hot sunny day suddenly getting cloudy. We afraid that as if we wait for any longer, it will rains and we might not able to eat since it's pretty hard or nearly impossible to start the campfire using all the wet sticks.

See,, how lovely the area when we first arrived there, and how smoky it turned after we start cooking. heh~ ^_^
However, credits to Faez a.k.a. Ceplos and Aidil coz they put a very high effort to start the bonfire for our group. :)
We shared 2 container of rice for lunch, and another 2 container for dinner, scrambled eggs, canned Chicken Rendang and Sardines. Everything taste so so delicious to us due to the super duper hungry stomach we had. ;)
As expected, the rain fell right after we finished cooking the food. Phew~ After the rain stopped in the evening, it's the time for Group 1 and Group 2(which was my group) members to do the Rock Climbing and Abseiling activities. While the other 5 groups have got to continued the activities the next day because the day was getting dark.
At 9 o'clock that night, each and every one of us were tested on 8 types of different knots. The students were divided into 3 groups of different examiners. Namely Sir Muhadirin, Sir Shahidan, and another one i forgot his name. theehee~ :P
Luckily i've got Sir Shahidan as my examiner. Even thought he shouted so loudly and nagged a lot, but he's kinda funny though. So that i'm not that nervous when i was being examined. However, i was the last candidate who's being tested which was around 11 p.m., so he asked me to explain by myself one by one the name of the knots, the functions, examples of usage, and i have to show how to tie it without any help from others. Unlike the others, they were only tested on either one of the tasks. heh~ but Alhamdulillah, i still managed to get it all correct since i've been seeing the other candidates being tested before that for over 2 hours! :)
The next day, i've been spending most of the time capturing pictures of the nature and my friends. While the other groups completing their tasks of Rock Climbing and Abseiling.

around 2p.m. in the evening we made our way back to our campus.
And that's the end!
Till we meet again, hopefully i'll be gaining a better experience in the next semester's Recreation Club's outing. :)

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