Monday, March 14, 2011

nampak tua sangat ke? :O

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU
ni nak habaq mai,,
yesterday my mum, my sis,and i attended a wedding of my mum's former colleague's child, Mrs. Sakdiah.
okayy,,Mrs Sakdiah used to be very close to me when i was 6,,
coz during those days back in 1999, everyday after i came back from kindergarten,
 i stayed in the 'bilik ketua bidang' waiting for my mum until her class ended.
the room was shared with 3 other teachers and one of them was Mrs. Sakdiah.
Mrs. Sakdiah was the one who's very nice to me,,
i still remember she gave me 3 cute pieces of butterfly hair clips. :))

so,, yesterday i was very excited to attend her son's wedding.
we went to the wedding around 1.30p.m.
right after we arrived there, we shook hands with her.
when my turn came, i thought that she would at least said
 "amboiii,, dah besar dah Fatin,, dulu-dulu kecik je pegi tadika." :D
otherwise, she said,,
"amboiii,,berseri-seri bakal pengantin ni,,minggu depan kan kawin nye??"
then i was like,,"?????"
quickly i said,"ehh,,bukan saya lah! ni kakak saya ni haaa!!"
*pointing at my elder sister*
Mrs Sakdiah: oh ye ke? kecik je pengantin nye. maaf lah,tak perasan!
Sis: hihi, adik saya yang ni belum lagii,,tengah tunggu result SPM.
Mrs Sakdiah: ohh,, tak pe lahh,, mana tau ni doa ke,,lepas amik result nanti kot kot kawin.
Me: errrrrkk??????? -,-"
how come she thought that i'm the one who will be getting married soon??
am i look older than my age??? :O
hmm,,think positive. maybe coz i'm taller than my elder sister, so that others may confused by the height.
cehh,,poyo plak! :P

the day before, my dad's aunt from Singapore came to my house,,
and she was also thought the same thing. =,="

few weeks back, almost the same thing happened to me. >,<
i was going out with my sis and my niece, Aleena around Jalan Tar,,
my sis was the one who carried Aleena using the baby carrier while i'm the one who carried tons of plastic bags filled with my sister's stuffs.
afterwards, one lady wearing a large hijab approached me.
she stated that she's raising funds for a association something to do with HIV victims,women and kids.
and she's a 'mualaf' some more.
on that moment my sis was talking on the phone,,
so i just took out my wallet and gave mine.
then she thanked me,,
the lady: terima kasih puan,,semoga puan dirahmati tuhan.
me: yee,,sama-sama. :)
*then she looked at Aleena*
the lady: puan sudah bekerja?
me: ohh,, tak. masih belajar.
the lady: oh,,semoga berjaya dalam pelajaran.
*she looked at my sis from top to bottom*
the lady: puan dan dia apa? sisters?
me:erkk? ya, my sister.
the lady: oh,semoga puan berjaya dalam pelajaran, kerjaya, hidup bahagia.
then she leave.
later on,,my sis asked me whether izit true that she heard the lady called me "puan"??
my sis said,the lady must be thought that i'm married and Aleena is my baby.
plus my sister is my maid instead!LOL!
*my sis was wearing a 'modern kebaya', jeans, and crocs flats.
while i was just wearing a plain old denim shirt, jeans,and a pair of sneakers.
so,, izit possible a maid could wear a much more glamourouss & expensive attire than her boss?? xD
maw lawan tauke kaa? :P
omg!omg!omg! :D

on the contrary,
last year, when i was came back to my sis-in-law's home from school,,
there was a group of  UIAM students in the living room.
they were visiting my sis-in-law & would like to see their lecturer's first granddaughter.
then, one of the students asked me,,
"baru balik sekolah ye dik?"
*coz i was wearing my orange coloured school's librarian uniform*
then i simply answered,
then my sis-in-law's dad told them that i'm his son-in-law's younger sis.
then know what!! they thought  that i was only 12 years old!
standard 6 rather than form 5 mannn!! xD
wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ :P

so the conclusion is??????
am i look old? :(
or i'm just tall? :P

Friday, March 11, 2011

jangan membazir. :))

How to Create a Frozen Buttercream Transfer
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
theee~ i was accidentally made the butter cream topping more than what i required the other day,,
(the cake i posted on the previous entry)
there was another full cup of it remained.
so, to not to waste it,,
i decided to made the 'frozen buttercream transfer' as i've seen on Youtube. ;)
but i used the tip of fork instead of the piping bag and nozzles.
therefore,,the outcome was not so nice like the one on the Youtube. :P
okay,,i don't have idea why did i put hair on the duckling's head.LOL!
wheee~ i made the "duck duck" one instead of the tortoise image like the 'sifu' made in the video.
so next time i could simply use it when i would like to make a cake for Faheem.
he loves to play with duckling so much while bathing!
he always turned his face to me and said "duck duck" and pointing his fingger to the duckling. ;))

Thursday, March 10, 2011

frustrated. :(

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
haiyookkk!! o_0 why did i frustrated?? :O
 wheee~ actually i was frustrated coz i couldn't eat that yummylicious looking cuppy that i told ya in my previous entry.
it has been haunting me all day long u know! haiyaaa~
asyik teringat-ingat jeee. xD
so i decided to made it by myself,,
the first step i've made was searching tones of different recipes of butter cream topping.
so that i could simply mix and match those recipes according to the ingredients that i've already got in my kitchen! ;))
psstt,, i've never made this kind of topping previously by myself.
act,my sis did, but i've totally forgot how. :D
usually i only made the double boiler chocolate sauce,,
back in 2009, i used to made the fondant icing too.
the outcome is so nice!
but it's quite difficult to made,, 'leceh' to be exact. HAHA.
check these out>>
  my first trial. 
  this one requested by my friend, Nurizzani Mohd Awal! 
   i made this for my friend's birthday, Farzana Balqis. 
  i made these for my classmates during form 4. 
wheee~ cute tak? cute tak? ;P
okay,,back to the main topic,,
i was searching the recipes on the net all night long!
from 1.30a.m. till 5a.m.
these were few of what i've found! >>

then at 5 only i've got the rhythm of making it,, plus the way to decorate the cake,,
okay,,mostly they used shortening lah, confectioners sugar lah, unsalted butter lah,,etc. etc.
and i don't have those at that momment, and i couldn't buy them at that time since it's 5 a.m. already,,where i could possibly find those at that time?
even 7eleven surely don't have those uncommon stuffs. huhu.
so i simply used the normal butter & neither shortening nor confectioners sugar whatsoever.
then straight away went into my kitchen and started baking chocolate cake for the base!

  background Aleena dengan muka terliurnya. ;P   
after that i made the butter  cream in two small bowls,,
know what,, i beat the butter without using a mixer!
just like Rachel Allen always do in her show 'Bake'! ;P
**ceh,,poyo jee! bajet macam Rachel Allen la ni? xD
eventually i finished doing this at 10 maybe? i didn't noticed the exact time.
my niece, Aleena was arrived at my home at 8a.m ,and she was so dying looking at the cake.
**FYI, she's 6 months old and still had never fed with any food other than milk. ;0
maybe her mum afraid she would be obese because now she's 8kg!
but that's not really surprising me,,coz i was also very veryyy FAT when i was baby mehh. ;))**
okay,okay back to main story!! ermm,,
since i've donno where izit my piping bag had gone,,
so i made a hole at the tip of a sealed plastic bag and fit a nozzle there to replace the real piping bag. :)
but yeahh it's really works!
  epic FAIL! rose tak menjadi kat tengah tuu. >,<" 
heee~ know what,, my cake had finished within 24hours!
alhamdulillah~ my first trial doing this was a success i guess. ;))
yesterday morning,, kak mawaddah,my sis-in-law's younger sister tapau two pieces of the cake,,
then in the evening,, my sis-in-law pulak tapau almost 1/4 of the cake for her family. :DD
this time i reduced the amount of sugar in the cake.
but yet the not-so-sweet chocolate cake was a very good match to the very-verry-sweet topping. :)
wheeeeeeeeeeee~ sukanya!sukanya!
mama cakap lain kali buat lahh lagii! ;P

next teringin nak buat upside down cake,red velvet cake,carrot cake,,
oppsy~ mampukah?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

you are so FAKE!

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
. omg,, title poyo jee! LOL~
i'm quite sure many people may wonder what i would like to talk about, when you read the title up there! HAHA.
am i going to gossiping bout some random chicks that injected botox into their face or what??
hehh~ actually i would like to tell ya bout this!!!! >>
it looks so yummy! and mouth watering right? :PPP
my mum got this and a basket of fruits during the opening ceremony of patriotic month? or whatsoever at her school.
i only saw it late at night,, so i wait till morning to have it with my mum. :D
coz at that time my mum had gone to bed.
so the next morning without a doubt i was eager to eat that yummylicious looking cuppy!
some steam and water droplets were appeared on the transparent box of this cuppy making it looked like it's 'breathe'.hehh~
click the image to enlarge.

when i opened up the packaging, i simply smell a bad odor from the cuppy.
so i thought that this cuppy must be had spoiled,,
but i can't see any spot of fungus or anything that could proven that it's expired,,
so i carried on to open the packaging,,
after tht i pulled out the cherry on it's top.
then i started to wonder,,why izit the baker used a fake cherry instead of the real one?? o_0
then i thought, "ohh maybe they use the fake one to cut cost mehh,,"
afterward i pulled out the fake pearls on it.
againnn! i wondered why they don't use the edible pearls like i always use??
and the leaf was also a plastic one which i thought it's a fondant.
i only realized that the butter cream topping is so hard then!!
*blushing* *blushing* HAHA. how stupid i am!
at this stage only i found out the truth! xD

then my mum came towards me,, i said "mum,look! here got some 'kulat'!!"
mama: HUH?? where? where?
me: here lah!! can't u see?? then hold it!
mama: errrk~ don't want la! just throw it!
me: hehe~ just kidding! here got no 'kulat' one lah maa. it's fake!
mama: aiyoo~ really?
me: yaa,, the one who gave u this don't tell u it's a fake one ahh?
mama: noo.
me: maybe she wanted to kill u with this! LOL! luckily i didn't lick it just now!! xD

-end of conversation-

Saturday, March 5, 2011

muncul kembali. tadaaa~

assalam,, hmm,, it has been sometime since i didn't keep updating my blog yeah?
perhaps my keyboard is no longer being a talkative one. ROFLOL!
last week a friend of mine asked me to post a new entry.
plus,,WAS TRYING TO 'PROVOKE' ME with silly stuffs that i wrote previously.LOL!
(hey dude! tak cuak laa weyy.AHAHA)
the last post i wrote was on the 12th JANUARY yaww! today is 4th MARCH already!
perghh2~ my keyboard had being a very 'uncommunicative' one for almost 2months! :P
well,,since i've been not bloging for a very long long time,,
so let me summarize what i've done & where i've been to for the last 2 months. :D

me & hakimi's hand! ;))
hey,, it was my birthday!!
i've turned 18!! should i be happy?
or should i be sad coz i'm not under 18 anymore.
that's mean,,whenever i go to any theme park or restaurant or what so ever,
 i won't get discount like those under 18 kids would get!! :'(
LOL! what a ridiculous reason up here! xD

i attended a general english course at the British Council, KL.
i've got a lots of friendly and funny friends there,, :D
look! the picture up here had proven that i just can't stop laughing when being with them. ;)

i took part in the potluck lunch at british council!
there were lots of different kinds of dishes from all around the world!
all of those food were brought by the students and bc staffs themselves. :)
& me myself brought along a full box of kuih bahulu. ;D
know what,,there was a group of korean girls who love the kuih bahulu so so much! ;))
 diorang siap tapau banyak2 lagi tu you! :P
 the best tablemates ever. ;)
 infront of our class. ;)
it must be great if our teachers Ralph and Chris were also in this picture.
it was my second last day of 'school',,
and the last day i could met Sachiko at bc since she's away to her hometown in Japan. :'(
so we took alots of photographs together after the class,,
 to keep all these sweet memories remains deep in our heart. ;)
ececehh~ kejiwangan melanda.

 who's Mat Lumat??LOL!
natasha,hilda,fatin azzahra,and me were gathered back at hil's house,,
they are my dearest besties when i was in lower form,,
but now we're still besties too!
and we'll be bestfriends foreva! wheee~
actually this 'so called reunion' was due to natasha a.k.a nano who got an offer& scholarship to pursue her studies abroad.
she was confused and need our advice to choose either to grab the opportunities or vise versa.
on the other hand, i brought along a folio about traditional musical instruments that we made when we was in form2. :D
to brings back all those sweet memories alive. ;))
& we had spotted few typos and goofy things we had made in the folio.LOL!
plus, we also talked much bout 'bateri AAA' dot dot dot.ROFL!
i considered the 'triple A's battery' thinggy as a secret. so don't ask me what's tht. ;P theeee~

it was CNY and aleena was wearing cheong sam! :D
happy chinese new year!
sing lian huai lerr!
gong ci fat cai!
huat ah! huat ah! :P
[these sayings were told by my bestfriend at bc; ayumi wang! ;) ]

it was my first time baking using a multifunction oven  and it turned out like this. >,<
there was a cracked on the top of the cake. :(
all these while my family only use this oven using the microwave function to reheat dishes coz we didn't know how to operate it as other function,,LOL!
till me eventually decided to read the dusty manual book.GAHAHA.
and this was the result! xD

it was my last day at bc.
 and i had my lunch with muhamed,tore,ahmed,bamdad at the klcc foodcourt after class.
they're so talkative and just can't stop talking! xD
but that is why i find them interesting. ;)
we talked bout mohamed&ahmed's meals which they find it didn't been cooked very well,
then about movies,social network and other interesting movies,
hate bollywood,,the singing and dancing part,hollywood,
rice,fats,calories,pasta,sweet foods in malaysia,small kitchen in malaysia houses>,<,
french songs,80's and 90's rock songs,
htc,iphone,itunes,blah blah blah,etc.
know what,,we talked for hours!
having lunch with them was full of fun!
i just can't forget how Tore and Mohamed was excitedly explained and do the demo how bollywood actress dance!  :D

i was trying to made chocolate-oat macaroons after check out some recipes on the internet.
i mix and match the recipes i found & these was the outcomes. (picture above)
it totally doesn't look like a proper macaroon right??
but it tastes good!
 exactly like the way coco krunch tastes,
 so i ate it with milk instead. LOL!
coz i didn't made the cream spread actually. HAHA.
these are how a perfect macaroons should be look like actually >>
cute isn't it? :D

finally i've finished sewing the beads on my mum's baju kurung!! ;)
yeahh!! mum,now u can wear it to school! ^,^
my new project begins!
it was Tuesday, 22nd Feb, at 2.28 a.m!!

i made this chocolate moist cake for Fari & Naff,,
they ordered this for their bestfriends surprise birthday party; Fadziella.
and alhamdulillah~ they love it so much!! ;D

it was Saturday, 26th feb, at 6.30 a.m.
yeeeeeehaa~!! my project is done! :D
my so called 'baju tido' now had changed into a favourite tshirt of mine. :D
i took 4days to finish sewing the beads.
fuhh~ :o

hang out with my beloved mum and was wearing this cool tshirt of mine! :P
izit looks too childish??
or kinda cool?
or just okay?
or u hate it!
feel free to drop comments & give me your opinion please!
hee~ :]

what a long looooong entry isn't it? LOL!
outaaa here!