Saturday, March 5, 2011

muncul kembali. tadaaa~

assalam,, hmm,, it has been sometime since i didn't keep updating my blog yeah?
perhaps my keyboard is no longer being a talkative one. ROFLOL!
last week a friend of mine asked me to post a new entry.
plus,,WAS TRYING TO 'PROVOKE' ME with silly stuffs that i wrote previously.LOL!
(hey dude! tak cuak laa weyy.AHAHA)
the last post i wrote was on the 12th JANUARY yaww! today is 4th MARCH already!
perghh2~ my keyboard had being a very 'uncommunicative' one for almost 2months! :P
well,,since i've been not bloging for a very long long time,,
so let me summarize what i've done & where i've been to for the last 2 months. :D

me & hakimi's hand! ;))
hey,, it was my birthday!!
i've turned 18!! should i be happy?
or should i be sad coz i'm not under 18 anymore.
that's mean,,whenever i go to any theme park or restaurant or what so ever,
 i won't get discount like those under 18 kids would get!! :'(
LOL! what a ridiculous reason up here! xD

i attended a general english course at the British Council, KL.
i've got a lots of friendly and funny friends there,, :D
look! the picture up here had proven that i just can't stop laughing when being with them. ;)

i took part in the potluck lunch at british council!
there were lots of different kinds of dishes from all around the world!
all of those food were brought by the students and bc staffs themselves. :)
& me myself brought along a full box of kuih bahulu. ;D
know what,,there was a group of korean girls who love the kuih bahulu so so much! ;))
 diorang siap tapau banyak2 lagi tu you! :P
 the best tablemates ever. ;)
 infront of our class. ;)
it must be great if our teachers Ralph and Chris were also in this picture.
it was my second last day of 'school',,
and the last day i could met Sachiko at bc since she's away to her hometown in Japan. :'(
so we took alots of photographs together after the class,,
 to keep all these sweet memories remains deep in our heart. ;)
ececehh~ kejiwangan melanda.

 who's Mat Lumat??LOL!
natasha,hilda,fatin azzahra,and me were gathered back at hil's house,,
they are my dearest besties when i was in lower form,,
but now we're still besties too!
and we'll be bestfriends foreva! wheee~
actually this 'so called reunion' was due to natasha a.k.a nano who got an offer& scholarship to pursue her studies abroad.
she was confused and need our advice to choose either to grab the opportunities or vise versa.
on the other hand, i brought along a folio about traditional musical instruments that we made when we was in form2. :D
to brings back all those sweet memories alive. ;))
& we had spotted few typos and goofy things we had made in the folio.LOL!
plus, we also talked much bout 'bateri AAA' dot dot dot.ROFL!
i considered the 'triple A's battery' thinggy as a secret. so don't ask me what's tht. ;P theeee~

it was CNY and aleena was wearing cheong sam! :D
happy chinese new year!
sing lian huai lerr!
gong ci fat cai!
huat ah! huat ah! :P
[these sayings were told by my bestfriend at bc; ayumi wang! ;) ]

it was my first time baking using a multifunction oven  and it turned out like this. >,<
there was a cracked on the top of the cake. :(
all these while my family only use this oven using the microwave function to reheat dishes coz we didn't know how to operate it as other function,,LOL!
till me eventually decided to read the dusty manual book.GAHAHA.
and this was the result! xD

it was my last day at bc.
 and i had my lunch with muhamed,tore,ahmed,bamdad at the klcc foodcourt after class.
they're so talkative and just can't stop talking! xD
but that is why i find them interesting. ;)
we talked bout mohamed&ahmed's meals which they find it didn't been cooked very well,
then about movies,social network and other interesting movies,
hate bollywood,,the singing and dancing part,hollywood,
rice,fats,calories,pasta,sweet foods in malaysia,small kitchen in malaysia houses>,<,
french songs,80's and 90's rock songs,
htc,iphone,itunes,blah blah blah,etc.
know what,,we talked for hours!
having lunch with them was full of fun!
i just can't forget how Tore and Mohamed was excitedly explained and do the demo how bollywood actress dance!  :D

i was trying to made chocolate-oat macaroons after check out some recipes on the internet.
i mix and match the recipes i found & these was the outcomes. (picture above)
it totally doesn't look like a proper macaroon right??
but it tastes good!
 exactly like the way coco krunch tastes,
 so i ate it with milk instead. LOL!
coz i didn't made the cream spread actually. HAHA.
these are how a perfect macaroons should be look like actually >>
cute isn't it? :D

finally i've finished sewing the beads on my mum's baju kurung!! ;)
yeahh!! mum,now u can wear it to school! ^,^
my new project begins!
it was Tuesday, 22nd Feb, at 2.28 a.m!!

i made this chocolate moist cake for Fari & Naff,,
they ordered this for their bestfriends surprise birthday party; Fadziella.
and alhamdulillah~ they love it so much!! ;D

it was Saturday, 26th feb, at 6.30 a.m.
yeeeeeehaa~!! my project is done! :D
my so called 'baju tido' now had changed into a favourite tshirt of mine. :D
i took 4days to finish sewing the beads.
fuhh~ :o

hang out with my beloved mum and was wearing this cool tshirt of mine! :P
izit looks too childish??
or kinda cool?
or just okay?
or u hate it!
feel free to drop comments & give me your opinion please!
hee~ :]

what a long looooong entry isn't it? LOL!
outaaa here!

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