Thursday, March 10, 2011

frustrated. :(

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
haiyookkk!! o_0 why did i frustrated?? :O
 wheee~ actually i was frustrated coz i couldn't eat that yummylicious looking cuppy that i told ya in my previous entry.
it has been haunting me all day long u know! haiyaaa~
asyik teringat-ingat jeee. xD
so i decided to made it by myself,,
the first step i've made was searching tones of different recipes of butter cream topping.
so that i could simply mix and match those recipes according to the ingredients that i've already got in my kitchen! ;))
psstt,, i've never made this kind of topping previously by myself.
act,my sis did, but i've totally forgot how. :D
usually i only made the double boiler chocolate sauce,,
back in 2009, i used to made the fondant icing too.
the outcome is so nice!
but it's quite difficult to made,, 'leceh' to be exact. HAHA.
check these out>>
  my first trial. 
  this one requested by my friend, Nurizzani Mohd Awal! 
   i made this for my friend's birthday, Farzana Balqis. 
  i made these for my classmates during form 4. 
wheee~ cute tak? cute tak? ;P
okay,,back to the main topic,,
i was searching the recipes on the net all night long!
from 1.30a.m. till 5a.m.
these were few of what i've found! >>

then at 5 only i've got the rhythm of making it,, plus the way to decorate the cake,,
okay,,mostly they used shortening lah, confectioners sugar lah, unsalted butter lah,,etc. etc.
and i don't have those at that momment, and i couldn't buy them at that time since it's 5 a.m. already,,where i could possibly find those at that time?
even 7eleven surely don't have those uncommon stuffs. huhu.
so i simply used the normal butter & neither shortening nor confectioners sugar whatsoever.
then straight away went into my kitchen and started baking chocolate cake for the base!

  background Aleena dengan muka terliurnya. ;P   
after that i made the butter  cream in two small bowls,,
know what,, i beat the butter without using a mixer!
just like Rachel Allen always do in her show 'Bake'! ;P
**ceh,,poyo jee! bajet macam Rachel Allen la ni? xD
eventually i finished doing this at 10 maybe? i didn't noticed the exact time.
my niece, Aleena was arrived at my home at 8a.m ,and she was so dying looking at the cake.
**FYI, she's 6 months old and still had never fed with any food other than milk. ;0
maybe her mum afraid she would be obese because now she's 8kg!
but that's not really surprising me,,coz i was also very veryyy FAT when i was baby mehh. ;))**
okay,okay back to main story!! ermm,,
since i've donno where izit my piping bag had gone,,
so i made a hole at the tip of a sealed plastic bag and fit a nozzle there to replace the real piping bag. :)
but yeahh it's really works!
  epic FAIL! rose tak menjadi kat tengah tuu. >,<" 
heee~ know what,, my cake had finished within 24hours!
alhamdulillah~ my first trial doing this was a success i guess. ;))
yesterday morning,, kak mawaddah,my sis-in-law's younger sister tapau two pieces of the cake,,
then in the evening,, my sis-in-law pulak tapau almost 1/4 of the cake for her family. :DD
this time i reduced the amount of sugar in the cake.
but yet the not-so-sweet chocolate cake was a very good match to the very-verry-sweet topping. :)
wheeeeeeeeeeee~ sukanya!sukanya!
mama cakap lain kali buat lahh lagii! ;P

next teringin nak buat upside down cake,red velvet cake,carrot cake,,
oppsy~ mampukah?


  1. aku igt ag cupcakes yg dinosaur uh
    dinosaur pregnant ! hahaha

  2. kau mkn yg tu kan?
    sampai hati ko mkn ibu mengandung,,