Wednesday, March 9, 2011

you are so FAKE!

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
. omg,, title poyo jee! LOL~
i'm quite sure many people may wonder what i would like to talk about, when you read the title up there! HAHA.
am i going to gossiping bout some random chicks that injected botox into their face or what??
hehh~ actually i would like to tell ya bout this!!!! >>
it looks so yummy! and mouth watering right? :PPP
my mum got this and a basket of fruits during the opening ceremony of patriotic month? or whatsoever at her school.
i only saw it late at night,, so i wait till morning to have it with my mum. :D
coz at that time my mum had gone to bed.
so the next morning without a doubt i was eager to eat that yummylicious looking cuppy!
some steam and water droplets were appeared on the transparent box of this cuppy making it looked like it's 'breathe'.hehh~
click the image to enlarge.

when i opened up the packaging, i simply smell a bad odor from the cuppy.
so i thought that this cuppy must be had spoiled,,
but i can't see any spot of fungus or anything that could proven that it's expired,,
so i carried on to open the packaging,,
after tht i pulled out the cherry on it's top.
then i started to wonder,,why izit the baker used a fake cherry instead of the real one?? o_0
then i thought, "ohh maybe they use the fake one to cut cost mehh,,"
afterward i pulled out the fake pearls on it.
againnn! i wondered why they don't use the edible pearls like i always use??
and the leaf was also a plastic one which i thought it's a fondant.
i only realized that the butter cream topping is so hard then!!
*blushing* *blushing* HAHA. how stupid i am!
at this stage only i found out the truth! xD

then my mum came towards me,, i said "mum,look! here got some 'kulat'!!"
mama: HUH?? where? where?
me: here lah!! can't u see?? then hold it!
mama: errrk~ don't want la! just throw it!
me: hehe~ just kidding! here got no 'kulat' one lah maa. it's fake!
mama: aiyoo~ really?
me: yaa,, the one who gave u this don't tell u it's a fake one ahh?
mama: noo.
me: maybe she wanted to kill u with this! LOL! luckily i didn't lick it just now!! xD

-end of conversation-

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